Thursday, 16 April 2015

four and a half months

Four and a half months... that is the time we have left with life as we know it. The countdown is on and before I know where I am at I will be packing off my biggest baby to start big school and my littlest baby to start preschool. 

I have this overwhelming feeling of time running away from me, an all too familiar feeling since becoming a parent it would seem. Time keeps racing on, and right now I feel like I'm desperately grabbing at its tail, willing it to slow down. 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

siblings {april}

It's hard to put into words exactly how much joy it gives me to watch these two together. From the moment that our family went from three to four I was obsessed with seeing my two children together, even when in those early days it was simply sharing some eye contact or a little smile. But as they have grown older they have just got closer and closer. And while with each month that passes I don't think they can possibly get any closer, somehow they seem to manage it. They are such complete and utter best friends; they light up for one another, they live for cuddles with each other and to make the other laugh. And while they do have the odd squabble now and again, they really are few and far between and while they can both hold a grudge against us grown ups for a good length of time after a telling off, all is quickly forgiven for each other.

This past month the little lady's language seems to have experienced a total explosion. The simpler sentences are now increasingly complex and she understands so much (I think a lot more than we often give her credit for), and with her increasing vocabulary and improved communication has come even more sibling fun. They share so many imaginative moments together now as they play (all instigated by her who is the more imaginative of the two) and their games are increasingly more and more elaborate. 

The result is often carnage for poor old mummy, as their favourite games at present seem to involved collecting every single cushion and pillow from every single room, and using them to build dens and big beds together. They also chat more now at bedtime (when we really wish they would just go to sleep) but listening to them talk about their days and tell each other little stories often leaves me lingering at their bedroom door to catch the little gems they come out with. 

They are the epitome of the word "tight" and it's becoming impossible to ever imagine them ever being anything but that now. The end of the summer will see our little man head off to big school, and see our little lady start at preschool. And while approaching last September I was filled with worry about the affect that separating them for part of the day while he was at preschool would have on their friendship, I'm not so worried this time around. My babies are growing up, but they aren't growing apart... instead they are growing together. They are tangling up the stories of their lives with one another's, making memories and sharing memories and building something so strong... something that is stronger when they are together.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

him and her {week fifteen}

he does a mean impression of the easter bunny,
knows everything there is to know about space,
and loved being the best little pirate at his holiday theatre workshop.

she wants chocolate with everything since Easter,
is in love with her new yellow shoes,
and has had another little vocabulary explosion... such a little chatterbox.