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the siblings project {march}

This past month has certainly been one of changes. In fact, while I normally feel like time flies from one month to the next, and that when time comes to do a post for The Siblings Project I've barely finished doing the last one... thats definitely not the case this time. Last month's photos feel like there were take absolutely ages ago. We were into the last days in our first home, and change loomed on the horizon. Well change has happened. And not just the obvious big change of address... things have changed between my trio this month too.

home life project {march}

I already feel stupidly nostalgic looking back at last month's Home Life Project post, because as much as I knew that we'd sold our house and would be moving, it didn't really feel real. It didn't feel real on moving day either. And if I stop and think about it, it still doesn't feel real now. 

the me and mine project {february}

Rich is loving
* new television.
* new house.
* that he was brave and stroked an owl
* watching Everly trampolining.
* catching up with everyone at a family birthday party. 

Lucy is loving
* being a proper grown up with a proper house.
* planning room makeovers.
* having fun family half term days out together. 
* celebrating Dylan's sixth birthday.
* that the moving house stress is finally behind us.

Dylan is loving
* being six!
* the new science books he had for his birthday.
* having his own bedroom. 
* the pig racing at Bockett Farm Park. 
* memorising capital cities. 

Everly is loving
* her new big bedroom.
* being gradually reunited with the toys that were packed away. 
* eating mini eggs (always five, and matching ones are really exciting)
* cuddling her baby Rapunzel doll at bedtime.
* a new Equestria Girls movie on Netflix.

Ashlyn is loving
* riding the tractor at Bockett Farm. 
* sitting on Everly's bed and looking at books. 
* carrying Kit everywhere she goes. 
* eating raisins.
* watching the Teletubbies and Something Special. 

the siblings project {february}

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? With one thing and another going on over the last couple of weeks, I managed to leave it right until the last day to get my sibling photos this month. Which can be a total recipe for disaster as I feel the pressure to get the shot and the kids decide not to play ball. But this month it all fell together nicely and I actually love the snaps I got. 

The last day I had available to take them, we were having a lazy day at home together. So I just stuck the kiddos on the sofa started clicking and not even a minute later, we were done. No cajoling, shouting or bribing necessary. And three big happy (if slightly crazed) smiles. I wanted to take our photos at home this month, because home is about to change, and that makes me all kinds of sentimental. And there is something special about capturing them in their natural environment, somewhere that they are completely happy and relaxed and - quite literally - at home. 

With each passing month the gap between Quinn and the older two seems smaller, she seems more and more included, more and more a part of the gang. They treat her a little less like the baby these days. She's welcomed into their games and play now, without me having to remind them, or without her simply following them and pestering them until they pay her attention. They sneak off together to play in the bedroom, or to quietly sit with books, or to cheekily empty a kitchen cupboard. And nothing makes my heart melt quite as much as it does when I stumble across them doing something  together of their own planning.

I mean, seriously? Squad goals, right there!

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