my awesome photo

Two different photos
precious for different reasons.
But precious all the same.

I took this photo when my little guy was three days old.
I adore it.

We had stripped him down to give him a little top and tail wash
and he just lay there on the towel pulling the cutest faces.
It was quite early in the morning so the light was lovely coming in through the window,
and I can recall the exact moment as if it were yesterday.

I can remember the excitement and pride of being new parents.
And also the slightly overwhelming feeling of trepidation 
at the responsibility we had just landed ourselves with.

This picture so accurately captures that newborn stage for me.
How he's still a bit jaundiced.
How his skin is still a bit big and wrinkly, like he still needs to grow into it.
How you can see all the lovely little downy hairs all over him.

And I love that he almost looks like he's smiling
or about to say something profound.
Looking back now
this photo was the first snapshot we got
into what his little personality would be like.

I took this photo just over six months later.
I adore it.

I took this photo because he was wearing that cardigan for the very first time.
My Nan had knitted it while I was still the pregnant.
We had trawled knitting shop after knitting shop in search of a pattern;
one that I liked which wasn't too old fashioned
and that my nan could knit for my Dollop.

There was something really special about seeing my little man in that cardigan.
A cardigan knitted for a much anticipated and much loved baby
who hadn't been born yet.
And which was now on that baby and serving it's purpose.

It's hard to describe
but when I look at this picture
it captures exactly what I thought it would be like to have a little boy.
We didn't know we were having a boy when I was pregnant
but we did both longed for a boy.
I'm not sure why.

But this picture some how sums up what my dreams of having a son were like.
It might be the twinkle in his eye
which reminds me so much of his Daddy.
It could be the cheeky lopsided smile.
But in this picture
he somehow looks just how I thought he would
and is acting just how I thought he would.

My little dream come true.


  1. What a handsome little fella!
    My fav pic of my nephew is the one you use as the icon for your home button. With his cheeky little smile in the bath! Hehe!
    Hope he's being a strong little soldier and feeling better soon.

    Uncle M

  2. That second pic is just lovely. His cardigan is so nice, what a gorgeous present.

  3. I found it so hard to choose one photo! I nearly broke the rules and used three! They are so cute, I especially love the first one though as newborn babies are just extra special xx

  4. Not sure if I'm over emotional today or if it's your writing, but you really got me with this post! Love the cardigan too.

  5. Your dear beautiful boy gets even more beautiful in each one! What a cutie x

  6. I love the second one- not that I don't love the first but the second one is just lovely. And even more special because of the reasoning behind the cardigan- your Nan is very talented. Mr E's mum did some for us but they are the typical woolly wool if you know what I mean- the type that look a bit rubbish after you have worn them once. xx

  7. beautiful - but I love the top one best!

  8. all your photos are awesome so I cant imagine how you narrowed it down to just these two.. but they are both equally amazing :) x

  9. I love that you can see the similarities between the pose and the expression in both photos but so much has changed.

  10. He's so gorgeous! Beautiful photographs and such an captivating subject.

  11. beautiful. Newborn photos are so incredibly special.

  12. Gorgeous photo and your Nans cardi is lovely!


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