Thursday, 21 May 2015

in amongst the bluebell {52 adventures}

Bluebells are something of an annual adventure for us. We've made a trip out to the woods to visit those beautiful purple flowers every single Spring, and it's always one of my favourite adventures. This year was definitely the best yet, with two bright and inquisitive little people searching for wildlife among the flowers, talking about bears and Gruffalos that may be hiding, and generally making the whole event into an even bigger adventure. 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

him and her {week twenty}

he loved adventures in the woods,
although was very careful to avoid bears that might eat him,
and is obsessed with chocolate fingers.

she is so totally and utterly fearless,
went completely off in her own little world at the woods,
in search of fairies and more pink periwinkles.

Friday, 15 May 2015

siblings {may}

It seems appropriate to me some how that the majority of my photos of this brother-sister duo, are of the backs of their heads this month. They are always off adventuring together; making up a game... or more than likely making some mischief together. And while it often leaves poor old Mummy out in the cold, I wouldn't have it any other way.

The gift I wanted my children to have in a sibling was a companion. And I think around the time my daughter was born I used the words "I love that they will always have some to go out and explore the big wide world with". And that is exactly what they have in one another. There is nothing they would rather be doing that "explorering" together, and nothing makes me prouder than to witness it.

They are so alike in many ways; with their matching fair locks and big brown eyes. Their voices sound increasingly similar, and they share the same infectious laughter. They are so often mistaken for twins, and I can really see why. They are just so close, all the time. 

But in other ways they are so incredibly different; where one likes to bend the rules (her) the other likes to follow them to the letter (him), where one tends to be outgoing and friendly (him) the other is more reserved (her), and where one tends to be brave, the other will be more cautious (but they take it in turns on this one). 

Their differences set them apart from one another, define them as individuals, define the ways we treat them, and the way they will be as they grow. But at the same time their differences seem to compliment one another so well. And they learn so much from the other's strengths and weakness... seemingly without realising. She encourages him to push boundaries, take risks and find adventures, and he stops her from going too far and keeps her safe. 

Their personalities may be different, but they are shaping each other all the time. As parents we like to think that we are forming these little people into the grown ups that they will one day be, but lately I've been struck by how much credit these two will be able to take for the kind of adult that the other becomes. Because the beauty of the friendship they share, is that they are having a part in raising each other, and that couldn't make me prouder.