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you are seven months old {dear beautiful little lady}

Dear Ashlyn Quinn

I'm going to bypass the bit where I talk about how quickly time seems to be flying and that you seem to be growing up so fast before our very eyes. I'm pretty sure that I'll get those same feelings with every passing month... and passing year. And this month has been so full of exciting developments for you, new milestones to tick off and things you've learned. 

bikini babe

Everly is very much at an age where she knows her own mind. She knows what she likes and what she doesn't and is definitely interested in what she wears. And while it can be hard to relinquish control, having been able to pick out all her outfits for the past three and a half years, it's also nice to see her developing her own sense of style... mainly because she seems to like a lot of the same things that I do (I have trained her well it would seem!)

the siblings project {may}

Something I'm learning about having a third child, is that there are some things about family life that never lose their sparkle however many children you may have. And a big one is watching the gap between siblings seemingly get smaller as your children grow. Before Ashlyn was born I felt like the gap between her and the bigger two was going to feel massive. I know that lots of people leave three years as a kind of "standard age gap", but having had Dylan and Everly nineteen months apart, the gap between the two girls seemed huge for us. 

And when she was first born it was. Looking at that tiny, frail newborn made us see how far the older two had come, how much they had grown and changed. They made her look so impossibly tiny, and by contrast she made them seemingly grow a little older and a little taller overnight. It felt like it would be a long time before they would be 'close' to their baby sister. And don't get me wrong, Dylan and Everly are so bright and independent and Ashlyn is still only a baby, but as the days pass it feels like the three of them chip little chunks off of the gap.

Maybe it's where Ashlyn is growing up so fast; with more personality each day. Or maybe it's where we've all just slipped into the rhythms of life with three children now. But that little team of three I thought I'd be waiting a while to see... it feels like it's already there.

the me and mine project {april}

Rich is loving
* watching Dylan and Everly in the dance show.
* doing Panini stickers with Dylan.
* Game of Thrones returning.
* spending the day at Packwood Hall with Nainy and Taid.
* Liverpool beating Borussia Dortmund in the Europa League.

Lucy is loving
* a lovely family day trip to the seaside.
* being a finalist in the Mad Blog Awards.
* how much the big kids have loved their show performances.
* all the funny faces Ashlyn pulls when she is trying a new food.
* working on her 'happy place' blanket. 

Dylan is loving
* having science day at school. 
* a fun day out in London at the GLTC showroom.
* putting stickers in his Panini football album.
* a day out in the sunshine at Packwood House. 
* talking about St George.

Everly is loving
* gatecrashing the stage in show rehearsals.
* telling us stories about 'tagpoles' and frogs.
* anything to do with My Little Pony.
* singing to 'Taylor Swish' in the car.
* the new sand and water table. 

Ashlyn is loving
* smiling at everyone she meets.
* eating avocados and bananas.
* rolling all over the living room floor.
* chewing and sucking her clothes.
* watching the world go by from her bouncy chair. 

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