the siblings project {june}

If my kids ever have a band... I feel like this needs to be the album cover. Everly has all the charisma, sparkle and high kicks of the 'front man'; there is no way she'd let anyone else hold that microphone anyway. Dylan is the keyboard player, or maybe the guitar player... who am I kidding, probably both; he'd come across as the slightly geeky one when they are interviewed, but he'd be the one keeping the show on the road. And Quinn... she'd be the drummer; no doubt about it. She'd keep her head down, her mouth shut, swing that crazy mop of hair around like there was no tomorrow, and she'd more than likely be the one trashing hotel rooms too (pretty sure she's practising for that one already!)

Come to think of it, I'd quite like my kids to start a band. Best get them signed up for some music lessons!

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