Friday, 31 October 2014

me and mine {october}

Daddy is loving
* Christmas chocolate being out in the shops.
* the beautiful girl saying "Look at that" in the little way she does.
* going to Legoland.
* playing catch with the beautiful boy.
* watching The Walking Dead.

Mummy is loving
* a family day at Legoland.
* her new leather jacket.
* reading City of Bones.
* a trip out for afternoon tea with the girls.
* handbags instead of changing bags.

The beautiful boy is loving
* watching Team Umizoomi.
* playing hide and seek. 
* talking to us about Autumn and how the leaves are all changing.
* Polly, Progon and Which; the stones he has named in Nanny and Pops' garden.
* chocolate pillows for breakfast.

The beautiful girl is loving
* singing and dancing to Dingle Dangle Scarecrow.
* eating cheese.
* her new dolls house.
* Mummy's old Sylvanian Families toys.
* rabbits.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

a boy and girl bedroom

My kiddies share a bedroom, and luckily this works really well for us. They are both pretty good sleepers, and they seem to genuinely enjoy sharing their bedroom space.

As they get older, their bedroom is increasingly becoming their haven; a space they run off to together, to giggle and play and hatch plans. And as they get older, it some how seems more important for them to have ownership of their room; for it to be really theirs.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

him and her {week forty-three}

he is obsessed with talking about autumn,
is looking forward to a week off of preschool,
and thinks no meal is complete without a chocolate biscuit.

she is potty training like a pro,
made Mummy and Daddy super proud at certificate week,
and loves pointing at herself in the mirror and laughing.