me and mine {december}

Daddy is loving
* two weeks off work.
* watching the children open their Christmas presents.
* cooking his first Christmas dinner.
* that Mini Eggs are back in the shops.
* eating chocolate for breakfast.

Mummy is loving 
* the magic of Christmas time.
* dry roasted peanuts.
* Yankee Candle's Snow In Love.
* putting the beautiful girl's hair in bunches.
* lots of lovely family time.

The beautiful boy is loving
* playing with his new play kitchen.
* chocolate coins.
* the book advent calendar.
* flashy light baths.
* all things Christmas.

The beautiful girl is loving
* the Christmas tree.
* cuddling her Rapunzel doll.
* chocolate yule log.
* shouting "Jessie" at her Jessie doll.
* chasing her brother up and down the hallway.


out of the mouths of babes {december}

beautiful boy: "Oh no, where's my milk? I left it in the lounge."
Mummy: "No you didn't, it's right here."
beautiful boy: "Oh yes, so it is. Phew!"

"Go in the kitchen Daddy. You are being too naughty."

Mummy: "Do you remember what we're doing today?"
beautiful boy: "We're going to see Father Christmas. In a car park."
Mummy: "No lovely, not a car park. Just in a park."
beautiful boy: "No in a car park, with his sleigh."

"Put my milk in the fridge now... NOW! You are being a bit naughty Mummy."

beautiful boy: "Are you ready Mummy? You're going to be a horse and I'm going to be a donkey. Are you ready?"
Mummy: "What are you talking about? What do I have to do?"
beautiful boy: "You be a horse. And then we sing."
Mummy: "We sing?"
beautiful boy: "Yes. We sing songs in Hairspray. Ready? GO! Sing with me Mummy."
(I still have no idea what he was on about!)

"I can't swim like a whale. I can't swim like a whale. I can't swim like a whale. I. CAN'T. SWIM. LIKE. A. WHALE.... I'm going to swim like a goldy-fish. That's what I'll do."

Nanny: "Is that nice hot chocolate?"
beautiful boy: "No, it's warm chocolate Nanny."

Pops: "Did you have fun at Freeport today?"
beautiful boy: "Yes, it went free, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten."

"It's very dark. The moon has gone to sleep behind a cloud."

"Roar Darcy roar! (Pause while he waited for Darcy to roar.) You're not very scary."

(while playing with his play kitchen)
Daddy: "What are you making?"
beautiful boy: "A noise."

Mummy: "What animals do you think you'll see at the farm?"
beautiful boy: "Chickens?"
Mummy: "Yes. What else?"
beautiful boy: "Not elephants and horses."
Mummy: "No. Definitely no elephants."
beautiful boy: "But maybe cows."

Mummy: "You just burped, what do you need to say?"
beautiful boy: "Oh no! Not again!"
Mummy: "I meant 'Pardon me' but never mind."
beautiful boy: "Okay then. Pardon me but never mind."

"I am NOT very happy with you Daddy!"


christmas wishes

Christmas always makes me so nostalgic
as I think back to where we were and what we were doing at this time in the years gone by.
And it's also a time full of hopes and dreams and wishes I find,
probably because the end of another year makes me really reflect on what that year has given us
and look forward to what the next one might bring.
At some point over the festive period 
I take a little time to myself to think about what I wish for for the coming year.
My Christmas wishes have come true the last few years
so I'm going to think really hard and make a good one this year.


fifteen months new

You were growing up so fast and it was so bittersweet.


a bestie day

Friendships are so important.
A good friend can talk you back down when you are livid,
or cheer you up when you're feeling sad.
They are there to hear your worries
and to keep your secrets.
And when you become a mummy,
like minded mummy friends become completely invaluable.
As you travel through the complexities of raising tiny humans
someone to share the trials and tribulations with is a lifeline at times.


family frolics and christmas magic

This week we had a very special family day.
We went to visit a very important man in red,
we had special talks with him,
whispered in his ear that the children have been VERY good this year,
we told him what we would like to see under the tree on Christmas morning.

Daddy took a day off work.
Pops did too, so that he and Nanny could join us.
We were all so excited about having a festive family day out,
and our family frolics didn't disappoint.
It's fair to say that our beautiful boy is totally enchanted by the big guy this year,
he's totally absorbed in the Christmas magic.


the work of the christmas fairies

Christmas is all about magic.
It's just such a twinkly time of year.
And there has been some impressive magic 
sprinkled in our house of late.


your thirty-fourth month

We had always thought you were the most amazing boy ever.


wishing for a wooden christmas

I've never made a secret of my fondness for wooden toys.
They seriously outnumber the plastic in this house by a lot
and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Wooden toys are classic and hard-wearing,
they are often more unisex in their design
(which is obviously a big selling point for us)
and are always a clear favourite with our children.

So it should come as no surprise
that Father Christmas will be kindly delivering our children
some toys of the wooden variety this year.
We don't go overboard with gifts for the children,
they are too young to really appreciate them after all,
and instead stick to one main present each.
This year we have had a word with the man in red
and our children might just be getting one super main present to share,
but shhhhh, don't spoil the surprise.


his next steps

We are in the very fortunate position 
that since our son was born
I have been able to stay at home with him.
I have relished every second with him
watching him change and grow
watching him learn new skills.
I've been there for first steps and first words
and I wouldn't trade that for anything.


next year...

For nearly a year now
a monthly feature on this blog
(and by far my favourite post each month)
has been my Me and Mine post.
A monthly photo of us as a family
and a bit about what we've loved that month.
It sounds so simple,
but in reality the simplest things
are often the bits most overlooked.

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