splodge and me at twenty-six weeks

Splodge's Size:
Splodge is the size of a cucumber
which is a random comparison 
because I kind of hope my unborn baby isn't long, thin and sausage like. 

Splodge's Development:
Splodge can open his or her eyes now 
which is a pretty exciting milestone I think. 
And they have lots more brain activity going on 
so can actually respond to things now, 
like loud noises or being poked.

My Size:
My waist (if you can call it that any longer) now measures 39 inches 
which is only little increase of one inch from last time. 

My Pregnancy Development:
Well I had my first pregnancy freak out in the last week 
when I got some scary cramping. 
A call to the midwife confirmed that it was more than likely a combination of muscle stretching and some braxton hicks. 
I didn't get so much a twinge with my last pregnancy until I was actually in labour 
so I found it pretty scary. 
I just need to accept 
that as I fast approach the third trimester 
that I need to remember to take it easy 
and remember that I am growing a person. 

My Body:
My hips and pelvis still ache if I do too much walking, 
but other than that my body is pretty good apart from the obvious big bump. 
My belly button is getting towards the stage where it becomes non-existent, 
fortunately it didn't go out last time 
as outies really freak me out for some reason. 

My Appetite:
Pretty normal. 
Still choffing on the ice pops like they're going out of fashion 
and anything dairy. 
Last time the final trimester brought serious dairy cravings 
so I wonder if I'm gearing up for that again.

It sounds strange

but in the last week or so it's started to really dawn on me that we will have two children.
When I cuddle the beautiful boy for his story at bedtime
I can't help thinking that I'm reading to Splodge now too.
It's nice to think about.
Especially as Splodge often kicks in the little man'a direction like he or she knows that their big brother is there.

So that is 26 weeks
and it's pretty scary to think that by my next update
I'll be in my third and final trimester.
Where is the time going?

Anyway, I added a pregnancy page to the sidebar last week
so that all my bump and Splodge related stuff is all together.
Check it out when you get a minute
because it's got all my bump pictures side by side
which I think is pretty cool.


  1. You look far too amazing for a pregnant lady!!
    I suffered with Braxton Hicks early on in both pregnancies. I quite liked them oddly enough xx

    1. Hehe. Thank-you. I didn't have any with the little guy so that's why I was so freaked. I don't think they'll bother me so much if I get them again now though, mainly as I know what it is. X

  2. I can't believe you're nearly in third tri already! It only seems like two minutesbthat you announced it! Looking great tho lady x

    1. I know! Time is just flying by so quickly. Can't believe I'm coming up for two thirds of the way through. X

  3. Great bump update; it sounds like you are doing well! Almost only one trimester to go! That's crazy! You are lookin' great!

    1. Thank-you. Can't believe I'm almost third trimester already, and I do feel lucky to be be breezing through so well. X

  4. You write such beautiful updates. I am glad the scare was just that xxx

    1. I'm glad it was only a scare too. I think this baby is going to keep me on my toes. X


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