splodge and me at twelve weeks

Splodge's Size: 
Splodge is about the size of a large plum.
Which is pretty impressive considering at four weeks,
it was smaller than a poppy seed.
Splodge's Development: 
Splodge has grown all the necessary systems now, 
and from here on in will be focusing on getting nice and big and clever.

My Size:
My waist is currently 29inches 
(it'll be interesting to see how much and how quickly this changes).
And I'm currently still in all my normal clothes and feeling comfy.

My Pregnancy Development:
I appear to be pretty lucky again,
in that morning sickness has stayed away.
I've had some pretty nasty nausea some days
and have felt really exhausted some days too,
but mostly I'm pretty peachy.

My Body:
I'm pretty sure I'm starting to develop a little bit of a bump,
my belly is definitely sticking out more than it was a few weeks ago anyway.
And if this is bump and not just too much chocolate,
then it's decided to arrive about six weeks earlier than last time.

My Appetite:
I'm all about dairy foods
which I was last time too.
But while I wanted fruit all the time with the beautiful boy,
this time it's all about greasy, tasty foods
which I am trying my best to avoid as much as I want them.
But when the nausea strikes only Quavers will do.
I've gone right off of fruit squash again,
which also happened last time,
which leaves me drinking nothing but water,
but I suppose that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

The highlight of my twelfth week had to be my dating scan.

And getting to finally tell the world our exciting news.

So that's my twelfth week.
And my first ever Splodge and Me update.

Have I given all you avid gender guessers,
any food for thought.
We had a surprise last time
and want to do the same again,
so you'll be waiting until September to find out
. . . just like us.
But if you want to guess
there is a poll running in the right hand side bar,
just for a giggle.


  1. Ooh I craved junk and chocolate with Holly but this time craved fruit and we're having a boy. Interesting.... ;)

    1. I have to say, I crave random things when I'm not pregnant, so there may well be nothing in my cravings. But I always find it interesting what people crave when they're expecting. X

  2. I think it might be sounding quite boy like at the moment but I'm not voting yet as I need more info! ;0)

    1. Very wise, waiting for more information to have a guess. But then I never could guess last time around. But hubby is a pretty accurate guesser when it comes to pregnant people. X

  3. Lovely post, and exciting to think whether little Splodge is a he or a she. I am thinking he at the moment! You have a lovely little bump, I look like that now And I am certainly not pregnant! ;)

    1. Hehe, I'm not really sure if it's bump or just too much food. We'll see. X

  4. Sounds like a girl. I craved all the greasy stuff with Kels but all the sweet with Kai! You look good for 12 weeks pregnant - I miss my bump xx

    1. I'm craving sweet stuff as well as greasy. In fact this time around I just seem to want FOOD generally.
      I'm so looking forward to having a bump again. I loved it last time. X

  5. could be a boy as you are experiencing quite similar symptoms again. i was same with both boys. still will be interesting to see how your bump looks once it gets bigger. my bump was visible a LOT sooner second time around - if i hadn't told me immediate family after 5 weeks with Jenson i think they would have guessed quickly!!
    you look great x

    1. Oh my goodness that is early. I didn't even know myself at five weeks this time around. I really enjoy listening to everyone's predictions, I think that's why I enjoyed my surprise last time, because all the theories were so entertaining. Hehe. X

  6. Splodge is looking good. I guess you may have a Blog name dilemma coming up?!! Dear beautiful boy and Splodge?

  7. Your Looking fabulous hun! Your gonna need a new blog name if it's a girl :)


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