the me and mine project {november}

Rich is loving
* taking Dylan to his first England game at Wembley.
* catching up with old colleagues at a trade show.
* hearing the baby's heartbeat for the first time.
* Peaky Blinders being back.
* having a second freezer in the garage.

Lucy is loving
* our pretty new fireplace.
* it finally being all out in the open that we are expecting baby number four.
* shopping for Christmas decorations.
* seeing The Killers in concert.
* feeling better (after practically an entire month of illness.)

Dylan is loving
* playing Super Mario Odyssey on the Switch with Daddy.
* going on a special Christmas Maths workshop.
* seeing his first football game at Wembley.
* talking to his baby sibling in Mummy's tummy.
* staying up late to watch fireworks.

Everly is loving
* practising her words and songs for the nativity.
* eating custard creams.
* reading her school book at bedtime.
* watching fireworks from her bedroom window.
* planning her Christmas list.

Quinn is loving
* her first ever trip to the cinema.
* watching Ben and Holly.
* playing with LOL dolls.
* having The Gruffalo for her bedtime story.
* eating "dead dicks" (or breadsticks to you and me!)


once upon a time...

Once upon a time... a boy met a girl... and they fell in love. Don't so many of the loveliest stories start that way? When I look back now at 19 year old me and think about the fact that she was falling for the beginning of the life she always wanted, I want to shake her and say "Absorb every moment of this, this is something very special." Of course 19 year old Lucy, and 21 year old Rich had no real idea what they were getting into. And even when early on they talked about the kids they wanted one day, it wasn't really with the intention of having those children together... although maybe the idea was there in the background.

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