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the siblings project {august}

I did think about cutting down the amount of photos for my sibling post this month, because I know there are a lot and I only normally tend to post three of four. But then I figured I wouldn't. Let's be honest, I have tons more than have made it as far as this post as it is, because my trio have been together more and there have been so many fun time to grab a photo of. And because this is a true picture of our August. There has been lots of glorious sibling time and lots of lovely memories to show for it. So you'll have to settle for my eight favourites, and know that it took quite a lot of work to cut it down to that many...!

I'll confess I was a little apprehensive about the summer holidays. I should point out that mostly I was super excited to have my little trio together all day every day for six weeks, but also... all day, every day, three little people who all know their own minds... it could just as easily be a recipe for disaster. But it hasn't been, at least not so far at the half way mark. So far the summer holidays have been amazing. 

the me and mine project {july}

Rich is loving
* watching Preacher on Amazon Prime.
* getting to see all of Dylan's school work from this year.
* seeing Ashlyn crawling about.
* some really good work training in Germany.
* having a new phone with 4G.

Lucy is loving
* having all three kiddos home for six weeks.
* seeing Quinny getting so mobile.
* two amazing end of year reports for Dylan and Everly.
* the performing arts festival at Dylan's school.
* the fact that we've been married for seven years TODAY!

Dylan is loving
* the school holiday finally being here.
* singing songs from his school performing arts festival.
* reading his book all about the human body.
* playing Pokemon Go.
* swimming in Nanny's hot tub.

Everly is loving
* picnics.
* collecting My Little Pony blind bags.
* her jelly flip flops.
* getting Quinny to smile for her.
* summer dresses.

Ashlyn is loving
* crawling everywhere and standing up.
* food, especially Ella's Kitchen Bangers and Mash.
* sleeping in her new cot.
* stealing the television remotes.
* Mummy!!!!

happy place blanket

I've been itching to show off this blanket in all it's glory since before I even started it. I have shared little glimpses of it along the way as a work in progress on my instagram (you can find all the photos by searching #happyplaceblanket), but now I'm indulging in all the details of it here for anyone who is interested in the pattern, the colours and my inspiration for making it in the first place.

you are nine months old {dear beautiful little lady}

dear Ashlyn,

Nine months old...! It's a milestone age I think, a bit like when you turned three months and left the "newborn" days behind, or at six months where you marked half a year; nine months is that point where you have been out in the world as long as you were baking in my tummy. And much like that nine months that I was pregnant with you now seems like a distant memory, this first nine months with you has simply flown by. Nine months ago you came crashing into the world, a little bundle of tufty hair and big eyes. We waited for you to totally rock our worlds and turn everything upside down... but you just seamlessly slotted into our family and into our hearts like you were always supposed to be there.

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