Friday, 1 August 2014

picnics with friends

You can't beat a teddy bears picnic
for a simple and fun way to spend a summers afternoon.
It always amazes me how providing the same lunch as normal,
but on a picnic blanket surrounded by teddies
makes it all so much more exciting.

My two would happily have lounged on the blanket,
cuddling their bears,
while grazing on little snacks
for the whole day if they could.
And I loved it too.
Fresh air, a warm day, a cooling breeze
and happy playful children,
what's not to love?

Thursday, 31 July 2014

me and mine {july}

Daddy is loving
* going back to 'where it all began'.
* visiting Helsinki for work.
* reading books more.
* eating Bobby Bangers at Jimmy's Farm Sausage and Beer Festival.
* watching Hannibal.

Mummy is loving
* the sunshine.
* an amazing long weekend in Scarborough walking down memory lane.
* the beautiful girl talking more and more, and saying "Mummy" finally.
* watching The Vampire Diaries (it's my new guilty pleasure.)
* that we've been married for five years today!

The beautiful boy is loving
* learning to read.
* playing 2p machines in the arcades with Daddy.
* having picnics.
* a day at the farm with his best buddy.
* throwing… even when he isn't supposed to.

The beautiful girl is loving
* monkeys and pirates.
* saying everyone's names, repeatedly.
* eating bananas.
* running free on the beach.
* cuddles with Blossom and Bibi.

a little getaway

A few weeks back we went to Scarborough for a long weekend,
and we were lucky enough to be there as guests of Park Resorts.
They offered us a chance to stay at their Cayton Bay resort
and we were really excited to check it out.