the dubai debrief

We've been home from our holiday in Dubai for over a month now, and I feel like it's taken me that long to come down from the holiday high and be able to put the whole thing down in words. It was just such an adventure for us, and such a fantastic experience, that I'm conscious of wanting to do the whole thing justice.


the sibling project {may}

One of the first things I fantasised about when I first found out I was pregnant the second time around, was that moment way-way-way-ahead in my future, when I would stand back, and watch Dylan and his younger sibling walked off together hand-in-hand. They'd be ready to explore and take on whatever the world threw their way, with their sibling at their side. And the fantasy came back thick and strong when I was pregnant for the third time; having watched Dylan and Everly forge such a special friendship, and love every opportunity to adventure together, I couldn't wait to see them both showing their younger sibling the things they knew.

While there are undoubtedly a few downsides to being a third baby (being dragged all over the place regardless of how you feel about it, having no toys to call your own, and the constant attentions of well-meaning siblings being just a few) I think what Quinn has in her big brother and sister, far outweighs any negatives. They love her so fiercely. They are desperate to teach her things; new skills and new words that bring her one step closer to being an equal playmate. They simply love showing her their world. And they scream blue murder if they think there is any possibility she might get herself into mischief (although I'm not sure that she'd always see that as a bonus!!!)

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