the me + mine project {february 2018}

Rich is loving
* spicy guacamole at Claw BBQ.
* teaching Dylan how to swim.
* Brunch, pool and beach with family on the Palm.
* Seeing Dinosaurs in Oxford
* Quinny learning to tell me off!

Lucy is loving
* beautiful sunny days at the beach in Dubai.
* indulging my burger cravings on holiday.
* getting the crochet bug back and making things for the baby.
* seeing Everly’s reading coming on so quickly.
* colourful street art.

Dylan is loving
* reading Harry Potter.
* learning to swim.
* going to the Dubai Aquarium.
* sewing dinosaur skeletons in Oxford.
* being SEVEN!

Everly is loving
* collecting shells at Kite Beach.
* eating chocolate ice cream with marshmallows.
* having croissants for breakfast.
* reading, reading and more reading.
* visiting La Mer.

Quinn is loving
* going “splash splosh” in the swimming pool on holiday.
* being at the beach.
* eating grapes and bananas.
* a whole week with Daddy, Dylan and Everly off of work and school.
* cuddling the baby in Mummy’s tummy.


the siblings project {february 2018}

I have always said it, but there is something about getting away from normal life that seems to really bring my children together. They never seem like more of a unit than when they are on holiday and are exploring new things together.

And if you don’t follow me on Instagram, then you may not know, but we are currently away in Dubai enjoying a whole ton of sibling togetherness on our last little babymoon as a family of five. It’s been so lovely to watch them all playing and bonding with all the time in the world, uninterrupted by school and clubs and all the things that normally get in the way.

Don’t get me wrong, there has been jet lag and busy day fuelled tiredness, and arguments a-plenty as a result. But it’s just so lovely to all have the time to sit back and just enjoy that together time; for them to be the tight little tribe they are, and for Rich and I to get the time to watch it.


happy seventh birthday dylan aiden

Okay, lets just start by saying... Seven is so grown up! It seems crazy to me that I could have a seven year old; that the tiny little person who made me a mummy and changed our lives entirely could have been on seven trips around the sun.

You continue to amaze us every day with your quick mind and your thirst for learning. You blow us away with the things you remember, and you are constantly teaching us new things about space and science and geography. And we've learnt not to question your facts; because you are always right.

You cannot wait to become a big brother again later this year, and your excitement is contagious. You've always been an amazing big brother, and we know that you'll be amazing all over again when your littlest sibling arrives. You are just a natural at leading up your little team.

You rock my world little man. 
And I could not be prouder of you if I tried. 

Happy seventh birthday beautiful boy!

x x x

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