your twenty-first month

You were such a grown up little boy.

It might have been because we had your baby sister to compare you with,
but you suddenly seemed so big and clever.
You liked to be grown up and help with things at home,
so as well as tidying up your toys
you would also collect nappies and wipes for us
and knew how to put rubbish in the bin.
Having been shown once
you would now take it upon yourself to rock your baby sister in her car seat 
while we got ready to go out.
You were such a considerate and helpful boy
and you really were the best big brother.

You had an incredible memory
and had clearly learned the route to Nanny and Pops house,
because as soon as we turned left at a particular set of traffic lights
you would start excitedly shouting "Nanny and Pops!!!"
You could also remember things that had been talked about weeks or months before,
like when you saw Daddy with an umbrella
and said "Umbrella"
followed by "Ella ella, ey ey ey."
This had been a silly joke we had played with your umbrella flash card months ago,
but you had remembered it.

Your vocabulary seemed to exploding
and you were adding new words to your repertoire at an incredible rate.
Plus you were stringing together increasingly more words into little sentences
to the extent that we could have proper little conversations with you now.
You had always loved to listen to us sing
and would dance along whenever you heard any music whatsoever,
including ringtoes or toy noises,
but you now liked to join in with singing
which was super adorable.
Your favourite song by a long way was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
You would join in with the words your knew
and do the actions while spinning around in a circle.

You had hit a phase where your were obsessed with climbing.
You seemed incapable of 'just sitting' anywhere
and all the furniture had become your playground.
Sofas were mountains,
your chair provided you with a ladder to peer out of the window
and on one occasion
in practically no time at all
you used a dining chair to climb up and sit in the middle of the dinner table.
Luckily you were pretty good at understanding the word "no"
so you hadn't tried that one more than once!

You absolutely lit up whatever room you were in
with your cute smile
and your charming personality.
So many people complimented us on what a lovely little boy you were
that we couldn't help but see that it wasn't just us who were totally under your spell.
You were so polite;
always saying "Hello. You alright?" and "Bye bye. See you soon."
At bed times you would say "Nu-night. Dweet dreams." to everyone in sight.
You never forgot to say "Ple-lease" when you wanted something
although "Thank-you" did occasionally get forgotten if the thing you had been given was food.
You were just too busy stuffing it in your mouth to say "Thank-you" sometimes.
We were so proud of the caring, kind, clever little boy you were becoming
you were an absolute star.


  1. How truly beautiful it is to see how much you love your children. I've read so much moaning about what a trial kids are in various blogs this is a real delight. All the very best to you and yours. x

    1. Awww thank-you so much. My children truly bring me so much joy so it's pretty easy to write nice things about them. It's not that life is always perfect, it's just that I look for the best things rather than the worst. X

  2. Mads and DBB sound so similar in what they are up too- we have also started memorising the routes, and when we get home she says 'nearly home' and when we go to Grandmas she always shouts 'Grandma' at the top of her voice. (Grandma and Daddy are her favourite people!)
    She is also obsessed with putting things in the bin- it is very tidy of her! ;) x

    1. Awww, it's nice to know they are at similar stages. They are such fascinating little people at this stage, I just love all the new things he is learning. X


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