inspired - pretty nails

Before the little guy came along
I used to have my nails done.
They were always perfect
with beautiful nail varnish
and I loved it.

But it was an expensive habit which I happily gave up
when we were cutting costs so that I wouldn't have to go back to work.
Fancy nails vs leaving my child from 7am until 5pm was a no brainer for me.

I still like to have pretty nails though.
And when I stopped having them "done"
I had to do out and buy a huge collection of nail polishes
because they had always been painted in the salon
so my collection had got depleted and outdated.

Well that little minx Katie at Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three
keeps posting her pretty nails on her blog every week
and making me jealous.
So this week I went seeking some nail inspiration
and I am well and truly inspired.

I'm not a pink girl at all
but I do like a bit of coral in the summer.
It looks fab with a tan
and I like the glitter on these ones too.

And talking of glitter.....
ummm..... where can I get a bottle of this stuff?

As a Cath Kidston fan
I would love to have one pretty flowery nail like this.
So girly and pretty.

I did pastel nail polish in a BIG way last summer
and I still love it.
However this summer I'm hoping I'll pluck up the courage to try the 'different colour on each nail' look
made famous by Made in Chelsea.

This is the current look I'm lusting after.
I have got a real thing about white nail polish.
In fact I saw some matt finish white polish in a magazine recently
which I have been trying to find ever since.

So there you have it,
some pretty nail inspiration.
Can't wait to see what's inspired you lot this week.

(All images found via Pinterest. Click on individual photographs for original source.)


  1. might be worth a look, have to seen the cracked polish you can buy? I took nail art at college :)

  2. Yay I am glad I inspired you- I love having my nails done, it is my one little luxury, although I don't have to pay for it which is nice! I love the white and I love the flower one- very cute. I shall expect to see you with some snazzy nails next time I see you! x

  3. Love that sparkle! If you ever find it then please let me know! Not that I ever get round to painting my nails!


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