Monday, 31 August 2015

me and mine {august}

Daddy is loving
* coasteering in Newquay
* our family beach hut day.
* having a go at surfing.
* that the footy season has started
* learning all about the Solar System with the beautiful boy.

Mummy is loving
* lots of family time at the seaside.
* having Sons of Anarchy marathons in the evenings.
* walking through a field of sunflowers.
* crocheting blankets for her babies.
* enjoying days out that have become our family summer traditions.

The beautiful boy is loving
* learning everything there is to know about planets and the solar system.
* paddling his feet in the sea (and throwing himself in for a swim).
* sneaking off to his bedroom to read a book.
* counting us all down to Flump's arrival.
* bouncing on the bed.

The beautiful girl is loving
* being mummy to her baby dolls.
* sitting in her 'paddling pool' at the seaside.
* playing with her Sylvanian Families.
* singing nursery rhymes from dawn till dusk.
* having so many soft toys in her bed that there is barely room to sleep.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

farewell to the summer {52 adventures}

Just because its summer. And because there is simply no such thing as too much beach spam if you ask me. I bring you yet another beachy adventure. This time lady luck was seriously on our side, because we booked our 'farewell summer' beach hut day back in the winter and while the days either side of our little trip were overcast, wet and a bit cold, the day of the trip dawned with blue sky, bright sunshine and it was so hot that I think we were definitely in the best place; enjoying the coastal breeze with natures paddling pool a few feet away.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

him and her {week thirty-four}

he is driving us all crazy talking about planets 24/7,
is now the proud owner of school uniform ready for September,
and is completely obsessed with taking ages to wash his hands.

she gets up practically every morning and asks if she can go to the beach,
has developed a sudden, real fear of spiders,
and loves singing little nursery rhymes and songs the whole day long.