Sunday, 21 September 2014

happy second birthday beautiful girl

And just like that...
another year gone.
Our baby girl is two,
and really not a baby at all anymore.

The past year has seen you totally blossom,
from a crawling, babbling baby
into the walking, talking little lady you are now.
With every single day it seems like more of your personality shines though,
and you really are such an adorable and funny little character.
You're such a mixture of independent and needy,
gentle and sensitive but crazy and tough,
a girly little ballet dancer with a love of fairies
and also a cheeky, troublesome little monkey with a fearless daredevil side.
And I am totally enchanted by every little bit of you.

You are my ray of sunshine.
A source of so many smiles and laughs.
Just about the happiest little lady I've ever know.
You completely light up our world.

I love you with all my heart my lovely beautiful girl.
Happy second birthday.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

fun with friends

Holidays aren't always that much of an actual break when you have small children.
You can't switch off, even for a second, 
because that tends to the second that they find trouble to get themselves into.
But from having a few holidays with our friends now,
it's definitely a good way of spreading the load a bit;
the children have built in entertainment,
and there are more adults too which means you can get precious moments off every now and then.

We've been on a few holidays with our friends the Ellisons now,
and when we are together, something just clicks.
We all get along swimmingly,
there is always a lot of laughter and fun.
And I know we all feel lucky to have found each other,
and to have another family that we can share these memories with.
It's just so easy to have fun when we are together,
and I know this won't be the last of our holidays together.

This our second trip to Center Parcs together
and it's really just reaffirmed our love for the place.
It's the perfect spot for an exciting family holiday,
especially when you have water babies like we do.
Nobody was ready to come home,
and I think that the sign of a truly brilliant holiday.

You can see my video from last year's trip here
it's scary how much the children have grown in that time.

Go and check out Katie's blog because she's posting about our holiday today too,
there's another little video to be enjoyed there too.