Tuesday, 30 September 2014

me and mine {september}

Daddy is loving
* riding the big slide at Center Parcs.
* a lovely day at the zoo for the beautiful girl's birthday.
* FIFA 15.
* reading Pirlo.
* taking the beautiful boy to preschool.

Mummy is loving
* that the beautiful boy is enjoying preschool so much.
* a fantastic holiday with our friends to Center Parcs.
* girly one-to-one time on preschool mornings.
* buying the beautiful girl's winter wardrobe.
* watching The Vampire Diaries.

The beautiful boy is loving
* going to preschool. 
* singing 'Brothers and Sister' by Twin Atlantic.
* wearing his new wellies with his pyjamas.
* riding flumes like a daredevil at Center Parcs.
* telling his own stories at bedtime.

The beautiful girl is loving
* being two years old.
* her new nesting dolls, especially the ones she's named Mama and Cilla.
* asking "Are you okay?" whenever anyone or anything falls.
* putting her toys to bed and saying "night night, sweet dreams".
* when her big bro comes home from preschool. 

Monday, 29 September 2014

me and you {september}

Him and me,
we're different.
So so different.
"I really don't understand the way you think sometimes" different.

He's a neat freak, I'm untidy.
I always look on the bright side, he's a negative nelly.
He's logical and a realist, I'm creative and a dreamer.

We really are sunshine and rain different.

But different works for us.
We see things differently sometimes,
but we want the same things in life.
And the best things happen
when we are side by side.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

him and her {week thirty-nine}

he is such a fascinating little guy,
especially now he's started coming out with things he's learned at preschool,
but he's also having a "push those boundaries" phase again,
where he seems to think he is in charge.

she is two and really not a baby anymore,
she's gradually getting used to mornings without her big bro around,
lots of new little toys for imaginary play are helping,
and she's especially liking all the mummy time it gives her.