Saturday, 22 November 2014

him and her {week forty-seven}

he has been a bit poorly this week but hasn't let it keep him down,
he is starting to pick up on the beginnings of the pre Christmas excitement,
and is so excited that he gets to be a king in the preschool nativity.

she was an absolute star at her ballet class this week,
although she is desperate to learn to jump but just can't work out how,
and has taken her penguin obsession to whole new levels now that they are everywhere we go.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

raising a girl

"As I put this little one into her dance uniform she shouted 'Look Mummy, I so pretty now.' 
It made me want to cry
... yes baby, you're pretty, but it's not the dress that's doing that. 
It will never be the dress. 
It's you. You and only you my wonderful little lady. Perfect in every way, inside and out. 
(Sometimes bringing up a girl seems like such a big responsibility...!)"

Saturday, 15 November 2014

him and her {week forty-six}

he has learned how to gallop and now just wants to gallop everywhere,
thinks that Team Unizoomi should play a part in every day,
and loves his Uncle Matt "the mostest".

she loves eating cheddar cheese,
likes to help choose her own shoes to wear,
and often sneaks off to read a little book to her toys in her bedroom.