saturday is caption day

It was tough to choose this week.
When you've taken more than three hundred photos in one weekend
the chances are that you get a few comedy moment captured for posterity.

But what on earth is going on here. . . . .?

Got a witty caption yet?
Then stick it in the comments box and give me a giggle.

And if you want to do some more
then head over to Mammasaurus for the rest.


  1. Ha ha I am in the lead yes first to the chocolate coins

  2. This relationship has got way too serious, I'm outta here!

  3. I am sorry Mads I didn't mean to eat the last pizza crust- not the toes, please not the toes!

  4. Hey, veggies, don't just sit there on my plate. Sing! Sing like I've seen you do on Mr Bloom's Nursery.


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