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My home is most definitely my haven.
Since we have lived where we do now
I have turned into a real homey girl.
I love that feeling when you walk through your own front door.
You know where everything lives,
everything is yours.
And breath....... You're home!
I love that feeling.

So there are a few places that make me feel very relaxed.
I love a soothing soak in the bath
and if this pregnancy goes anything like the last one
they will start becoming a much more frequent evening occurrence.
Although I have to say that baths were a lot more relaxing before the invasion of plastic bath toys happened.
Candles, warm water, pretty smelling bubble bath..... lovely.

I also have a definite spot in our living room.
It's pretty lucky that we have two full size sofas
as I have pretty much taken over one as my own.
There is a little place to put my drink,
I can reach the tissues and the box I keep my handcream in,
plus the iPad charger is tucked down the side
so I need never be parted from my little touchscreen friend.

But the ultimate place that I love to relax
has to be my bed.
Our bedroom is so calm and pretty and relaxing
and I love it.
I refuse to have a television in the bedroom
and won't take my phone, iPad or iPod to bed with me.
In my mind, bedrooms are for sleeping, chilling out, reading and cuddles.

Can't wait to see all your relaxing places.
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  1. It seems our relaxing places are very similar. There is nothing better than your own home as well. I love coming through the door and thinking...yes this is mine! x

  2. I agree. Although I dream of sandy island beaches, I love no where better than my own home where I've chosen everything myself and worked hard to make it a haven for my family.

  3. Your home is stunning, you and hubby have a real eye for design. I love how white and bright everything looks! xxx


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