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the siblings project {august 2018}

Well even if I do say so myself... I have been really excelling on the siblings photos lately. (Not so much on the getting this post up on time, but you'll forgive me because its the summer holidays, right?) In fact gone are the days of a last minute rush to get a picture of these guys together, because forget monthly photos, I've been trying to get weekly ones while we're on school holidays. Hows that for overachieving? (Again, if you'll forget the fact I'm four days late posting this...!)

Okay, so lets talk about the summer holidays. I'm finding it a mixed kind of bag really. I'm loving having my little gang together, and I already feel sad just thinking about the fact we're well over half way through, and our long together days will be coming to an end again soon. But of course there have been arguments and voices raised and fallings out and times outs and the occasional swipe at a sibling when they don't think I'm looking. 

Just like everything in parenting, and everything with kids in general, it's a mixture of sunshine and showers... but the mixture makes the rainbow. And I actually think there is something lovely about those tougher days too (although maybe not "in the moment"). Obviously, it goes without saying that it makes my heart sing to see my children playing nicely together, being kind to one another, and saying they are best friends. But at the same time, they are learning so much from the harder times; about negotiation and problem solving, about peace keeping and sharing, about empathy and love. Because even though the arguing gets pretty fierce sometimes, they love each other even more fiercely. 

the me + mine project {july 2018}

Rich is loving
* chocolate from the fridge. 
* cooking on the barbecue loads.
* a trip up north and catching up with old friends.
* shouting "Hey Siri" at the HomePod. 
* watching Marco Polo on Netflix.

Lucy is loving
* that school's out for summer!
* watching Dylan and Everly's performing arts festival.
* hearing Quinn sing songs from Trolls. 
* big smiles from her littlest man. 
* strawberry Pimms

Dylan is loving
* learning to swim properly. 
* singing "The Year Two Song" at performing arts day. 
* playing Lego Worlds on the Nintendo Switch. 
* finding out his SATs results.
* reading library books. 

Everly is loving
* playing on her scooter in the garden. 
* helping to look after Wylder. 
* painting stones.
* eating mini Magnum lollies. 
* performing in her jungle end of term show.

Quinn is loving
* watching, singing and dancing to Trolls. 
* having her hair done in bunches. 
* stroking the cats. 
* building Duplo castles.
* shopping and visiting the M&S Cafe with Mummy. 

Wylder is loving
* chilling in his bouncy chair. 
* lying on his play mat.
* stretching when his swaddle comes off in the morning. 
* kicking up and down the bath. 
* milky cuddles. 

the siblings project {july 2018}

I feel like I've rather outdone myself with the sibling photos this past month. Because I have them from a few different days, and there was no last minute rush job to get a snap of them all. I suspect it's because I'm basically obsessed with photos of these four together... I mean look at them, wouldn't you be? Although any close observers will notice that the set up and style is similar in them all (and very similar to last month's photos for The Siblings Project) because this seems to be the easiest way to get them all in the frame, and all relatively still, and all relatively happy.

the me + mine project {june 2018}

Rich is loving
* the world cup.
* family time in Ibiza.
* Mint Oreo Dairy Milk.
* binge watching the Marvel serieson Netflix.
* summer days in the garden. 

Lucy is loving
* the sunshine!
* Wylder's first smiles.
* Quinn concentrating on pronouncing things right.
* mint flavour Magnum.
* our entire week in Ibiza.

Dylan is loving
* the water slides in our hotel in Ibiza.
* the school's Rainbow Fun Run.
* reading (at a phenomenal rate!)
* croissants dipped in nutella.
* being the best ring bearer ever.

Everly is loving
* going on holiday.
* wearing her flower girl dress.
* eating ice lollies each day after school.
* pretending to put mummy's make up on.
* chocolate ice cream.

Quinn is loving
* choosing her own clothes each morning.
* strawberry mini milks.
* watching Trolls.
* flying on an aeroplane.
* playing with duplo and happyland.

Wylder is loving
* going on his first ever holiday.
* attending his first ever wedding.
* giving his first ever smiles.
* bouncing in his chair.
* milky mummy cuddles.

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