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the siblings project {july}

I'm not sure where the last month has gone, but it's definitely run away from me a bit. It doesn't seem that long ago that I posted my last post for The Siblings Project, and here I am again. The past month has been all about fun in the sun; and my little band of adventurers are definitely happiest outside, and together, and it without a doubt brings them closer together... so I absolutely can not wait for the school holidays to finally start. Six weeks of together time and exploring and playing and fun. And probably arguing and annoying one another too, but that's all part of the sibling experience I'd say.

Mostly I'm looking forward to a slowed down pace of life. I won't miss the morning hustle to get out of the door for school. And I can't wait for things to just feel a little less rushed. Like taking photos... at the last minute... when you realise you've run out of days in the week and hours in the day, and you still haven't had a chance to grab those photos you need for a post... and the kids are already in their jimjams... yeah, I am looking forward to just having a bit more time that is all ours.

the me and mine project {june}

Rich is loving
* the new floor.
* hosting a Father's Day barbecue.
* helping manage a little team at the football festival. 
* that mini eggs are back!
* the new Royal Blood album.

Lucy is loving
* enjoying the sunshine in our garden.
* our lovely new living room and playroom floor.
* having Jenny and kiddos to stay for the weekend.
* a beautiful afternoon at the beach.
* making weekend vlogs. 

Dylan is loving
* playing in the paddling pool. 
* his new gallery wall. 
* meeting his new Year 2 teacher. 
* his tennis classes. 
* one-on-one reading time at bedtime. 

Everly is loving
* her taster days at big school. 
* being outside in the garden. 
* mini Magnum ice creams. 
* summer dresses. 
* picking bits for her room makeover. 

Quinn is loving
* strawberries, strawberries and more strawberries. 
* watching Peppa Pig. 
* eating peas with her fingers. 
* dancing. 
* giggling like crazy when she's tickled. 

the siblings project {june}

If my kids ever have a band... I feel like this needs to be the album cover. Everly has all the charisma, sparkle and high kicks of the 'front man'; there is no way she'd let anyone else hold that microphone anyway. Dylan is the keyboard player, or maybe the guitar player... who am I kidding, probably both; he'd come across as the slightly geeky one when they are interviewed, but he'd be the one keeping the show on the road. And Quinn... she'd be the drummer; no doubt about it. She'd keep her head down, her mouth shut, swing that crazy mop of hair around like there was no tomorrow, and she'd more than likely be the one trashing hotel rooms too (pretty sure she's practising for that one already!)

Come to think of it, I'd quite like my kids to start a band. Best get them signed up for some music lessons!

the me and mine project {may}

Rich is loving
* introducing Dylan to Mario Kart.
* going to the May Day Fayre in our old village.
* his new Weber barbecue.
* smashing up the garden and filling a skip.
* Liverpool qualifying for the Champions League.

Lucy is loving
* putting our stamp on the house with some room makeovers.
* the sunshine finally arriving.
* getting to wear new summery clothes.
* watching Jamestown.
* sharing our Dubai vlogs.

Dylan is loving
* reading, reading and even more reading.
* learning to play the Nintendo Switch.
* his newly decorated bedroom. 
* watching the DVD of the school production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.
* riding his scooter around the garden. 

Everly is loving
* playing at her sand and water table.
* doing Forest Schools at preschool. 
* wearing summer dresses.
* reading We're Going On A Bear Hunt to Quinn. 
* the paddling pool.

Quinn is loving
* her new pretty bedroom. 
* shouting "book" and then being read to. 
* dancing to Dingle Dangle Scarecrow.
* eating chocolate brioche and croissants.
* saying "no" and "down" and "hey" and "bye".

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