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these three {week three}

This guy... I know for a fact he knows more countries and capital cities that I do, and I'm pretty sure everything that I know about planets I learnt from him. I have no idea how he manages to remember so much! He's been busy with some sort of birthday party marathon lately, but this past week included a Jump Street party, and ones with an old school disco and party games; both of which were apparently 'the' best party ever.

She has got the funniest little sense of humour on her, this one. She just seems to have this way about her that keeps us all smiling. Except at meal times... at the moment meal times are trying. Not because she's a fussy eater - she eats most things we put in front of her - but because she just takes soooo looooong to eat. Hopefully she'll speed up a bit before she starts school, or she'll lose her entire lunch time looking at her dinner.

What can I say about this little smasher that I haven't said a hundred times before? She's just amazing. She's getting a bit of a temper on her, and can throw the most impressively dramatic strops if you give her the last raisin and don't magically produce more. But she's also getting funnier and cheekier by the day. And she's so incredibly affectionate; she loves grabbing our necks and pulling us in for a cuddle, and if Dylan or Everly are upset they get constant hugs and strokes and "ahhhh"s until they are smiling again.

these three {week two}

Well what a week it's been for this one. He's had his first full week back at school, and has moved up yet another reading level, received his first rosettes, and won the dancing competition at a birthday party (he was the absolute best, I saw it myself!!!). And all while he's been feeling a little under the weather. This kid is total pro!

She spent her christmas money on a Moana lego set and has been obsessed with it ever since. She absolutely adores singing with her brother to the 'Lava' short Disney film, it's the cutest thing! Oh and the final deadline has passed for school applications, so we're now officially in that long wait to see that she got into school. How is this baby going to school this year?

Our little Quinny is back and firing on all cylinders after weeks of poorliness. She's started properly hugging us this week; grabbing us around the necks and pulling in close while saying "ahhhhh". And we get kisses, big wet open mouthed ones. She says hello now too (it sounds more like "hay-low") although she happily uses it for both greetings and goodbyes. And she's basically been a human dustbin, eating everything in sight, so she's clearly having a little growth spurt. 

the siblings project {january}

Oh these babies of mine, where do I even start? I honestly cannot think of a single thing that makes me prouder than seeing the three of them together. I wonder if it ever gets old, if I'll get to a point one day where I won't feel like I have to pinch myself that they are mine. This little brood of mine just makes my heart so happy. 

And after the excitement of December, January has brought quiet; peaceful days at home, simple walks, new toys. It has been lovely. I didn't want the school holidays to end, and neither did they. Now don't get me wrong, I'm always a school holiday fan, but part of me always get twitchy to get back in routine as they draw to a close. But not this time. Our Christmas break was so slow paced, so full of honest, simple, not exciting, but totally perfect, family time. The children completely loved it just being together, and there were so many beautiful moments. Nothing monumental, just the kind of moments that make up family life, but when you stand back and really take them in, it makes you so proud. 

Dylan taking time to painstakingly teach Ashlyn to use her stacking rings. 

Everly offering, unprompted to share her Christmas chocolates with her big bro.

Ashlyn making a beeline for the older two whenever they are doing something together.

Both Dylan and Everly requesting sleepover after sleepover.

And then the sight of their limbs all tangled up together in slumber.

Everly constantly requesting that she wear the same clothes as her little sis.

Quinny coming over, stroking them, and saying "ahhhhh" whenever either of the older two are upset.

...It's in those simple, ordinary interaction that I feel like their relationships blossom, and I love watching that. Because month on month it feels like I say that they are closer, and yet some how the next month they seem closer still. 

home life project {january}

2017 will be a year of change for us. Looming on the horizon now is our impending house move. Still so far away that it doesn't seem quite real yet, but coming up fast none the less. This year with see Everly start school, yet another big and important milestone which seems to be racing up to meet us a little faster than I'm fully prepared for. I know from experience that this second year for Quinny, will change her so much; while still a baby now, she really won't seem that way in the not too distant future. Life does hurry on, doesn't it? And it's so exciting, but I do find myself grabbing at it, trying to keep a hold of it; not to slow it down, but just to make sure I took it all in, enjoyed it, remembered it.

These four walls have known our family forever. They could tell our whole story. And it is a strange, "end of an era" type of feeling, to know that we will be moving on soon, to write our stories in different walls instead. And it makes me want to bottle up this time, to keep it safe. Will my children remember living here? In this first place that they called home. In the place where we went from two, to four, then five, six and seven. It was just Rich and I once upon a time. But two fluffy babies, and three human babies later we've definitely created one hell of a story from these walls, we've created a family.

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