Saturday, 28 February 2015

me and mine {february}

Daddy is loving
* riding a boat down the Thames.
* watching the beautiful boy's Tangled show.
* seeing the kids' faces on the London Eye.
* lots of Daddy and kiddos time.
* Lucy's Mexican soup.

Mummy is loving
* little hints at Spring time and more blue sky days.
* a lovely day out for the little man's birthday. 
* her new black skinny jeans.
* spa weekends away with friends.
* swimming.

The beautiful boy is loving
* being four.
* anything to do with London.
* taking part in Tangled holiday workshops.
* talking about his "chums" from preschool. 
* winning..... not so good with losing though.

The beautiful girl is loving
* taking care of everything.
* that her feet reach the foot rests on the seesaw at the park.
* watching videos of herself at BabyBallet classes.
* chocolate eggs in an egg cup after dinner.
* choosing her own hair accessories.

Monday, 23 February 2015

90/10 {a little something for him}

There is a long running joke in this house that my husband is 90% man. The other 10% is sometimes labelled as child, or sometimes ape, or sometimes idiot; but he is definitely only 90% grown-up, sensible, human man. And I wouldn't have him any other way. Yes, he can be gross sometimes. And yes, it is sometimes like having another child around to look after. But he's my disgusting big kid. And we all love him to pieces, because when you are still 10% kid, its really easy to get in touch with that part of you, and that makes you really fun.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

him and her {week eight}

he absolutely adored taking part in a Tangled holiday workshop,
was such a sensitive soul looking after a poorly mummy,
and seems to have a total gannet's appetite at the moment.

she has been a really cute and cuddly little thing this week,
thinks that all meals should end with chocolate,
and has finally, finally learned to jump.