the me + mine project {december 2018}

Rich is loving
* going to the Cressing Temple Grotto. 
* eating his body weight in Maltesers.
* Wylder being more vocal. 
* Quinn sneaking off to the toilet to watch videos on the iPad.
* reading 'You Choose' with the girls. 

Lucy is loving
* a fun Christmas night out with the girls.
* our beautiful white and rainbow Christmas trees.
* my new (very belated) birthday jewellery.
* Baileys.
* how magical this time of year is with children.

Dylan is loving
* being in the choir.
* his new remote control cars.
* getting Super Mario socks from Father Christmas.
* counting down to, and then getting to see, Uncle Matt.
* amazing everyone with his geography knowledge.

Everly is loving
* planning her various different party/festive/casual outfits.
* going ice skating on Christmas Eve.
* dry roasted peanuts.
* performing shows with her karaoke machine.
* playing with her lego.

Quinn is loving
* singing Feliz Navidad with the dance moves.
* getting to eat chocolate at breakfast time from her "candler".
* playing with her new doll house.
* listening to How The Grinch Stole Christmas over and over again.
* reading "The Game Book" (You Choose) every single night.

Wylder is loving
* sitting up.
* eating fruit pots.
* twinkly christmas lights and decorations.
* wrapping paper.
* being a mama's boy.


the me + mine project {october 2018}

Rich is loving
* our family day out at Shrek Adventure.
* playing Red Dead Redemption.
* celebrating Quinn's birthday.
* watching Spain vs England in Seville.
* eating way too many Treeslets.

Lucy is loving
* autumn walks to the park and the woods.
* having all four kids at home during half term.
* A Star Is Born movie and soundtrack.
* seeing Wylder achieve new milestones.
* how excited Quinn was for her birthday.

Dylan is loving
* getting the most points overall at tennis camp.
* creating planets on Lego Worlds.
* going to Shrek Adventure.
* being in the school choir. 
* reading The Creakers by Tom Fletcher.

Everly is loving
* having a week off of school. 
* playing at being a make up artist. 
* dry roasted peanuts.
* picking out her own outfits.
* going to lots of birthday parties.

Quinn is loving
* wearing her wooly hat.
* playing in the garden.
* chicken nuggets and carrot sticks from McDonalds.
* building with duplo.
* being three!

Wylder is loving
* sitting up.
* bouncing in his jumperoo.
* chewing everything!
* trying food.
* bath time.


the siblings project {october 2018}

The past month has seen so many sibling developments going on, and it still continues to fascinate me how these guys seem to weave their way through their lives together the way that they do.


happy third birthday ashlyn quinn

Oh Quinny Quinn, how is it possible? Our crazy, lovely, noisy little nutter is three years old. 



It’s been a massive year for you; you've moved into a big girl bed, and into a bis girl shared room with your sister. You've potty trained like a total champ. You started preschool. And you became a big sister. And you've taken it all in your stride, with your signature cheeky smiles and playful nature. 

You are a total firecracker gorgeous girly. You keep us guessing, you keep us on your toes. You have more drama in your little finger than most people have in their whole bodies. You have a million different facial expressions, a wicked sense of humour and we couldn’t possibly love you more. You're a sunshine in our lives; keeping us all smiling and laughing.

You've had a quiet, but perfect for your birthday... The croissants for breaskfast, a Trolls scooter, copious amounts of Duplo, sunshine so you could play in the garden, a rainbow birthday cake, and the weather even meant we could fulfil your request for a BBQ for dinner. I can’t think of a more perfect way to celebrate our favourite three year old.

Happy 3rd Birthday Ashlyn Quinn. I love you with all my heart.

x x x x


the me + mine project {september 2018}

Rich is loving
* watching Jack Ryan on Prime.
* Christmas chocolate in the shops.
* eating Wahaca taco kits.
* making Wylder laugh.
* the League of Gentleman live show in Hammersmith.

Lucy is loving
* having one-to-one time with Wylder. 
* Quinn's excited face at preschool pick up. 
* sorting finishing touches for the girls' bedroom. 
* loads of good new tv series starting.
* girls night out with her friends. 

Dylan is loving
* being in Year 3. 
* helping with Wylder's bath time. 
* playing Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker.
* getting his Bronze times tables award. 
* croissants dipped in nutella. 

Everly is loving
* her swimming birthday party.
* having three lots of birthday cake and singing. 
* playing make up. 
* drawing pictures of her family. 
* being SIX!

