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you are nine months old {dear beautiful little lady}

dear Ashlyn,

Nine months old...! It's a milestone age I think, a bit like when you turned three months and left the "newborn" days behind, or at six months where you marked half a year; nine months is that point where you have been out in the world as long as you were baking in my tummy. And much like that nine months that I was pregnant with you now seems like a distant memory, this first nine months with you has simply flown by. Nine months ago you came crashing into the world, a little bundle of tufty hair and big eyes. We waited for you to totally rock our worlds and turn everything upside down... but you just seamlessly slotted into our family and into our hearts like you were always supposed to be there.

the siblings project {july}

Three little people all looking at the camera. All smiling. Not the most inspiring photos ever, but I love them anyway. And did I mention the three smiles AT the camera... I still get an award or something, right?

The relationship between these three little cheeky smilers seems to be changing and growing so much at the moment and it's fascinating to watch. As a unit of three they can do more and more together now that Ashlyn is so much more active and upright and generally inquisitive about everything around her. That gap between her as "the little one" and them as "the big two" seems to get smaller each day and they really do feel like a proper little team of three more and more. They seem to have that sense of belonging to one another which is hard to put into words. But they seek each other out, and they love being together as three; as a whole set, and it's clear that it just doesn't seem quite right when one is missing.

the me and mine project {june}

Rich is loving
* doing panini stickers with Dylan.
* watching England v Wales in France.
* having fun at Jump Extreme in Bolton. 
* beach hut fun and the kids on the beach.
* seeing Ramsey Bolton's demise on Game of Thrones.

Lucy is loving
* a gorgeous beach hut day to celebrate my birthday.
* off the shoulder tops and dresses.
* Mummy and Quinny adventures in London. 
* a nearly finished happy place blanket.
* having a weekend together at the seaside.

Dylan is loving
* family picnic at school.
* our weekend at the caravan. 
* his first sports day. 
* playing in the maze at Open Farm Day. 
* the bouncy castle at the family party.

Everly is loving
* wearing summer dresses.
* singing and dancing and putting on little performances.
* collecting My Little Pony blind bags.
* taking Pops to her special Father's Day afternoon at preschool.
* her phonics classes and practising letter sounds. 

Ashlyn is loving
* her first play in the sand. 
* eating pink wafer biscuits. 
* having a first dip in Nanny's hot tub.
* making lots of new friends to smile during BML16. 
* playing with packets of baby wipes. 

her chariot {silver cross wayfarer eton grey}

We refer to our Silver Cross Wayfarer Eton Grey as our chariot. And that sums up how we feel about it pretty effectively I'd say. It is a classic, quality and high-end piece of baby kit. 

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