the me + mine project {december 2018}

Rich is loving
* going to the Cressing Temple Grotto. 
* eating his body weight in Maltesers.
* Wylder being more vocal. 
* Quinn sneaking off to the toilet to watch videos on the iPad.
* reading 'You Choose' with the girls. 

Lucy is loving
* a fun Christmas night out with the girls.
* our beautiful white and rainbow Christmas trees.
* my new (very belated) birthday jewellery.
* Baileys.
* how magical this time of year is with children.

Dylan is loving
* being in the choir.
* his new remote control cars.
* getting Super Mario socks from Father Christmas.
* counting down to, and then getting to see, Uncle Matt.
* amazing everyone with his geography knowledge.

Everly is loving
* planning her various different party/festive/casual outfits.
* going ice skating on Christmas Eve.
* dry roasted peanuts.
* performing shows with her karaoke machine.
* playing with her lego.

Quinn is loving
* singing Feliz Navidad with the dance moves.
* getting to eat chocolate at breakfast time from her "candler".
* playing with her new doll house.
* listening to How The Grinch Stole Christmas over and over again.
* reading "The Game Book" (You Choose) every single night.

Wylder is loving
* sitting up.
* eating fruit pots.
* twinkly christmas lights and decorations.
* wrapping paper.
* being a mama's boy.

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