twenty-three weeks new

You were discovering new things all the time.

And one of the latest ones was your feet.
You had all of a sudden worked out that those wiggling things were yours
and they were giving you lots of fun.
Especially at bath time when you could get a good grip on them
without a nappy in your way.
The look of absolute fascination on your face was priceless.

You had also started finding ways to move around.
We were starting to accept the fact that you were not a fan of rolling,
you could roll you just didn't ever really want to.
If we put you down on your tummy
you would play for a little bit quite happily,
but when you had had enough
instead of rolling onto your back
you would just plant your face into the floor
and cry like you were having a strop
until we helped you to turn over.

You were happiest being on your back
or even better, being propped up or sat up.
You just liked a more exciting view
and with an exciting big brother to watch
it was hardly surprising really.

But just because you didn't like to roll,
it didn't mean you hadn't found ways of getting around.
You could spin around in a circle on your back
to watch what was going on,
and to reach out for things you wanted to play with.
And you had taken to rolling up onto your side
and then rocking back and forth like you were dancing.

And you had also found your tongue.
On the day that you realised you could control it,
you were hilarious,
as you licked your lips and gums constantly.
You would stick it out when you were excited
in a big open-mouthed smile
which was really cute.

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