out of the mouths of babes {december}

beautiful boy: "Oh no, where's my milk? I left it in the lounge."
Mummy: "No you didn't, it's right here."
beautiful boy: "Oh yes, so it is. Phew!"

"Go in the kitchen Daddy. You are being too naughty."

Mummy: "Do you remember what we're doing today?"
beautiful boy: "We're going to see Father Christmas. In a car park."
Mummy: "No lovely, not a car park. Just in a park."
beautiful boy: "No in a car park, with his sleigh."

"Put my milk in the fridge now... NOW! You are being a bit naughty Mummy."

beautiful boy: "Are you ready Mummy? You're going to be a horse and I'm going to be a donkey. Are you ready?"
Mummy: "What are you talking about? What do I have to do?"
beautiful boy: "You be a horse. And then we sing."
Mummy: "We sing?"
beautiful boy: "Yes. We sing songs in Hairspray. Ready? GO! Sing with me Mummy."
(I still have no idea what he was on about!)

"I can't swim like a whale. I can't swim like a whale. I can't swim like a whale. I. CAN'T. SWIM. LIKE. A. WHALE.... I'm going to swim like a goldy-fish. That's what I'll do."

Nanny: "Is that nice hot chocolate?"
beautiful boy: "No, it's warm chocolate Nanny."

Pops: "Did you have fun at Freeport today?"
beautiful boy: "Yes, it went free, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten."

"It's very dark. The moon has gone to sleep behind a cloud."

"Roar Darcy roar! (Pause while he waited for Darcy to roar.) You're not very scary."

(while playing with his play kitchen)
Daddy: "What are you making?"
beautiful boy: "A noise."

Mummy: "What animals do you think you'll see at the farm?"
beautiful boy: "Chickens?"
Mummy: "Yes. What else?"
beautiful boy: "Not elephants and horses."
Mummy: "No. Definitely no elephants."
beautiful boy: "But maybe cows."

Mummy: "You just burped, what do you need to say?"
beautiful boy: "Oh no! Not again!"
Mummy: "I meant 'Pardon me' but never mind."
beautiful boy: "Okay then. Pardon me but never mind."

"I am NOT very happy with you Daddy!"


  1. Oh he gives me the giggles every time - I love love the "what are you making? - a noise!" It's such a perfect example of little ones being so wonderfully literal! Clever boy!

    1. I know, I often say that he takes literal very seriously. It never fails to make us laugh. x

  2. I love how you write it all in his words, you inspired me to do the same, I hope you don't mind. I love "its warm chocolate" he's a cutie. All this will be amazing to read back one day

    1. No, absolutely. Go for it. I'm so glad I'm recording all his funny little sayings. I know we'll kill ourselves laughing at them in the future. x

  3. This is just hilarious! Last night we spent some time watching videos that we had made when the twins were little. It was so amazing to see them at that age - I just wish we had captured more. So good on you. You will look back with fondness. :-)


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