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the siblings project {january 2019}

the me + mine project {december 2018}

Rich is loving
* going to the Cressing Temple Grotto. 
* eating his body weight in Maltesers.
* Wylder being more vocal. 
* Quinn sneaking off to the toilet to watch videos on the iPad.
* reading 'You Choose' with the girls. 

Lucy is loving
* a fun Christmas night out with the girls.
* our beautiful white and rainbow Christmas trees.
* my new (very belated) birthday jewellery.
* Baileys.
* how magical this time of year is with children.

Dylan is loving
* being in the choir.
* his new remote control cars.
* getting Super Mario socks from Father Christmas.
* counting down to, and then getting to see, Uncle Matt.
* amazing everyone with his geography knowledge.

Everly is loving
* planning her various different party/festive/casual outfits.
* going ice skating on Christmas Eve.
* dry roasted peanuts.
* performing shows with her karaoke machine.
* playing with her lego.

Quinn is loving
* singing Feliz Navidad with the dance moves.
* getting to eat chocolate at breakfast time from her "candler".
* playing with her new doll house.
* listening to How The Grinch Stole Christmas over and over again.
* reading "The Game Book" (You Choose) every single night.

Wylder is loving
* sitting up.
* eating fruit pots.
* twinkly christmas lights and decorations.
* wrapping paper.
* being a mama's boy.

the me + mine project {october 2018}

Rich is loving
* our family day out at Shrek Adventure.
* playing Red Dead Redemption.
* celebrating Quinn's birthday.
* watching Spain vs England in Seville.
* eating way too many Treeslets.

Lucy is loving
* autumn walks to the park and the woods.
* having all four kids at home during half term.
* A Star Is Born movie and soundtrack.
* seeing Wylder achieve new milestones.
* how excited Quinn was for her birthday.

Dylan is loving
* getting the most points overall at tennis camp.
* creating planets on Lego Worlds.
* going to Shrek Adventure.
* being in the school choir. 
* reading The Creakers by Tom Fletcher.

Everly is loving
* having a week off of school. 
* playing at being a make up artist. 
* dry roasted peanuts.
* picking out her own outfits.
* going to lots of birthday parties.

Quinn is loving
* wearing her wooly hat.
* playing in the garden.
* chicken nuggets and carrot sticks from McDonalds.
* building with duplo.
* being three!

Wylder is loving
* sitting up.
* bouncing in his jumperoo.
* chewing everything!
* trying food.
* bath time.

the siblings project {october 2018}

The past month has seen so many sibling developments going on, and it still continues to fascinate me how these guys seem to weave their way through their lives together the way that they do.

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