summer {see it snap it love it}

Summer is all about time spent outdoors.
The simple pleasures in life.
The warm sun on your skin
and ideally some sand between your toes.
It's about big smiles and even bigger adventures.

 Which is what we had this weekend
when we took the beautiful boy on his first holiday.
We went to the beautiful west Wales coast
and stayed in a lovely little cottage.
We also had the added bonus of getting to catch up with family
as were there to celebrate my Grampy's 80th birthday
and to relive all the old haunts of my dad, aunt and uncle
who holidayed there every year as children and teens.

As with all good holidays
we had plenty of beach time
and we didn't let a bit of cloud dampen our spirits.
We spent most of our time
chasing after the beautiful boy
as he ran off at speed across great expanses of sand,
so I think we can probably say with certainty that the beach was a hit.

I had a bit of hubby help picking this week's winner
and together we chose this one:

by Kelly-Marie at Our Footprints On The World.
We just loved the photos she captured of her gorgeous little guy enjoying himself.
So she gets to show off the winners badge if she wishes.

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<img src="" /></a>

And for next week she has chosen the theme of 'Surprise'.
I already can't wait to see what everyone does with that theme.
And don't forget that we'll be back to opening the linky on a Tuesday from next week.

So get linking up your 'Summer' photos below.
Remember to grab the badge
and tweet your links to @dear_beautiful_ so I can retweet you.
And enjoy going round to all the other lovely pictures when you get time.

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  1. I hope you had a lovely holiday- I love the colour of his t-shirt and isn't his hair growing lots? I have my photo all lined up but unfortunately it is not as summery as this- been trying to obey the rules and only post photos I have taken this week. Washout anyone?! x

    1. You're right, his hair is really thickening up all of a sudden. And it's bleached a lot in all this sun and he's looking a lot more blonde than he used to be,
      Looking forward to seeing your picture. Although remember you can link up anything from when the theme was set onwards, so you could use a picture from last week when the weather was still a bit nice. X

  2. Lovely sandy photo! *sigh* I wish it were warm again...

    I'll be linking up tomozzle x

    1. Me too. This warm and then cool and then warm and then cool is doing my head in. I just want proper summer already, I'll look forward to seeing your picture linked up soon. X

  3. Hehe off to put my badge on my 'our story' page :) Thank you again guys!
    How am I supposed to get a summer picture with no sun .. we need to order some sunshine for the UK I think x x
    Love your summer picture x

    1. I guess the summer in the UK is what it is. Feel free to link up rainy day pictures as that seems to be what we're getting this summer. X

  4. LOVE your shot mama! Congrats to one of the sweetest mummys I know, Kelly-Marie! I'll be back to link up soon!

    1. Thanks, glad you like it. And Kelly-Marie is a most deserving winner. X

  5. Love that shot - the colours are stunning. x

    1. Thanks. You can beat a nice summery palette like this in my opinion. X

  6. Haven't managed to take a summer shot as the weather is pants! Can I link up my holiday shots or would that be cheating? :0) x

    1. Go for it. If its summer then it counts. You could also link up rainy day shots and say this is what summer looks like right now. X

  7. Gorgeous Gorgeous pic, I am sorry I have not managed to take part, I promise to try this week xxx

    1. Thank-you hun. And don't worry, you don't have to join in if you're strapped for time. But you are definitely always welcome. x


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