the me + mine project {january 2018}

Rich is loving
* finishing Quinn's bedroom. 
* watching Vikings.
* eating tacos. 
* listening to new podcasts.
* trampolining. 

Lucy is loving
* doing crochet again.
* quiet weekends at home.
* getting to enjoy Harry Potter all over again with Dylan. 
* starting to buy bits for the baby. 
* how much Quinn's talking has exploded this past month. 

Dylan is loving
* reading Harry Potter.
* reading Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. 
* playing Nintendo Switch. 
* going to his best friend's birthday party. 
* his tennis club. 

Everly is loving
* reading her school books. 
* Lush bubble bars. 
* playing with her lego. 
* having a wobbly tooth. 

Quinn is loving
* helping Mummy sort the washing. 
* eating... all day long if she could. 
* stealing Daddy's mini eggs. 
* playing with playdoh. 
* her hat (she won't leave the house without it!). 


the siblings project {january 2018}

It's January, and the start of another year of monthly sibling photos of this little crew. This little crew who will grow in so many ways this year; in age, in height, and in number.

I absolutely love taking and sharing these photos every single month; documenting the bond between these three and how their relationships grow and change. And it's always exciting to be starting a new year, a new collection of photos lies ahead, and I can't wait to see where it takes us. But there is something ridiculously exciting about knowing that this line up is due a big change later in the year. It makes these photos - and the ones over the next few months - all the more precious, as they record the last days of a three that will become four. 

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