Quinn is loving
* going to preschool. 
* Trolls blind bags.
* chicken nuggets and carrots from McDonalds. 
* starting ballet class. 
* her big girl bed.

Wylder is loving
* giggling at his brother and sisters. 
* trying to find his thumb to suck on. 
* rolling over.
* watching trees in the wind.
* milk. 


happy sixth birthday everly grace

Happy 6th Birthday Everly Grace... the little girl who has taught me so much about life, about motherhood and about myself in your six short years. I thank the heavens every day that I got to be your mama. Loving you is just the most beautiful thing. 

You're feisty and stubborn. You're caring and compassionate. You're chaos and noise. And you're cheekiness and sunshine... all in one package. You genuinely have the kind of empathy that the whole world could learn a lesson or two from, but you can also be SO very sassy. Sometimes you feel so much older than your six years, while at other times you are so adorably innocent and vulnerable and new, that it seems hard to believe that you've been here six minutes, let alone six years.

But you have enjoyed six journeys around the sun now. And I’m pretty sure that nobody has ever looked forward to their birthday with more anticipation and excitement than you have this year. And you have deserved every single celebratory second as the centre of attention. 

You're a total gem Everly and I don’t know what I’d be without you.

Happy sixth birthday. I love you so much my little sunshine. 

x x x x

the me + mine project {august 2018}

Rich is loving
* seeing Madrid and Turin with work.
* a family day our at Chessington.
* the football season starting again.
* playing mini golf with the kids.
* the miniature train ride at Audley End.

Lucy is loving
* the sunny summer holiday we've had.
* a special week of fun days out as a family.
* taking pictures of all four children together each week.
* Wylder sleeping through the night.
* having her hair a bit shorter.

Dylan is loving
* being a daredevil at Chessington.
* adventure golf at Bear Creek.
* getting into the third Harry Potter book.
* being the most improved player at tennis camp.
* doing bottle flips in the garden. 

Everly is loving
* being a fairy at Audley End.
* tickling Wylder's tummy to make him laugh.
* playing with Mummy's make up.
* the Jungle Bus ride at Chessington.
* picnic days out with her school friends.

Quinn is loving
* having her hair done.
* singing and dancing to Trolls songs.
* learning to put her arms in the air and scream on rides.
* being on stage at the Summer Festival at Audley End.
* seeing the Gruffalo at Chessington.

Wylder is loving
* his morning stretch.
* having all his big siblings at home.
* chewing his fingers.
* rolling onto his side.
* sleep.


the siblings project {august 2018}

Well even if I do say so myself... I have been really excelling on the siblings photos lately. (Not so much on the getting this post up on time, but you'll forgive me because its the summer holidays, right?) In fact gone are the days of a last minute rush to get a picture of these guys together, because forget monthly photos, I've been trying to get weekly ones while we're on school holidays. Hows that for overachieving? (Again, if you'll forget the fact I'm four days late posting this...!)

Okay, so lets talk about the summer holidays. I'm finding it a mixed kind of bag really. I'm loving having my little gang together, and I already feel sad just thinking about the fact we're well over half way through, and our long together days will be coming to an end again soon. But of course there have been arguments and voices raised and fallings out and times outs and the occasional swipe at a sibling when they don't think I'm looking. 

Just like everything in parenting, and everything with kids in general, it's a mixture of sunshine and showers... but the mixture makes the rainbow. And I actually think there is something lovely about those tougher days too (although maybe not "in the moment"). Obviously, it goes without saying that it makes my heart sing to see my children playing nicely together, being kind to one another, and saying they are best friends. But at the same time, they are learning so much from the harder times; about negotiation and problem solving, about peace keeping and sharing, about empathy and love. Because even though the arguing gets pretty fierce sometimes, they love each other even more fiercely. 


the me + mine project {july 2018}

Rich is loving
* chocolate from the fridge. 
* cooking on the barbecue loads.
* a trip up north and catching up with old friends.
* shouting "Hey Siri" at the HomePod. 
* watching Marco Polo on Netflix.

Lucy is loving
* that school's out for summer!
* watching Dylan and Everly's performing arts festival.
* hearing Quinn sing songs from Trolls. 
* big smiles from her littlest man. 
* strawberry Pimms

Dylan is loving
* learning to swim properly. 
* singing "The Year Two Song" at performing arts day. 
* playing Lego Worlds on the Nintendo Switch. 
* finding out his SATs results.
* reading library books. 

