Friday, 20 November 2015

scarves, watches and growing up so fast {little loves}

This is my littlest love, the littlest sister... only she's not so little anymore. I got seriously emotional this week about the fact that I've already had to pack away the newborn and 1 month size clothes, because she's growing so damn quickly. And amongst the clothes that went away was that 'little sister big dreams' sleepsuit, which she came home from hospital in a few short weeks ago. Back then then sleeves were rolled up and her little legs got lost inside it, but since then she's filled it out well and truly. Slow down a bit time, I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to the newborn days just yet. 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

you are one month old {dear beautiful little lady}

dear beautiful little lady,

You've clicked into our family like a piece of the puzzle that we didn't know was even missing. I say it all the time that you are so loved... I'm quite frankly obsessed with you; cuddling you and breathing. In your intoxicating baby smell is just about my favourite way to spend time. Your daddy is so so protective of you and I just know that you are going to have him wrapped around your little finger like no one else. And your older brother and sister simply adore you; they have embraced you into the gang right from the start and they love to be near you, to hold you, and to lie either side of you on the bed whenever we change you. Changing time always descends into them giggling like total nutters and you looking from one to the other like they are the best, funniest and most insane things you've ever seen. We all feel so lucky to think that in the not too distant future there will be three gorgeous crazy little giggles at changing time, and I know they cannot wait to have you interacting with them more. 

Sunday, 15 November 2015

siblings {november}

Okay, time for all those "where did the last month go" feelings... this has to have been the fastest month yet. Because it feels like the littlest addition to this line up is still so new, but the calendar insists on telling me that she's been a part of our sibling gang for a whole month already.

It's been a month of learning, adapting, compromising, and a whole lot of love. We are still finding our way with three, but it's completely, totally, 100% worth the full hands. 

The bond between them fascinates me, how it's something they don't need to work at or grow... the bond is just there. You can see it in the way they look at each other; you just know they adore one another. And you can see it in the way they are with each other; no holds barred. They love each other fiercely and they aren't afraid with one another, to hug and grab and kiss and poke... the littlest one included. 

Of course my eldest two are still the close pair of sidekicks they've always been. But it's a beautiful thing watching then in new relationships with their baby sister too. The little man is already being that stereotypical big brother with her, and he's far more protective and gentle with her than with the older of his sisters, he's so proud of her and will tell anyone that listens about his new sister. Watching my biggest girl become a big sister has been amazing; she wants to involve her baby in everything, to hold her constantly, she sings to her all the time, talks her through every nappy change and is desperate to push the buggy and sit next to her on every car journey. 

Monday, 9 November 2015

a new ordinary

I think this photograph might just be my new favourite, it makes me smile from ear to ear. From the way that my biggest two are looking at their baby sister with cheeky but oh-so-adoring smiles, to the way that she looks really unimpressed that I am a. taking her photo, and b. leaving her with her two crazy older siblings. It's far from the perfect, pinterest moment of life with three children, but it is real and thats kind of perfect too. And it makes me want to pinch myself that those three little faces are my little ones.

Since our littlest lady arrived I seem to be constantly struck with "pinch me" moments...

... that I get to snuggle a little newborn of my own making again.

... that I get to find out all about her; what she likes and doesn't, who she'll be.

... that I get to watch my beautiful girl relishing her role as a big sister.

... that I get to watch my beautiful boy taking such good care of his new baby sister.

... that I get to see my husband going all soft and soppy over his baby girl.

... that I get to wash teeny sleep suits. And I get to change tiny nappies. And do night feeds. Yes, I'm even pleased to be doing those things!

But far and away the best bit is seeing my brood together (and I think they are officially 'a brood' now there are three of them.) Three gorgeous little people that we made. Three gorgeous little people that we get to spend our days protecting, teaching and loving. Three gorgeous little people... our three gorgeous little people. 

I'm constantly pinching myself that five is our new four, three is our new two, that this is our new ordinary. Because it all feels so incredibly extraordinary. I feel so lucky, so happy, so full of love... and I get to live this.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

him and her and her {week forty-five}

he had a glowing report from his school parents evening,
is really enjoying practising writing little notes,
and loves telling us all about his school friends in other year groups.

she is such a little social butterfly,
who seems to know every single child at dancing and preschool by name,
and is currently obsessed with dressing up and being a fairy.

she has been loving having baths with her big brother and sister,
is starting to outgrow some of her smallest sleepsuits,
and is still sleeping amazingly (and we're still worried about tempting fate when we say that.)