{one beautiful year} our week in photos

 oh my goodness, the cuteness

 lounging around


 a day at the zoo

 a new furry friend

 just lazing around

first hair cut


pretty.little.things - a place to relax

My home is most definitely my haven.
Since we have lived where we do now
I have turned into a real homey girl.
I love that feeling when you walk through your own front door.
You know where everything lives,
everything is yours.
And breath....... You're home!
I love that feeling.



 I love spending time with my favourite people.
I live for spending time with my two favouritest people.
My hunky hubby
and my beautiful boy
make me get up every morning and smile.


close up

I often wish I could capture every single tiny detail of my beautiful boy
and preserve them forever so that I could never forget;
the way his hair smells,
the way his skin felt when he was a newborn,
the look on his face when he first felt the wind.


splodge and me at fourteen weeks


inspired - displaying photographs

I absolutely love photographs.
I love that you can capture a moment
and keep it forever.
However I am very bad at actually making hard copies of my many photographs.
I have had grand plans to make a book of the little guy's first year
but am yet to do it and his birthday was nearly two months ago.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos

neck warmer

 just like daddy

I'm a house guest

 waiting for daddy

just chillin' in the sun

 big furry foot

silliness in the sunshine with daddy


britmums brilliance in blogging awards

One year ago I was just about getting to grips with being a mummy.
I was spending a lot of time on my iPod trawling the internet,
while I sat at strange times of day and night feeding my beautiful boy.
And somewhere along the line I discovered parent blogs.


mummy worries

Becoming a mummy makes it necessary to start being a grown up.
You have to be sensible with money;
responsible for your actions;
think of other before yourself.
You have to provide a roof for your child;
food, warmth, safety.
You have to have things like life insurance and wills and savings for their future.

Most days, I'm a pretty chilled out sort of person.
I like to think that I'm pretty laid back
and I like to look at the positives in my life and in the world around me.
I'm a glass-is-half-full sort of person.
But even the most positive person has those days
where doom seems to lurk around every corner
and where the world seems like a really scary place.

You add becoming a parent to those worries
and it amplifies it by about a million.
All of a sudden there is a little person relying on you,
which is enough responsibility in itself,
but you also adore this little human so much
that you desperately want to protect them from everything.

I hate it when my husband takes the little guy out in the car without me.
I worry the whole time they are out,
that something terrible might happen to my perfect little family.
My husband started a new job recently
and now, instead of working in an office all day which is five minutes from home,
his office is his car and he spends most of his days on the road.
I twitch when the phone rings with an unknown number.
I worry.
And I'm not really a worrier.

But worst of all is when the hubby and I get to go out on dates.
This doesn't happen very often anymore,
mostly because we don't have the money,
but these little trips out make me worry even more.
If anything were to happen to us,
what would happen to our beautiful boy?

So we recently purchased life insurance.
We were naughty really as we should have sorted it out when we took out our mortgage
but we forgot and had more exciting things to spend our money on.
But it's such a relief to know that if something were to happen to one of us,
then the other one and the beautiful boy wouldn't be left homeless.

Next on the list is to sort out our wills.
I know, I know, we should have already done that too,
but nobody likes to think about writing them
because you have to think about awful things that you never want to happen.
Wish us luck.......!


inspired - alphabet art work

We decorated the little guys bedroom before he was born.
We made it deliberately neutral,
partly because we didn't know if Dollop would be a boy or a girl,
and partly because I wanted the bedroom to be something that Dollop could grow into.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos

 dinner time

cheeky little monkey

 my little grey baby

 water baby

 splashing about

 trendy kid

tv face


pretty.little.things - favourite colour

Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time at all,
will know that my favourite colour is white.
I adore it
and I love the little guy dressed up in it.
I especially loved him in white as a tiny newborn
looking all pure and perfect.


love you forever

Today you can find me guest blogging
over on Cafe Bebe.
Karin is hosting a whole series of letters from mummies to their babies (big ones and small ones)
in a feature she's running called Love You Forever.

all about why I will love him forever;
even when he makes me mad,
and how much I want for him out of life.

So pop over and have a look at some of the others while you're there,
because it's been a lovely series so far
with tear-jerkers and some real laughs.
Thanks to Karin for letting me be part of it.


splodge and me at twelve weeks


inspired - beautiful bedrooms

I possibly should have called this post
"inspired - beautiful WHITE bedroom".
but if there is one room in my house which I think simply HAS to be white
then it is my bedroom.


your thirteenth month

It was hard to believe that a whole month had passed since you turned one.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos


 helping with the laundry


 my beautiful boy is the bestest

 new chair at nanny's

naughty little monkey

it's a family affair


the dating scan

This is the final secret pregnancy post that I wrote privately
before letting you all know our exciting news.

I'm already shocked by how much quicker this pregnancy seems to be flying by.
I guess I have the advantage of having found out I was pregnant a couple of weeks later this time around,
but still,
it's hard to believe that I'm not far of finishing my first trimester
and it all seems to have happened in a heartbeat.


pretty.little.things - special bedtime toys

Special bedtime toys are so precious.
I still absolutely treasure mine.
And I think you'd be hard pushed to find a person who didn't have one as a child.


booking in

This is another of the posts that I wrote in secret
before our exciting news was common knowledge.

Today was my booking in appointment day.
It's sort of feels like the first day that you are really pregnant I think,
when you can talk really openly with the midwife about your pregnancy,
and you really start to feel like this is actually happening.
It's an exciting day.


can't quite believe it...

Less than a week after sharing the story of finding out that we were pregnant with our beautiful boy,
and there I was again.
This morning, January 23rd,
I find myself doing another pregnancy test
and seeing that crazy, amazing, life changing word;


a beautiful little story



inspired - pretty nails

Before the little guy came along
I used to have my nails done.
They were always perfect
with beautiful nail varnish
and I loved it.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos

 sunny day adventures

 so grown up

 my brown eyed boy

 yummy yummy

 yucky grass

 tired eyes

crazy bed hair


pretty.little.things - denim

Denim is such a wardrobe staple.
I'm pretty sure that at least one of us is wearing denim on any given day,
in fact I reckon on a lot of days we're all wearing it.

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