Everly is loving
* playing on her scooter in the garden. 
* helping to look after Wylder. 
* painting stones.
* eating mini Magnum lollies. 
* performing in her jungle end of term show.

Quinn is loving
* watching, singing and dancing to Trolls. 
* having her hair done in bunches. 
* stroking the cats. 
* building Duplo castles.
* shopping and visiting the M&S Cafe with Mummy. 

Wylder is loving
* chilling in his bouncy chair. 
* lying on his play mat.
* stretching when his swaddle comes off in the morning. 
* kicking up and down the bath. 
* milky cuddles. 


the siblings project {july 2018}

I feel like I've rather outdone myself with the sibling photos this past month. Because I have them from a few different days, and there was no last minute rush job to get a snap of them all. I suspect it's because I'm basically obsessed with photos of these four together... I mean look at them, wouldn't you be? Although any close observers will notice that the set up and style is similar in them all (and very similar to last month's photos for The Siblings Project) because this seems to be the easiest way to get them all in the frame, and all relatively still, and all relatively happy.


the me + mine project {june 2018}

Rich is loving
* the world cup.
* family time in Ibiza.
* Mint Oreo Dairy Milk.
* binge watching the Marvel serieson Netflix.
* summer days in the garden. 

Lucy is loving
* the sunshine!
* Wylder's first smiles.
* Quinn concentrating on pronouncing things right.
* mint flavour Magnum.
* our entire week in Ibiza.

Dylan is loving
* the water slides in our hotel in Ibiza.
* the school's Rainbow Fun Run.
* reading (at a phenomenal rate!)
* croissants dipped in nutella.
* being the best ring bearer ever.

Everly is loving
* going on holiday.
* wearing her flower girl dress.
* eating ice lollies each day after school.
* pretending to put mummy's make up on.
* chocolate ice cream.

Quinn is loving
* choosing her own clothes each morning.
* strawberry mini milks.
* watching Trolls.
* flying on an aeroplane.
* playing with duplo and happyland.

Wylder is loving
* going on his first ever holiday.
* attending his first ever wedding.
* giving his first ever smiles.
* bouncing in his chair.
* milky mummy cuddles.


the siblings project {june 2018}

After debuting their new line up as a foursome last month, this past month has been all about getting to know the littlest ones better. We were so so lucky to go on holiday to Ibiza at the beginning of this month, and it was definitely just what we all needed to help us settle into our new family set up. 

I always feel like sibling relationships are strengthened by holidays. Yes, the fact there is so much together time brings it's fair share of arguments. But mostly it just brings so much opportunity to play together, learn together, explore together. And as parents it gives us the beautiful gift of time in which to sit back and watch those things happen. 


the me + mine project {may 2018}

Rich is loving
* teaching the kids to ride their bikes. 
* settling into some more routine. 
* a weekend with family visiting. 
* barbecuing and getting the garden sorted for summer.
* watching Jessica Jones.

Lucy is loving
* watching our brood of four bonding.
* St Tropez pre shower tanner.
* newborn smell.
* planning for holiday.
* May Day Fayre in our old village.

Dylan is loving
* being in the dance show
* being a big brother to a little brother.
* reading David Walliams' books.
* riding his bike without stabilisers.
* taking a bedtime shower instead of a bath.

Everly is loving
* showing off her baby at school.
* her Belle dress for the dance show.
* holding Wylder in her lap.
* changing out of her uniform after school. 
* playing outside. 

Quinn is loving
* strawberry mini milk lollies.
* watching Bubble Guppies.
* playing with Duplo for hours.
* wearing the same rainbow dress over and over again (I've bought a second one!)
* being in the garden. 

Wylder is loving
* milk.
* swaddling.
* white noise.
* trying out his smile.
* car sleeps.


dear beautiful wylder {one month old}

Dear Wylder,

Oh baby boy, this has been the fastest month ever. It doesn't seem possible that so much time has past already, since you came crashing into the world in such a hurry on April 25th. I feel like we've just about recovered emotionally from the craziness of your wild arrival; although I think you'd better prepare to have to hear that story a lot as you grow up. There aren't many people who can boast being delivered at home by their daddy though. It's something that parents tend to say a lot but it feels like yesterday you arrived, while at the same time it feels like you've been a part of our family forever. It seems impossible to imagine our lives without you in it now.


the siblings project {may 2018}

My little tribe. My four little loves. 
Dylan, Everly, Quinn and Wylder. 
My four. My heart.

