ten weeks new

Ten whole weeks had passed and we were in to double figures.

Mummy took you to the doctors for your check up and first set of injections.
The doctor was really pleased with how well you were doing
and you cooed and smiled at him for the whole appointment
so it was hardly surprising that he thought you were great.
You were definitely not a fan of having your injections
and Mummy felt like the biggest bully holding you as you flinched away from the needle.
Fortunately you seemed to get over it pretty quickly
with the help of a cuddle and a toy to look at.

You went along to your first dancing lesson.
Or rather you went along to Mummy's dancing lesson
to meet everybody.
You enjoyed watching the girls doing their ballet
and seemed to find the music and all the cuddles very relaxing.
Mummy couldn't wait until you got to go to dance lessons of your own one day
and it was scary to think that it would be no time at all before you were old enough to.


beautiful eyes

I may be more than a little biased
but I happen to think that my two children
have the most beautiful eyes in the world.
I don't think I'm alone in thinking this,
I'm pretty sure my husband agrees.
But they are also the feature most commented on by other people,
friends, family and strangers alike
all comment on how big and beautiful my children's eyes are.



a big beautiful boy woke up
his sleep was disturbed
and he wanted his mummy . . .

. . . curling up next to him
on his new big boy bed,
she stroked his hair
and said "night night beautiful boy. it's sleepy time"
"sweet dreams" he whispered back
as he lay his head on the pillow . . .

they both closed their eyes.
she breathed in his baby smell
and wondered when that small baby,
who had smelt just like this,
had gotten so big . . .

. . . every few moments he opened his eyes,
just checking she was still there.
"mummy" he would murmur
and a hand would reach out to touch her face

he rolled . . . 
snuggling in close
so that as much of him 
was cuddled up 
to as much of her as possible . . .

. . . she lay a protective hand on his shoulder
"i love you" she whispered
and he snuggled in even closer still.

. . . she missed him . . .
those long cuddling baby hours
those empty stretches of afternoon just the two of them
she needed this . . . 

. . . and so she squeezed him in a little tighter,
gently stroked his hair
and fought back the tears . . .
sad, missing tears
and happy, loving tears too.

he laced his baby fingers into hers
and in that moment she knew
that he was enjoying this just like she was,
that he didn't want it to end just yet . . .

. . . and that there was nowhere else in the world
that either of them would rather be.


communication {see it snap it love it}

My two beautiful babies are starting to communicate now,
perhaps not in the conventional sense.
They don't converse
but they do somehow manage to 'read' one another.
I have to say watching their relationship develop and grow
is THE biggest joy of being a mummy to two.
I love those two babies of mine.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos

an autumn stroll

 my poorly monkey

 relaxing on the sofa

 hanging out and having chats

 hanging on nanny's every word

 "what mum? she's not using it."

daddy is super funny


a dear friend

It's not often that I am lost for words.
I've tried to write this post in my head all week
and just can't quite work out where to start.

Blogging has brought many lovely people into my life;
a network of friends who reach out to share in life's sorrows and joys,
with just the right words of support and encouragement.
And some of those lovely people have gone on to become my real life, bonafide, in the flesh friends;
and Kerry is one of those.

Kerry is a beautiful, strong, talented lady
who cruelly suffered from a brain haemorrhage in the summer.
She has been fighting to get back to her family ever since
but a series of infections and setbacks means that her husband and three young children are having to cope without her.

I cannot even begin to imagine how devastated they must all be feeling
and how confusing it must be for her children to understand.
Her devoted husband has kept her blog alive in her absence
by posting updates on her progress
as well as photos of the children as Kerry always used to.

Yesterday he uploaded this beautiful tribute to his beautiful wife . . .

Kerry and her family are never very far from my thoughts.
Because she lives so near to me
I have had the pleasure of meeting up with her quite a few times;
so as well as meeting up at the Tots100 Christmas Party, CybHer and BritMums
we've also taken the children to the zoo together,
been out for drinks
and I've been round to hers on a few play dates.

. . . I miss her . . .

When I was pregnant and nervous about looking after two under two
she really reassured me,
she had three under two at one time after all
and I've never seen such a chilled and together mummy.
She just takes it all in her stride
and her children are an absolute credit to her.

She was adamant that my baby was going to be a girl
(and rightly so!)
and it makes me sad to think that she hasn't been able to meet my beautiful girl yet
as I know that she would have been round here like a shot for some newborn snuggles.

It's a desperately sad and helpless situation,
and I know that the blogging community has been itching to do something to help.
So today is #Healing4Kerry day
and we were all sending all the positive energy and prayers that we can muster in her direction
in hopes that we can make a difference.
Lots of blogs today will be sharing their wishes and prayers for her and her family
so here is mine.

"Keep fighting Kerry.
So many people miss you
and can't wait to hear the news
that to you are finally on the mend.
So keep using that grit, determination and strength that you are made of
and get well soon."


nine weeks new

It seemed incredible to think you had been in the world for two months already.


my trendy boy

My beautiful boy has got something of a reputation.
A reputation for being a trendy little guy.
And I have to say he has a large and enviable wardrobe
that puts mine to shame.
(But then, as a busy mummy,
it's okay if your own wardrobe is a bit boring
as long as your children are well turned out and cute as a button
...... right???)


the second baby


Before I was even pregnant with the beautiful girl 
I was really paranoid about 'second child syndrome'.
I didn't ever want my second baby to feel
like they were less exciting or less special somehow
just because they happened to be born second.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos

having a chat with mummy

 a twinkle in her eye

our big cheeky toddler

creating a masterpiece

meeting father christmas' reindeer

big beautiful navy greys

baby bed no more


eight weeks new

Your personality was beginning to show 
and we felt like we were really getting to know you.



author unknown

ten {see it snap it love it}

One of those first things you look at
when you have a new baby
is the 'ten check.
Ten perfect fingers.
Ten perfect toes.
There is something so perfect about chubby little baby hands and feet.


a little help from nature

When I had the beautiful boy
I felt pretty prepared for the fact that labour would hurt.
I had no idea what my pain threshold would be like
but I knew that whatever happened
it would hurt
but that there would be drugs available to help me if I needed and wanted them
and that in the scheme of things that pain would be short lived 
and I would have a baby at the end of it
so it would be worth every second.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos

busted face and bad bed hair

 beautiful baby smiles

fascinated by the camera flash

 sleepy baby pout

just chillin' watching tv

staring contest with the butterfly toy

bath time smiles for daddy


seven weeks new

You had grown so much lately.


your twenty-first month

You were such a grown up little boy.



This has to be one of the most infectious smiles I've ever known.

Do you see what I was talking about here?

Her smile, quite literally, lights up her whole face.

She beams.

Love my beautiful girl.


bedtime {see it snap it love it}


{one beautiful year} our week in photos

the cheekiest little monkey

off for some boy adventures

 telling daddy about her day

 bath time is crazy good fun

 somebody should have had their nap

 little miss nosey

exploring at the park


six weeks new

You were getting so big, literally.

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