your forty-third week

You were finally starting to take after Mummy a bit.

You had started to dance and wiggle.
You would dance whenever you heard music.
It just seemed that you really liked dancing.
A really cute little bouncy wriggle 
and it was always accompanied by a very sweet and cheeky grin.

Mummy was excited because all that dancing with you
was finally starting to rub off.
Plus you would be ready to deal with all the festivities which were fast approaching.

You went to bed on November 30th
and when you got up on December 1st
you discovered that the Christmas fairies had been
and they had sprinkled Christmas magic all over the house.

You couldn't stop smiling at the tree
and you kept look at us
as if you were saying
"Have you seen this Mum and Dad?
It's so pretty!"

We had been a little bit worried 
that having a mobile baby and a Christmas tree
might be a big nightmare.
But you weren't really that interested in going near it.

You had one initial touch of the branches,
pulled a sneering face because you didn't like how it felt
and then you left it well alone.
Although you would often stop playing
just to look at it for a bit
and then carry on with what you were doing.

It was just adorable to see how much wonder there was in your eyes.

We had decided that each year we would buy you a new decoration to go on the tree.
And this year we had bought you a pretty, glittery snowflake.

We had given you the choice between a few in the shop
and the snowflake had been the stand out winner.
You clearly thought that it was very pretty.
And it looked beautiful on our tree
especially because whenever we looked at the tree
we knew that you had picked it.

You were starting to babble and talk all the time now
and the sounds were definitely sounding more like words.

You would say "naaa naaa naaa" 
when you had had enough of your dinner.
You made a noise that sounded a lot like "uh-oh" 
whenever you dropped things.
And you definitely seemed the know the difference 
between "mum-um-um", "da-da-dad" and "nan-an-an" now too.
And Pops was pretty sure that you had said "hello" to him
but we weren't quite so sure.

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  1. Aww he is just adorable. Just stumbled upon your blog today, your little boy is about the same age as mine, 7 Months old and I have no idea what that is in weeks lol Lost count at 12 weeks I think. I bet your excited for 1st christmas I know we are hehehe

    Come say hello sometime :)


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