{one beautiful year} our week in photos

a spot of bird watching

big brown eyes

mmmmmm icepop

messy meal times are fun

simple things

a racing driver in the making

too hot for clothes


simple things

One of the best things about being a little person
has to be that the simplest things are the most fun.


hello canvas review

I adore this photograph of my beautiful boy
and have been meaning to get it put onto a canvas
or to print it and frame it for a long time.


one whole year

Dear Beautiful Boy is one whole year old.
What started as a series of letters to my little boy
some how turned into what you see today.

One. Whole. Year.


my breastfeeding journey

I've never really talked about my breastfeeding experiences on here,
I think this is mainly because it can be such a contentious issue among mothers
and I wouldn't ever want to seem like I was passing judgement.
But I also stayed quiet because my journey was mine
and my son's
and it was and is deeply personal and close to my heart.


tigg ipad beanbag review

I use my iPad a lot.
Probably far too much really.
But it is like another limb
and we are rarely far apart when I'm at home.
I use it keep up to date with goings on in the world,
to take and edit photos;
I often wonder what I ever did without it.


peace and quiet {see it snap it love it}

Is there anything quite as peaceful to see as a sleeping baby?
The beautiful boy always seems to sleep so peacefully.
Each night he falls into the exhausted sleep that only children can have,
with no worries or concerns,
just sweet dreams and deep breathing.
There is just something so completely precious
about those pouty sleep lips,
about his eyes pressed closed,
about the way he has fallen asleep with his giraffe Geoffrey
as if the pair of them were deep in conversation
until the exact moment that sleep decided to come.


those niggling thoughts...

Since becoming a mummy
I have learnt that parenthood is all about walking a fine line;
between gushing pride and crippling guilt.
I'm guessing that all parents feel like this;
like everything their child does is fantastic,
but like everything they do or think or feel is wrong.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos

throwing, catching, making a mess

"what do you mean it's bed time now?"

chilling out at snack time

coming in for cuddles

my empty nest

our friend kenneth

an inspiring weekend


from this moment...

Babies are born;
and in that moment
when they are completely vulnerable and helpless,
they also have unbelievable power.

They cast a spell on us which will last a lifetime.
They hold our big beating hearts in their tiny hands.


flying high in safe hands

I love these two . . .
. . . so much that it's crazy sometimes.

splodge and me at twenty-six weeks


messy {see it snap it love it}

I have to say
that my beautiful boy isn't particularly messy.
He has to be just about the tidiest cleanest eater I've ever seen
and he enjoys tidying his toys away for fun.
He doesn't particularly like messy things
and will poke tiny little morsels of dinner into his mouth 
rather than leaving them on his lip
or pick up crumbs on the high chair tray
to put them back into his bowl.
I have long given up hope of getting lovely food covered photos of him
because it just doesn't really happen.
But sometimes, just sometimes
we get a glimmer of a proper messy little boy
who empties toys all over the place
and then laughs about it.


our saturday adventures

Our beautiful boy had the best sort of day on Saturday.
As well as boring old mummy and daddy
he had both sets of grandparents at his disposal
which is a recipe for fun at the best of times.
Add to that a trip to the coast
where he could run and explore and play to his hearts content
and you've got guaranteed all day smiles. 


merci maman review and giveaway

For Christmas I really wanted a Merci Maman bracelet (or two!)
and my lovely husband picked up on my (not so subtle) hints
and on Christmas morning I opened two orange boxes
containing two open disc bracelets.
One from my husband commemorating our wedding day
and another from my son commemorating his birth.
I loved them both straight away
and they have rarely been off of my wrist since.
The husband has been listening to my hinting again ever since we found out we were expecting
and I'm hoping I'll get to add another open disc bracelet to my arm when Splodge arrives.


the very best daddy in the world

We may not tell you enough
or show you enough,
but that doesn't mean that you aren't THE very best daddy in the world.

I couldn't have chosen a better partner to go on this parenting adventure with.

Our big Dollop and our little Splodge couldn't be luckier than to have you as their dad.

We think you rock!!!

x x x


{one beautiful year} our week in photos


just posting some toys

a top secret project

the coolest little dude on the planet

some early morning stacking

"i can eat with a fork"

my beautiful twinkly-eyed boy


in a world of our own

Holidays are all about adventures
and time spent with your favourites.
They are a moment in time that is happy
but then gone.


living life for the little things

I've been trying out a new state of mind lately.
In honesty, it's probably not all that new to me
as I tend to be Little Miss Look-On-The-Positive-Side most of the time.
But I've been trying to recapture a bit of what children have;
a bit of that wonder at the world,
embracing opportunities without fear
and living my life for the little things.


skeanie shoe review

When we were approached to review some Skeanie shoes
I thought that the timing couldn't have been better.
With a newly toddling little boy
and big boy shoes on my mind,
being sent a pair to review was fantastic.


beachy holidays rock

. . . you can play ball with daddy . . .

surprise {see it snap it love it}

One of the best things about being a child
is that surprise is around every corner.
Everything is new and exciting and unpredictable.
When you add to that the joy that my beautiful boy gets from a simple surprise
like spontaneous games of peek-a-boo
then you have a recipe for adorable-ness.


your sixteenth month

You were really a toddler now and no longer a baby.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos

making some furry friends

flying high with daddy

you can't choose your family

on a mission

happy birthday to me

mummy's smile

a birthday treat


twenty-eight years of being me

I am . . .
A mummy and a wife. 
A daughter and a sister. 
A summer baby. 
A hippy at heart. 


summer {see it snap it love it}

Summer is all about time spent outdoors.
The simple pleasures in life.
The warm sun on your skin
and ideally some sand between your toes.
It's about big smiles and even bigger adventures.


splodge and me at twenty-four weeks

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