christmas of yesteryear

In case anyone hadn't already realised, I get a bit giddy and excited about Christmas.
I just think its such a magical and special time of year.
And this year,
now that I have a child to share it all with,
it's even more magical and special than ever before.

The little guy celebrating has got me thinking quite a lot about my earliest Christmases.
So I've got some pictures to share with you
from my most special Christmases.

This picture is from my first Christmas.
Yes, ladies and gents,
that chubby little baby is me.
A six months old version of me
at my first Christmas sitting
with my very young looking mummy and daddy.

Then two Christmases later,
this picture was taken
on my little brother's first Christmas.
Don't you just love the decorations on the tree?
Some of those still linger on my mums tree this year, I'm sure.

Fast forward a few years,
this photo is of the hubby and I on our first Christmas in our own place.
I was so excited about having my own tree to decorate.
And I have no idea how I convinced him to let me get this picture. . .
. . . Clearly he loved me more in those days!

This picture is from last Christmas.
Can you spy a hint of bump? No?
That's because I spent most of my pregnancy hiding my bump from cameras,
I'm not sure why, but I really regret it now.
That young couple in the picture are six weeks away from become parents.
Six weeks away from getting the very best present ever.

And exactly 52 weeks away from the most exciting Christmas yet.
This Christmas.
I can't wait to see what pictures this Christmas brings.


  1. I hope you have a magical Christmas :) xx

  2. Those are lovely pics, and my gosh you look so much like your Mum in the second pic. Merry Christmas :)

  3. These pictures are beautiful!
    I hope you have a wonderful 1st Christmas with your little one.

  4. Aw lovely post hun- it is such an exciting time and every year is going to get even more special. I am so unbelievably excited for Christmas and the fact it is my little girl's first birthday is the best.

    You were a very cute little person! And I love hubby in the hat!! ;) x

  5. Those are lovely photos!! I never photographed my bump either and then at my cousins 21st I had loads taken so glad about that. :)

  6. I only have a couple of photos of my bump, I wish I had taken more though, think I will take them monthly next time! Lovely photos, love the one of you and your hubby in a Xmas hat! X


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