This past month has seen a whole lot of change with the arrival of our fourth and final baby. Every one seems to have taken their sibling promotion in their stride, with lots of affection and attention being lavished on our lucky, lovely little man. And I'm remembering all the ways that love grows when their is a new baby in the house. How not only do we all have this new love Wylder, but how seeing the older children doting on their baby brother, makes me love them even more. It's a big old bubble of love around these parts, I have to say. 

the me + mine project (april 2018)

Rich is loving
* having our first barbecue of the year.
* Liverpool in the Champions League.
* Quinn's little shows. 
* power washing the patio. 
* having our new baby. 

Lucy is loving
* seeing our FOUR children together. 
* going for afternoon tea with my mum and nan. 
* a quiet Spring break together at home.
* our newly decorated bedroom. 
* having a newborn to snuggle again. 

Dylan is loving
* his baby brother.
* playing in the garden. 
* reading 'Ratburger'. 
* show rehearsals.
* playing on the Nintendo Switch.

Everly is loving
* getting to wear make up for her dance show rehearsals. 
* watching 'The Greatest Showman'.
* wearing summery clothes. 
* being a mini mummy. 
* reading her school books. 

Quinn is loving
* using the big girl toilet. 
* Lindt chocolate bunnies.
* reading and watching 'Room On The Broom'.
* putting on shows in the fireplace.
* being a big sister.

Wylder is loving
* cuddles.
* milk.
* his family singing him 'A Million Dreams'.
* keeping people on their toes.
* arriving early!


... and then there were six!

In the closing moments of Wednesday 25th April 2018 at 11:53pm, and at 38+6 weeks pregnant, we welcomed our fourth and final baby into the world. 

In a bit of a hurry. 

At home. Unplanned.

On our bedroom floor. 

Without a midwife. 

Or any pain relief.

But then that is a longer (or not as the case may be) story for another time. 

A very much longed for little boy and little brother. Weighing in at 7lb 15oz and every inch total perfection. The absolute image of his older brother, but with his eldest sister's hair and his littler sister's nose. 

And our little wildcard baby, with his wild arrival into the world, looks all set to live up to the name we chose for him. Our little Wylder Heath. 


the siblings project {april 2018}

I get to sit and write this month's The Siblings Project post at the end of a two weeks with this little trio getting to hang out together every single day. It hasn't been all plain sailing of course, I'd be lying if I said there haven't been squabbles to sort out, but mostly it's been pretty blissful and it's been lovely watching them with their heads together over a box of lego, or snuggled together under a blanket watch a movie. 

I feel so aware all of a sudden that their lives as a little three is now on borrowed time, and all being well, they'll have a new sibling to show off by next month's post...! So it's been nice for them to have this time together, and for me to sit back and watch them; to feel proud of the little family that we have made, and look ahead to the changes in the future. 


the me + mine project {march 2018}

Rich is loving
* a fun work trip to Switzerland.
* playing Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle with Dylan.
* eating chocolate hot cross buns. 
* finishing Stranger Things on Netflix.
* getting the garden ready for summer. 

Lucy is loving
* washing tiny baby clothes. 
* having Mother's Day afternoon tea at school with Dylan and Everly. 
* cuddly time on the sofa watching Moana with Quinn. 
* mac n cheese. 
* baby wriggles. 

Dylan is loving
* the school reading challenge. 
* playing out in the garden. 
* feeling the baby get hiccups. 
* watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory after finishing the book.
* talking about, playing and generally obsession about anything Super Mario.

Everly is loving
* singing songs from The Greatest Showman. 
* seeing The Greatest Showman at the cinema. 
* practising her reading. 
* playing shops with Quinn. 
* weekend sleepovers. 

Quinn is loving
* watching Moana. 
* helping Mummy with the washing. 
* having her hair blowdried. 
* taking Kit everywhere she goes. 
* wearing her wellies. 


the siblings project {march 2018}

After the excitement and together time of last month, March has been so much quieter in comparison.   The slower pace has been lovely actually. And the colder weather (hello Spring, are you ever coming?) has meant a lot of time hibernating together at home. 

