saturday is..... my last post for 2011!

Anyone checking in for an offering for Saturday is Caption Day!
I'm sorry to disappoint
but today I will be signing out for the year.
And what a year it's been!

2011 has seen so many changes in my life
that it would probably be quicker to talk about the things that have stayed the same.
I am a very different person from the one that I started 2011 as,
but it feels like I'm now the person I was always supposed to be.

2011 has, in many ways,
been the hardest of my life,
but also the easiest;
the scariest and the most exciting,
the most exhausting,
the most beautiful
and the most fulfilling.

2011 started with me
at home
with my husband and my fluffy babies,
oh and a huge bump.

2011 lay ahead of us
full of promise.
Excitement lay ahead of us.
We couldn't wait to welcome our baby into the world
but we were anxious too,
because until they're here you can never really know what you're letting yourself in for.

2011 has seen me give up work.
Give up a job I loved and worked hard to get.
But a job which I have given up so that I can do something so much more rewarding.
Being a mummy is the best job in the world 
and I feel so extremely privileged to be doing it.
I always wanted to be a mummy.
My greatest ambition in life was to be a mother.
Being a mummy is a dream come true
and I wouldn't have given up my day job for anything less.

2011 has changed my relationship with my husband.
The arrival of our little boy has tied us together in a way that nothing before ever could.
At times, becoming parents has tested our relationship, 
as it has tested our finances, tested our tempers and tested our nerves.
But becoming parents has made us stronger.
It is something which we are doing together.
Through thick and thin,
a little boy is relying on us
and we are relying on one another.
I'm so fortunate to have such a wonderful person to go through this journey with.

2011 has seen our lives turned upside down.
We bought a little person into our home.
A fascinating, entertaining, hilarious, challenging and beautiful little person.
It's seen our lounge fill up with toys,
it's seen us exist on very little sleep,
it's seen our bank accounts looking rather depleted
and it's seen our home full of more joy, laughter and love than I could ever have though imaginable.

2011 saw an unknown gap in our lives
suddenly filled.
2011 saw us taking on new things 
and finding that we're good at them.
2011 is when we learned to appreciate the smallest things in life.
2011 is when we learned what people mean when they say unconditional love.

2011 has been an awesome year
and one which, quite frankly, I'll be a little sad to see the back of.
But who knows what 2012 has in store for us.
And I'm excited to find out.

2012 will see us with a one year old.
2012 will see our little boy walk and talk and run.
2012 will no doubt hold a million moments which will make us stand back
and wonder how we got so lucky.

Merry Christmas one and all
and have a very Happy New Year.
See you in 2012!

(Unless you're on Twitter, in which case you'll still be seeing me.
I'm not going completely cold turkey over the festive period
or I'd quite possibly go mad!)


  1. Ahh lovely and so true. You just made me reminisce when my first was born and I remember feeling exactly the same and going thru exactly the same emotions. I can tell you, it just gets better and better... Merry Christmas

  2. lovely post! We had our little girl in October 2010 and for us too 2011 has been amazing! life is filled with so much more when a little person comes in it! Have a great 2012 with your little boy and your husband. happy new year!

  3. Beautiful post :) Made my eyes leak! ;) Happy New Year to you all xxx

  4. awww thats just gorgeous! your words ring so true and those photos are so beautiful.
    happy new year to you xx

  5. what a beautiful post... what a fantastic year 2011 was with the birth of your son and here's to 2012 and a whole new set of firsts! here's to falling even more in love with your son and your husband and cherishing them. may 2012 be full of love, laughter and happiness


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