Saturday, 31 January 2015

me and mine {january}

Daddy is loving
* having time with the wifey in Somerset.
* listening to the Royal Blood album.
* eating mini eggs by the bag load.
* how excited the kids got at the sight of some snow.
* playing Call of Duty multiplayer.

Mummy is loving
* watching The Vampire Diaries and Scandal.
* having an amazing night away courtesy of i-escape.
* reading The Mortal Instruments series.
* doing yoga.
* going on weekly adventures.

The beautiful boy is loving
* telling everyone that it's going to be his birthday soon.
* having 'proper big boy reading books' from preschool.
* dipping tortilla chips in Mummy's speciality mexican soup. 
* playing Disney Jr Play on the iPad.
* visiting the castle in Colchester.

The beautiful girl is loving
* singing and dancing to Shake It Off by Taylor Swift and Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.
* her new big girl bed.
* eating "chocat eggs".
* wearing her wooly hat because it "really windy".
* playing hide-and-seek under her towel after bath time.

him and her {week five}

he loves playing hide-and-seek but always giggles when he's hiding, 
is obsessed with playing i-spy on car journeys,
and is super proud of himself that he has a big boy reading book from preschool now.

she has had her first ever haircut,
has a hilarious habit of running into a room and loudly announcing "ta-daaaa",
and loves spotting and naming numbers wherever she goes.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

castle park {52 adventures}

We are all loving this 52 adventures challenge so much. I think you can tell pretty early on with these sort of things whether you'll sink or swim... and I'm amazed at how fast talking about our adventures has just become a part of our family dialogue. Rich, who tries to keep out of all things blog, is coming up with adventure ideas and excited about getting involved with planning our year of fun. And our beautiful boy will ask each weekend what adventure we are going to go on this week. We've always been a family that enjoys time spent together (show me a family that doesn't) but really focusing on making fun memories together every single week seems to be making us even closer, which I love.