the me and mine project {august}

Rich is loving
* catching up with an old mate back home.
* barbecuing on our weekend at the seaside.
* our beach hut day out.
* seeing all the welsh family.
* the new football season.

Lucy is loving
* beach hut days at the seaside.
* seeing her baby bro.
* having all three kiddos together all the time.
* floral maxi dresses.
* mint chocolate cornettos.

Dylan is loving
* playing mini golf.
* going on the Sky Ropes at the country park.
* ice creams from the ice cream man.
* having monkeys on the car at the safari park.
* adventures with Uncle Matt and Auntie Tiff.

Everly is loving
* My Little Pony blind bags.
* singing Disney princess songs.
* jumping over waves.
* her new lunch box for preschool.
* sleeping the wrong way round in her bed.

Ashlyn is loving
* days at the seaside.
* standing up (and trying to let go!)
* eating sand.
* stealing crisps.
* nodding and giggling.


our day at paultons park

Paultons Park has long been our favourite family theme park in this country, because it offers so much for our young family. Peppa Pig World is obviously a draw for anyone with a preschooler, and so much of the Paulton's Park theme park as a whole is so accessible for small children which we love; no saying no when they don't reach height requirements, no missing out on rides for the grown ups. 

With the addition of Lost Kingdom they have widened their appeal again. It's perfect for a family who is growing beyond those Peppa Pig years, and I'm sure it will keep people coming back to Paulton's Park for years to come. With some serious looking rollercoasters for the thrill-seekers, but with relatively low height restrictions, meant that our little daredevil Dylan could ride everything in Lost Kingdom... and he did! And at the same time there is still plenty for the whole family to enjoy even down to the youngest members.

We were lucky enough to be invited along to a preview day for the new Lost Kingdom, part of the Paulton's Park theme park. This is a little mini movie of our time there.


you're ten months old {dear beautiful little lady}

Dear Quinny

Into double figures now baby girl... I'm not going to deny that it pulls at my heart a little bit that you're ten months old now. This time last year I was eagerly waiting to meet you for the first time, but also apprehensive about what life held in store with a newborn baby and two other children to look after... those feelings; the worry and the excitement, they feel like they were last week, and it just doesn't seem possible you can be ten months old already. 


the siblings project {august}

I did think about cutting down the amount of photos for my sibling post this month, because I know there are a lot and I only normally tend to post three of four. But then I figured I wouldn't. Let's be honest, I have tons more than have made it as far as this post as it is, because my trio have been together more and there have been so many fun time to grab a photo of. And because this is a true picture of our August. There has been lots of glorious sibling time and lots of lovely memories to show for it. So you'll have to settle for my eight favourites, and know that it took quite a lot of work to cut it down to that many...!

I'll confess I was a little apprehensive about the summer holidays. I should point out that mostly I was super excited to have my little trio together all day every day for six weeks, but also... all day, every day, three little people who all know their own minds... it could just as easily be a recipe for disaster. But it hasn't been, at least not so far at the half way mark. So far the summer holidays have been amazing. 

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