Monday, 21 July 2014

summer adventures

There's been a kind of theme around here lately;
the sun comes out and we head off in search of adventures.
It's one of the reasons I love the summer so much,
and it definitely makes life so much easier as a parent,
to be able to head off somewhere new and fun and interesting,
and then sit back and watch your children explore.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

me and you {july}

We went on an emotional walk down memory lane this month,
by revisiting the place we met.
We walked the streets we did as young love birds,
we stood in familiar places 
which had unknowingly become a part of our family story.
It was nostalgic, 
it was emotional,
it was fun,
it was so, so lovely.

Earlier this year we celebrated ten years of being together,
and later this month we will celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary,
so it definitely seemed like a fitting time to go back to where it all began.
And as much as couple time reconnects us,
being back in this special place did too.
So many memories came flooding back as we travelled around,
and so many of those stories we'd forgotten
reminded us of all the reasons we fell in love in the first place.

Being able to tell our little love story to the children,
even though it probably meant very little to them,
was so amazing.
That story is ours,
but it's also part of their story,
that they'll listen to again and again over the years.
The story of how a boy met a girl
and together they started the most beautiful adventure…

Saturday, 19 July 2014

him and her {week twenty-nine}

he loves any play that involves water,
seems to go temporarily deaf when he's told the word "no",
and has the cutest flip flop tan lines.

she seems to perfect a new word every day,
would take her Blossom and Bibi everywhere if we let her,
and cannot go to the beach without collecting treasures.