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the me and mine project {april}

Rich is loving
* watching Dylan and Everly in the dance show.
* doing Panini stickers with Dylan.
* Game of Thrones returning.
* spending the day at Packwood Hall with Nainy and Taid.
* Liverpool beating Borussia Dortmund in the Europa League.

Lucy is loving
* a lovely family day trip to the seaside.
* being a finalist in the Mad Blog Awards.
* how much the big kids have loved their show performances.
* all the funny faces Ashlyn pulls when she is trying a new food.
* working on her 'happy place' blanket. 

Dylan is loving
* having science day at school. 
* a fun day out in London at the GLTC showroom.
* putting stickers in his Panini football album.
* a day out in the sunshine at Packwood House. 
* talking about St George.

Everly is loving
* gatecrashing the stage in show rehearsals.
* telling us stories about 'tagpoles' and frogs.
* anything to do with My Little Pony.
* singing to 'Taylor Swish' in the car.
* the new sand and water table. 

Ashlyn is loving
* smiling at everyone she meets.
* eating avocados and bananas.
* rolling all over the living room floor.
* chewing and sucking her clothes.
* watching the world go by from her bouncy chair. 

a third birth story {part seven}

You might want to check out the story so far over on my third birth story page before reading this final part of the tale...

"Are you ready to start pushing Lucy? Let's give it a really good push down into you bottom." And just like that I was pushing. The gas and air was cast aside, and I was pushing with all my might. And just like that the pain changed. It's a really hard thing to describe, but pushing actually stopped the pain. I could still feel really intense pressure, but pushing seemed to stop it from hurting in quite the same way. Pushing felt really helpful and powerful somehow.

introducing... ashlyn quinn

We had a tough time settling on our little Ashlyn Quinn's name, and there was a LOT of going around in circles. We foolishly thought that actually finding out what we were having the third time around would make the job easier, but I randomly think it made it harder. I think had we been having a surprise we would have been splitting our energies between picking the perfect boy name and the perfect girl name. Instead we were so focused on this one name needing to be just right that we tied ourselves up in knots. 

introducing... everly grace

We get so many comments on Everly's name. Strangers will stop us to tell us how lovely it is when they overhear us using it. I've lost count of the amount of people who have said they've added it to their baby name lists. Everybody always says the same thing; how it's so unusual, but so pretty, and how much it suits her And honestly our little Everly's name came to us like a bolt from the blue, it was destined to be her name before she was even a twinkle in our eyes.

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