I can't get enough of watching these three play together these days. They are all at such lovely ages that they can enjoy things together as a unit, and while I often do have to step in and break up the odd fall out, and the volume often goes through the roof; its so lovely to see them truly enjoying one another as friends. I think all parents hope that when they give their child a sibling, they are giving them a friend for life, but of course it's never a guarantee. And it's just lovely getting to see that little dream come true as I watch my little trio.

I've had all sorts of issues with the linky this month, and I cannot get it to play ball; so please just tag me in your posts on Instagram and Twitter, as I can't wait to see. 

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


the me + mine project {february 2018}

Rich is loving
* spicy guacamole at Claw BBQ.
* teaching Dylan how to swim.
* Brunch, pool and beach with family on the Palm.
* Seeing Dinosaurs in Oxford
* Quinny learning to tell me off!

Lucy is loving
* beautiful sunny days at the beach in Dubai.
* indulging my burger cravings on holiday.
* getting the crochet bug back and making things for the baby.
* seeing Everly’s reading coming on so quickly.
* colourful street art.

Dylan is loving
* reading Harry Potter.
* learning to swim.
* going to the Dubai Aquarium.
* sewing dinosaur skeletons in Oxford.
* being SEVEN!

Everly is loving
* collecting shells at Kite Beach.
* eating chocolate ice cream with marshmallows.
* having croissants for breakfast.
* reading, reading and more reading.
* visiting La Mer.

Quinn is loving
* going “splash splosh” in the swimming pool on holiday.
* being at the beach.
* eating grapes and bananas.
* a whole week with Daddy, Dylan and Everly off of work and school.
* cuddling the baby in Mummy’s tummy.


the siblings project {february 2018}

I have always said it, but there is something about getting away from normal life that seems to really bring my children together. They never seem like more of a unit than when they are on holiday and are exploring new things together.

And if you don’t follow me on Instagram, then you may not know, but we are currently away in Dubai enjoying a whole ton of sibling togetherness on our last little babymoon as a family of five. It’s been so lovely to watch them all playing and bonding with all the time in the world, uninterrupted by school and clubs and all the things that normally get in the way.

Don’t get me wrong, there has been jet lag and busy day fuelled tiredness, and arguments a-plenty as a result. But it’s just so lovely to all have the time to sit back and just enjoy that together time; for them to be the tight little tribe they are, and for Rich and I to get the time to watch it.


happy seventh birthday dylan aiden

Okay, lets just start by saying... Seven is so grown up! It seems crazy to me that I could have a seven year old; that the tiny little person who made me a mummy and changed our lives entirely could have been on seven trips around the sun.

You continue to amaze us every day with your quick mind and your thirst for learning. You blow us away with the things you remember, and you are constantly teaching us new things about space and science and geography. And we've learnt not to question your facts; because you are always right.

You cannot wait to become a big brother again later this year, and your excitement is contagious. You've always been an amazing big brother, and we know that you'll be amazing all over again when your littlest sibling arrives. You are just a natural at leading up your little team.

You rock my world little man. 
And I could not be prouder of you if I tried. 

Happy seventh birthday beautiful boy!

x x x


the me + mine project {january 2018}

Rich is loving
* finishing Quinn's bedroom. 
* watching Vikings.
* eating tacos. 
* listening to new podcasts.
* trampolining. 

Lucy is loving
* doing crochet again.
* quiet weekends at home.
* getting to enjoy Harry Potter all over again with Dylan. 
* starting to buy bits for the baby. 
* how much Quinn's talking has exploded this past month. 

Dylan is loving
* reading Harry Potter.
* reading Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. 
* playing Nintendo Switch. 
* going to his best friend's birthday party. 
* his tennis club. 

Everly is loving
* reading her school books. 
* Lush bubble bars. 
* playing with her lego. 
* having a wobbly tooth. 

Quinn is loving
* helping Mummy sort the washing. 
* eating... all day long if she could. 
* stealing Daddy's mini eggs. 
* playing with playdoh. 
* her hat (she won't leave the house without it!). 


the siblings project {january 2018}

It's January, and the start of another year of monthly sibling photos of this little crew. This little crew who will grow in so many ways this year; in age, in height, and in number.

I absolutely love taking and sharing these photos every single month; documenting the bond between these three and how their relationships grow and change. And it's always exciting to be starting a new year, a new collection of photos lies ahead, and I can't wait to see where it takes us. But there is something ridiculously exciting about knowing that this line up is due a big change later in the year. It makes these photos - and the ones over the next few months - all the more precious, as they record the last days of a three that will become four. 

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