the me and mine project {november}

Rich is loving
* taking Dylan to his first England game at Wembley.
* catching up with old colleagues at a trade show.
* hearing the baby's heartbeat for the first time.
* Peaky Blinders being back.
* having a second freezer in the garage.

Lucy is loving
* our pretty new fireplace.
* it finally being all out in the open that we are expecting baby number four.
* shopping for Christmas decorations.
* seeing The Killers in concert.
* feeling better (after practically an entire month of illness.)

Dylan is loving
* playing Super Mario Odyssey on the Switch with Daddy.
* going on a special Christmas Maths workshop.
* seeing his first football game at Wembley.
* talking to his baby sibling in Mummy's tummy.
* staying up late to watch fireworks.

Everly is loving
* practising her words and songs for the nativity.
* eating custard creams.
* reading her school book at bedtime.
* watching fireworks from her bedroom window.
* planning her Christmas list.

Quinn is loving
* her first ever trip to the cinema.
* watching Ben and Holly.
* playing with LOL dolls.
* having The Gruffalo for her bedtime story.
* eating "dead dicks" (or breadsticks to you and me!)

We absolutely rocked the last minute special this month. Because having spent basically the entire month with at least one of us ill, we just haven't had a chance to get a nice family snap this month. So we got them at the last possible chance, right before we lost the light. 

And this month's photos are apparently sponsored by the colour navy blue. (Note to self... if you're taking photos in coats, make sure you chuck in some colourful scarves and hats next time.)

But despite the illness, the darkness, and the abundance of navy; I absolutely LOVE these photos. These top two especially are just so us that they make me smile from ear to ear. And if you carry on scrolling down, you get the wonder that is Quinn's strop face. Which actually makes me smile just as much; because it's just so dramatic. 

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. Oh that strop face is perfect, very similar to my daughter's! Sometimes these last minute photos work out just right don't they! x

  2. Absolutely love all the blue matching family coats too cute. Love the face expressions going on here too funny. I don't know how you even get three in the frame and looking I always struggle with two. I need tips on how to photograph three and you will soon have four in there so very very excited. Lovely snaps so busy here too. We had a very very last minute which is so unlike us. OOOPS. lol hahaha

  3. Oh my goodness Quinn, that face is adorable! I love the matching coats and you can't beat last minute photos x

  4. Aww I was just about to say how grown up Quinn was looking and then I saw your comment about the stroppy face and burst out laughing. Gorgeous family x

  5. Love the matching blue coats, sometimes last minute photos are actually the best x

  6. As usual these are all lovely Lucy. Love that you're all colour matching too! ;) I hope you all have a wonderful December. xx

  7. Aww the matching coat look is awesome - consider is a photographic palette cleanser before you move on to all the colours of Christmas - on which point, how is it nearly December already!!

  8. The kids are growing so much! The navy made me laugh but it works haha! Sounds like a great month despite illness - its that time of year unfortunately and hopefully that's the end of it for you all for a while! Have a great December x

  9. I LOVE these so much, you would never know they were taken last minute! And just like always, Quinn absolutely steals the show! Bless her xx

  10. These are so cute. I have a little one that is enjoying Ben and Holly too x

  11. Oh these photos are gorgeous as always. I love that you're all co-ordinated and Quinn's face is so wonderfully expressive. How lovely to be hearing baby's heartbeat and glad you are feeling better. Thank you for hosting #meandmineproject

  12. Aww, I love the matching coats, so sweet! We've all been ill last month too, and the theme seems to be continuing. But at least we have Christmas to take our minds off it all!

  13. Loving the matching coats and Quinn's strop face is so cute! x

  14. Oh my goodness. I had to read and re-read that post again.... baby number 4! Congratulations!!


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