inspired - displaying photographs

I absolutely love photographs.
I love that you can capture a moment
and keep it forever.
However I am very bad at actually making hard copies of my many photographs.
I have had grand plans to make a book of the little guy's first year
but am yet to do it and his birthday was nearly two months ago.

So this week I have been looking for inspiration for some different ways to display photographs.
I've wanted to put up some wedding photographs in our lounge since before we moved in,
and we definitely need some more pictures of the little man around the place.
I'm hoping I'll get inspired to actually print some of my many thousands of pictures
and get them up on the walls.

I really like this frame
and the fact that you could easily change the pictures as and when you fancied.
Plus it would look great with some little instagram pictures in it
as they'd look like polaroids.

I think this is really pretty
and actually pretty simple.
I might see if I can make something similar with some of our wedding photographs.

I've been gradually collecting frames for ages to create a photo wall like this.
There is a great big space above one of our sofas where something like this would look great.
I think it's lovely that you can display art and text and objects as well as photographs on a wall like this.

The idea of displaying text brought me to this.
My husband and I wrote our own wedding vows
and I started thinking it would be lovely to have them up on our walls somewhere.
Or the beautiful readings that we had in the ceremony.

I love this collage idea.
I'd like to do something like this with my One Beautiful Year photographs when I'm finished.
I'd like one for our wedding too.
And for the beautiful boy's first year.
I guess I'd better get cracking...!

Can't wait to see what has inspired you lately.

(All pictures found via Pinterest. Click on individual photographs for original source)


  1. Got a whole bunch of creative photo projects in my head (including writing the word 'Family' up the stairs with all our photos around it) - just need to finish the bloody house renovations now!

  2. i am slightly obsessed with taking photos and hanging pictures our house is looking more and more like a gallery which I love because my babies are my masterpieces and I love taking pictures of them. Your blog is lovely I have fell in love with it. xx


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