the me + mine project {september 2018}

Rich is loving
* watching Jack Ryan on Prime.
* Christmas chocolate in the shops.
* eating Wahaca taco kits.
* making Wylder laugh.
* the League of Gentleman live show in Hammersmith.

Lucy is loving
* having one-to-one time with Wylder. 
* Quinn's excited face at preschool pick up. 
* sorting finishing touches for the girls' bedroom. 
* loads of good new tv series starting.
* girls night out with her friends. 

Dylan is loving
* being in Year 3. 
* helping with Wylder's bath time. 
* playing Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker.
* getting his Bronze times tables award. 
* croissants dipped in nutella. 

Everly is loving
* her swimming birthday party.
* having three lots of birthday cake and singing. 
* playing make up. 
* drawing pictures of her family. 
* being SIX!

Quinn is loving
* going to preschool. 
* Trolls blind bags.
* chicken nuggets and carrots from McDonalds. 
* starting ballet class. 
* her big girl bed.

Wylder is loving
* giggling at his brother and sisters. 
* trying to find his thumb to suck on. 
* rolling over.
* watching trees in the wind.
* milk. 

Our feet have hardly touched the ground during September, and not exactly in a good way. Dylan, Everly and Quinn have all made positive starts back at school and starting preschool, and Wylder and I have got used to our new normal with quiet mornings just the two of us. But September has brought with it a lot of trips away for Rich, which we all find hard in different ways. Add to that, the fact that we've also been very busy at weekends, and with other goings on, and the who month seems to have flown by in a blur of busy. October isn't looking to be much calmer either...!

But we have made the most of the down time we've had. And we've grabbed onto together time with both hands. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" and all that. And it's definitely been cute to see how happy the kids are at the prospect of Daddy coming home, or some time all together. 

I feel like the littlest two somehow manage to steal the show in our family photos this month; Quinn's cheesy face and Wylder's totally bemused expression just make me laugh so much. We decided to crack out some of our very best faces for a few photos once we'd taken the serious ones, and I like them too much not to share... so here are our not so pretty faces!

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. Love the fun shots. It is hard when your partner has to be away a lot. We’ve had a similar time with my husband having to be away for work this month too. Glad you have been able to enjoy family time together and that your older three are settling back into school and preschool. #meandmineproject

  2. Oh my goodness adorable full of rainbow happiness and love. Looks at little man getting in the silly faces with his tongue out at the end so cute. Your four are gorgeous. I dont' know how you get these photos ours went so wrong this month little man full of a cold and not impressed in the slightest of a camera in his face. You always catch your four together and all six of you together so beautifully hunny. Missed September siblings post ?? You ok? Sound like a busy month. Thanks for hosting.

  3. So glad they have all slotted back into school/started school in a positive way! Such a relief isn't it? Sounds like its been an exciting month and glad that Everly had such a fab birthday! 6 is huge haha! Enjoy October and hope it brings great things!!


  4. Ah I love these Lucy! September has been a busy one for us, with everyone getting used to our new normal. x

  5. These are all so lovely! Wylder's little face is so expressive, I love it! That's great your start to school has all gone so well - I'm definitely struggling with adapting to the new routine over here. I'm hoping October will bring a bit more stability for us in our house.

  6. I love Wylder's face! He's so cute. Your family pictures always look so happy and smiley. I hope October settles down a bit for you x


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