saturday is..... my last post for 2011!

Anyone checking in for an offering for Saturday is Caption Day!
I'm sorry to disappoint
but today I will be signing out for the year.
And what a year it's been!


a birth story - part nine

In my birth story so far:

my waters broke at 6am,
then my contractions started,
after three trips to the hospital,
they finally let me stay,
but 22 hours after it started,
my dreams of a happy, calm, natural labour
seemed to be going wrong.


christmas of yesteryear

In case anyone hadn't already realised, I get a bit giddy and excited about Christmas.
I just think its such a magical and special time of year.
And this year,
now that I have a child to share it all with,
it's even more magical and special than ever before.


your forty-fifth week

You were so full of character now that it was hard to think of you as a baby anymore. 


silent sunday


saturday is caption day

It was tough to choose this week.
When you've taken more than three hundred photos in one weekend
the chances are that you get a few comedy moment captured for posterity.

But what on earth is going on here. . . . .?

Got a witty caption yet?
Then stick it in the comments box and give me a giggle.

And if you want to do some more
then head over to Mammasaurus for the rest.


a winter wonderland weekend

Last weekend we took the little guy on a real adventure.
Our first family holiday.
We were excited about the chance to get away as a three
and to make some nice family memories.


a birth story - part eight

it all kicked off at six in the morning when my water broke,
now it's nearly midnight
and having been to hospital and back twice already,
I'm at home and suddenly have the urge to push.


the tots100 christmas party

If you didn't know all ready, 
then I'm not sure where you've been hiding 
because I've been looking forward to it so much that I could have burst, 
but this weekend I went to the Tots 100 Christmas Party
at Butlins in Bognor Regis.

This weekend away was met with a mixture of nerves, fear and genuine excitement
which is on a par with the first day back at school;
you want to go and see all your friends,
but you're also a bit worried because you're not sure what it will be like.
Well I needn't have worried because I had an absolute ball.


your forty-fourth week

It was a week of very exciting firsts.


silent sunday

Inspired by
Silent Sunday

saturday is caption day

Got a caption for what's going on here?
Then put it in the comments box below.

Then head over to Mammasaurus to see the rest.


a birth story - part seven

my waters have broken,
my contractions are three minutes apart,
I've been to hospital,
I've been sent home,
my contractions have got worse,
I've gone back to hospital,
but things aren't progressing very fast
so they want me to go home again.


my awesome photo

Two different photos
precious for different reasons.
But precious all the same.


your forty-third week

You were finally starting to take after Mummy a bit.


silent sunday

Inspired by
Silent Sunday

saturday is caption day

In honour of the fact that today I will be painting all day
I thought I would share a picture with a painting theme.
It's from a while a go
but what's going on. . . ?

Just give this picture a caption in the comments box below.

And if you want to do some more
then head over to Mammasaurus.


christmas in our house

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will have noticed a serious amount of excitement 
building up in my tweets this last week.
Because I've been building up to an exciting occasion.
The arrival of the Christmas fairies.


a birth story - part six

You can read the rest of my birth story
but to summarize:

My waters broke.
My contractions started at 3 minutes apart.
I went to hospital,
They sent me home because I'd only dilated 2 cm.
Twelve hours later,
I'm in a lot of pain
so we're heading back to hospital.

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