Saturday, 13 September 2014

him and her {week thirty-seven}

he is such a total daredevil water baby,
who would spend all day every day riding flumes if he could,
and has no fear whatsoever at climbing enormously tall climbing frames.

she has an absolutely exploding vocabulary of late,
refers to herself as "cheeky baby" when she's doing something she shouldn't,
and likes giving us heart failure by climbing up on the furniture and shouting "jump".

Friday, 12 September 2014

farewell to the summer

It's been an amazing summer,
full of sunshine and adventures,
and generally enjoying each other and the great outdoors.
Just thinking about what an amazing few months we've had,
makes me smile from ear to ear.
It's been beautiful.

And we finished it in style!
If you've followed any of our summer fun,
you'll know that the seaside has played a big part,
and that being at a beach is our happy place.
You'll also know I'm a teeny bit in love with a beach hut.

So we rented one,
a perfectly pink beach hut,
all ours,
for the entire day.
The sun came out to play,
and we said goodbye to an amazing summer
in the very best way possible.