Friday, 24 October 2014

playing house

It has always amazed me,
that despite us always giving the children access to all sorts of different toys,
our son has generally gravitated towards animals and cars,
while our little girl seems desperate to care for everything in sight.
Who knows if it's nature or nurture
(I'm inclined to think it's nature but who knows)
but my little lady is currently obsessed with playing with small characters;
putting them to bed, helping them sit up, giving them lots of cuddles.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

nobody puts baby in a corner

Right from the word go, I thought about the part birth order would play in shaping my children. There are long running jokes in my family about how my little brother got away with murder, but how I always had to do things the best. I'm very eager to please, whereas my brother is more independent. I have no doubt that your place in the family pecking order shapes your personality, and I was intrigued as to how it would mould my own children.

Monday, 20 October 2014

me and you {october}

Our October has been kind of boring,
that kind of boring where you never seem to get a second off,
but you feel like there's been nothing fun to show for it.

The Mr has been away quite a bit with work,
I've been trying my best to be a better housewife
and actually do more stuff around the house.
And so our days have been boring,
normal, quiet, simple.

And we actually really needed this change of pace,
for things to slow down just a touch,
so that we could get back to the simple things we love;
like sharing snacks and watching a film,
or taking to bed to watch Netflix in our jim jams.
Just spending our evenings together.

We reconnect in those moments.
We need those moments,
after busy days at work,
or crazy days with the children,
those moments are what keep us sane.

When we first got together we used to watch movies on Rich's computer all the time,
we'd snuggle on his bed, 
share a Vienetta (yes we'd eat half each, but we were young and our metabolisms were faster back then)
and watch all sort of random films his housemates had downloaded (not entirely legally) off of the web.
They were good times,
and its been nice to get a bit of that back,
even if I do tend to fall asleep a lot earlier these days.