peace and quiet {see it snap it love it}

Is there anything quite as peaceful to see as a sleeping baby?
The beautiful boy always seems to sleep so peacefully.
Each night he falls into the exhausted sleep that only children can have,
with no worries or concerns,
just sweet dreams and deep breathing.
There is just something so completely precious
about those pouty sleep lips,
about his eyes pressed closed,
about the way he has fallen asleep with his giraffe Geoffrey
as if the pair of them were deep in conversation
until the exact moment that sleep decided to come.

And as his mummy
I find nothing more peaceful and comforting that watching him sleep.
It is my own bedtime comforter,
to go and see him
last thing before I go off to bed myself.
To see him sleeping
and dreaming
and looking a little more like my baby
and a little less like the little boy he is fast becoming,
even if only for a moment.
Seeing him looking so perfectly peaceful and quiet
gives me the peace and quiet to go to sleep myself.

Last weeks 'Messy' pictures made me smile,
so lovely to see so many lovely messy children.
The Photo of the Week was this one:

from Happy Jax,
mainly because I love that she grabbed the camera when she saw this scene of devastation
instead of panicking about cleaning it up straight away.
She can show off the winners badge if she wants to.

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<img src="" /></a>

Melanie has chosen a fantastic challenge theme for us for next week in the form of 'Candid'.
I can't wait to see how you all interpret that one.
But this week it's all about your images of 'Peace and Quiet'
so get linking up below,
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and try to get round to as many other linked up posts as you can to share some comment love.

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  1. That is a stunning picture of the beautiful boy! I love how peaceful and innocent babies look when they're sleeping xxx

    1. It's peaceful just to watch them isn't it? I do love a sleeping baby. X

  2. What a cutie - my boys talk to their toys before they fall asleep!

    1. It's so cute they way they natter to their soft toys. We often wake in the morning to the little guy having a good natter with his. X

  3. Love sleeping babies. I think a Mum only truly rests where her little ones are asleep safely in their beds :)

    1. So true. I actually can't relax as well if he isn't here all snuggled up. I just like to know he's safe and sound I'm order to feel safe and sound myself. X

  4. Always a fan of sleeping-babe shots! :)

  5. The beautiful boy looks completely contented :-) x

    1. He definitely does, even with his arm in a freaky position. X

  6. AWW... truly nothing better than an adorable sleeping angel! Especially when they're up & sometimes make big messes) lol)

    1. Absolutely. All is forgiven when they look all angelic in their sleep. X

  7. Aw bless him, I could stand watching my little guy sleeping for ages :)

    1. It's so relaxing to see them so peaceful isn't it. Love it. x

  8. how adorable what a gorgeous pic x

  9. Gorgeous!!! Love how he's lying with his giraffe! x

    1. I know. They were having a little snuggle, it was so cute. x

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