merci maman review and giveaway

For Christmas I really wanted a Merci Maman bracelet (or two!)
and my lovely husband picked up on my (not so subtle) hints
and on Christmas morning I opened two orange boxes
containing two open disc bracelets.
One from my husband commemorating our wedding day
and another from my son commemorating his birth.
I loved them both straight away
and they have rarely been off of my wrist since.
The husband has been listening to my hinting again ever since we found out we were expecting
and I'm hoping I'll get to add another open disc bracelet to my arm when Splodge arrives.

So when the people at Merci Maman got in touch
to ask if I'd like to review their Liberty Bias bracelet
I was more than a little bit excited.
My existing two bracelets get worn day in, day out
but the Liberty bracelet was definitely more of a special bracelet
that I could wear when my other two were too casual
or I wanted something a bit more dainty or pretty.

I haven't been disappointed at all.
The Liberty bracelets are made with a beautiful piece of patterned ribbon
available in four different floral designs.
I have to say that picking was really tricky
as I pretty much wanted them all.
But I settled on the Fairford blue and grey pattern
because that was the most 'me'.

Next was choosing the charm and text that I wanted engraved.
Merci Maman's signature is their beautiful engraving
which in joined up handwriting style that I just adore.
I decided that I simply wanted my beautiful boy's name engraved onto the charm
and chose the simple and elegant star charm
because he is my little star after all.
But there is a wide variety of charms available
and you can choose what you want written on to it.

The bracelet arrived really quickly
and in the same orange box that I knew to expect.
It is gorgeous.
And I've worn it lots.
I expected for it to be a special occasion type of bracelet,
but I've found all sorts of excuses to wear it.
Trips to the shops have been special occasions.
Trips to the park have been special occasions.
It's just so pretty that I love wearing it whenever and wherever
and it has been much admired whenever I have.

And the fantastic news is
that Merci Maman are offering my lovely readers
the chance to to own their own Liberty Bias bracelet.
They are such dainty, beautiful little bracelets
and I'm thrilled to have been able to review one
and to be able to give one of my readers one too.

You've got two weeks to enter the competition
which is being run through rafflecopter.

I was sent this item free of charge for the purposes of this review.
As always, the opinions and words are all my own.


  1. I have a personalised heart charm bracelet which i got for Mothers Day and absolutely adore but i would love a Liberty Bias bracelet or personalised charm necklace too xxx

    1. I don't think you can ever have too many. I definitely plan on continuing to add to my collection. They are just so pretty and personal. X

  2. Gorgeous, I am so jealous, I have wanted one of these for ages and the hubby did not pick up on my not so subtle hints.
    I actually would love the liberty Bias with a heart, one side Grayson and the other Addison - obvious but they are my babies x

    1. I was very unsubtle and signed up for the newsletter to his email account. That way he also gets regular reminders in case he wants to get me something nice. ;)
      It would be so cute to have a charm with Grayson on one side and Addison on the other. I would have done that if Splodge was here but I'll just have to resort to having another one. X

  3. I would go for the Liberty Bias in Fairford Blue & Grey. A cross charm with the boys names and birthdates on either side.
    They are so pretty. You're very lucky.

    1. That ribbon is the prettiest, but then I would say that. And it would be cute with that charm. X

  4. I love this! i've always wanted a charm with my little boy's name and birthdate on - think I'd go for the same one as you, good choice! xx

    1. I think it's really nice to know you are wearing something with their name on, it's really special and personal. X

  5. Looks Beautiful thanks for the comp :)

    1. You're welcome. And the jewellery really is lovely. x

  6. I would choose the Women's Personalised Charm Bracelet - Hearts and I would have my boys names engraved on it

    1. Ooooh, pretty! I think most mummies would go for their children's names. It's nice to wear your kiddies with pride. X

  7. Fantastic! I'd not seen that website before but it'll certainly be bookmarked! What gorgeous jewellery!
    I'd go for the personalised womans charm bracelet too, would love personalised jewellery with my childrens names on :)

    1. It's a fab company and I recommended them long before I got to review for them. The jewellery they make is just beautiful. X

  8. I love the mixed charm bracelet - I'd have my children's names engraved


    1. I think I may have to add one of them to my collection at some point. Although it looks so lovely with lots of charms that it might tempt me to have lots of children. ;) x

  9. I love this one It would be fab with my 3 boys names on :)

  10. I love the mixed charm bracelet I'd have my baby name engraved

  11. Would love the open discs all on one bracelet for each of my three, but as I've just made it up I'd go with the discs charms bracelet with each of their names on one side and dob's on the other. x


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