twenty-eight years of being me

I am . . .
A mummy and a wife. 
A daughter and a sister. 
A summer baby. 
A hippy at heart. 

I want . . .
A house by the sea. 
Thicker eyelashes. 
A garden with a swing set. 
A Kitchen Aid mixer.

I have . . .
Everything I need in life; 
a wonderful family, 
a beautiful home 
and a whole lot of love.

I hate . . .
Miserable weather. 

I wonder . . .
How different my life would be 
if I hadn't passed my A-Levels, 
and got in to the university that I did, 
and met the man that I did.

I regret . . .
Losing things; 
it plays on my mind for days. 
Losing people; 
it plays on my mind for years.

I dance . . .
Because I NEED to! 
Whenever there is music, 
I dance. 
And so does the beautiful boy.

I sing . . .
All the time; 
in the car, in the shower, 
doing the housework, when changing nappies. 
And if I can't think of a song to sing then I just make one up.

I need . . .
Lots of cuddles. 
Mexican food regularly. 
Frequent doses of sunshine.
Strawberries and cream when I'm sad.

I never . . .
Go to sleep without whispering to my sleeping little guy that I love him. 
Leave the house or let my husband leave the house without kisses.
Take my family granted; I'm grateful for them each and every day.
Stop dreaming.

I am not . . .
A very good housewife, 
because I blog when I should be doing laundry/vacuuming/cleaning/tidying.
As brave as I like to appear,
I put a smiley face on even when I'm crying inside.

I rarely . . .
Cry; and generally only do it when I'm really happy.
Go a whole day without a packet of crisps.
Manage to visit a bookshop without buying a new book 
(the same goes for Boots and nail polish!)

I always . . .
Try to look on the bright side of life. 
I do know that it gets nauseating, but it's just the way I am.
Put adventure first;
I'd much rather live my life to the full than have a tidy bedroom.

I wish . . .
The weekends were longer and the working week shorter, 
so we could spend more time as a family.
That I could find a way of bottling up childhood innocence,
whenever I see it on a baby's face I feel a bit sad that it can't last forever.

I love . . .
Fresh flowers. 
Ice-cream on a hot day or hot chocolate on a cold day.
My family. 


  1. More than a little proud that I may have played a part in all of that....!
    Lovely post...! X X X

    1. You have definitely played a part in all that. Although I'm pretty sure my OCD hubby would say that you should have tried harder with getting me to do housework. X

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful mummy, can't argue with your lovely lists, I mean really who likes mushrooms?

    1. Thanks hun. Mushrooms are gross, they are a sort of mold after all, why would you eat that? X

  3. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a lovely day!

  4. Ooo Happy Birthday! Anyone who likes ice-cream on a hot day is a friend of mine !

    Lovely photograph as always x

    1. Thanks my dear. Ice-cream is pretty good most days if I'm honest. X

  5. Love the 'much rather live life to the full than have a tidy bedroom' philosophy. It reminds me of something my Nan used to say about wishing she had spent less time cleaning and more time living.

    Happy Birthday x

    1. Thanks. Yep, I definitely can't imagine looking back on my life and thinking "I should have spent more time hoovering or doing the washing and dusting" so I'd rather live the fun side of life than the boring bit. X

  6. Happy birthday from one June baby to another. I hope you have a fantastic love-filled day xx

    1. Thanks. It's a good month for a birthday that's for sure! X

  7. I remember the day you were born Lucy, the first baby in our group of friends! Lots of love from your "other mummy" xx

    1. The first and best I reckon! Thanks Mummy Sally. X

  8. Happy birthday Lucy, lovely post!

  9. Love this post; the always kiss goodnight philosophy and the dancing and singing - beautiful! x

    1. Thank-you. I think it's good to have little philosophies to live by, especially ones including kisses and hugs. X

  10. What a lovely list! Happy birthday! (I actually really like both ice cream AND mushrooms!)

    1. Ice-cream = yay. Mushrooms = yuk! Glad you liked my little "all about me" list. X

  11. Happy birthday. That was a lovely post.

  12. Ah that's a lovely post and a beautiful insight into you....all 28 years of you! I'm with you on the whole crying thing. Never cry, sometimes well up at happy times too :)

    1. Glad you liked it. The crying thing is funny, because I'm a really emotional person. When I do cry it's either happiness or some sort of stress/hormonal meltdown. X

  13. Second time lucky! Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday Dear PIC Happy Birthday To You! PS I hate mushrooms. And I cry at everything so thats how we are different! x

    1. Hehe. It worked! And mushrooms are very yucky. I deal with you being a cry baby but if you liked mushrooms then I fear our friendships would be doomed to fail. X

  14. Happy Birthday, and I'm fully in agreement with you on mushrooms. They're evil, evil evil evil. Hope you've had a lovely day x

    1. I'm pleased to see that I'm not alone. They are just gross! x

  15. HappY birthday!!! I enjoyed your list!! I must say June is the BEST month to have a birthday!! I too with I had thicker lashes, despise lies, and would love a kitchen aide :)

    1. Hehe. We sound very similar then. And June birthday's are so cool, wouldn't change mine for anything. x

  16. I love it! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving the link to yours. I love your blog and have subscribed, yay! Can't wait to read more. Em

    1. Aww. Thanks. Glad you loved it. It's always nice to get the person behind the blog a bit better. X


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