my trendy boy

My beautiful boy has got something of a reputation.
A reputation for being a trendy little guy.
And I have to say he has a large and enviable wardrobe
that puts mine to shame.
(But then, as a busy mummy,
it's okay if your own wardrobe is a bit boring
as long as your children are well turned out and cute as a button
...... right???)

Everybody raves about the excitement of dressing little girls;
of the colours, the variety, the accessories.
But I have to confess I've always been drawn to the boys' departments.
I love the trendy jeans, the plaid shirts, the cool slogan t-shirts.
The colour schemes are normally much more to my liking too.
Shopping for boys can be harder work
as there definitely isn't the variety available that there is for girls,
but I love that boys clothes aren't fussy;
that they can be functional and cool and simple.

Don't get me wrong,
I am enjoying getting the opportunity 
to go out and buy an entirely new wardrobe for the beautiful girl.
Buying skirts and tights and dresses is a whole new world for me.
But I think my heart will always really belong to little clothes of the boy variety.
And my little guy seems to look cool as a cucumber in everything he wears
so he is definitely a good little model for gorgeous clothes.

The outfit he's wearing in these photos came from Boots Mini Club's latest collection.
And they definitely fit in well with his reputation of being a trendy little thing.
From the mummy perspective I also have to say that they are really well made,
the fabrics are soft, the finish on seams and buttons is great, and they wash well.
I always think t-shirts are always a good indicator of quality
and the long sleeved elephant t-shirt he is wearing under his shirt 
literally comes out of the wash looking like its brand new;
no bobbling, not misshapen and not in need of ironing.
When you have a lively toddler who is always on the go
that kind of quality and ease of care is invaluable.

The beautiful boy's outfit was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of this review, 
however all opinions, words and photos are my own.


  1. I totally agree with you. I love dressing my little boy!

  2. I must admit whenever I go to shops I always see really trendy little boy clothes- little girls things are sometimes a bit twee- I dont like Mads in lots of pink and I do have to search for cool little lady bits! x

    1. I think "twee" is exactly the right word. And you know my opinion on pink. It's definitely harder work getting trendy girls clothes than boys ones. x


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