the me and mine project {september}

Rich is loving
* watching Narcos on Netflix.
* playing Fifa 17.
* going to Cadbury World.
* Evie G turning 4.
* Ben and Jerry's Empower Mint.

Lucy is loving
* a perfect last summer's day on the beach.
* a fun night out for the Mad Blog Awards.
* seeing Bridget Jones' Baby with her fave ladies.
* getting through the nerves and speaking at Blog On.
* celebrating our Everly Grace's fourth birthday.

Dylan is loving
* being in Year 1.
* exploring the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.
* having Mummy come in to speak in class about her childhood toys.
* the 4d experience at Cadbury World.
*going to arts and crafts club at school. 

Everly is loving
* being four!
* Rapunzel lego.
* her new birthday dresses.
* her My Little Pony scooter.
* going back to dancing and phonics class.

Ashlyn is loving
* waving hello and goodbye to people.
* clapping.
* standing up by herself.
* starting babyballet class.
* breadsticks.


happy fourth birthday beautiful girl

YOU ARE FOUR!!! Four!?! Four sounds so much more grown up than three somehow I think. Maybe because a three year old is still a little bit toddler, but a four year old is a proper child. You're 100% little girl now. You are so ready to be four. 


a big girl's rainbow dress

Back in April I shared a gorgeous rainbow dress that we had for Ashlyn from Frugi as part of our role in their Frugi Family. Well we have absolutely loved that dress (and it's still going strong nearly 6 months later!) and Everly especially has always commented on how pretty it is. So when we were asked what we would like to review from Frugi's new Autumn Winter collection, I decided it was probably time that my big girl got a beautiful, bright and colourful Frugi dress to call her own.


you're eleven months old {dear beautiful little lady}

Dear Little Quinn

Where on earth is the time going? In one months time you will be one, and I feel totally unprepared to be leaving your first year behind us. It seems to have all flown by so quickly. I know I said the same thing with both Dylan and Everly too, but I swear that you seem to be growing up even faster. Maybe it's because you're just so chilled out an easy going and have made life with a baby so easy, or maybe it's just where we are always so busy with life that the time just flies by.


the siblings project {september}

Well I would never have thought in a million years that I'd be sharing photos like this for The Siblings Project in September... June maybe, July and August probably, but September? September is supposed to be Autumn. But the Summer has stuck around a while longer this year... and you won't hear me complaining. Although it did mean that my original plan for a sibling photo at the park (I was picturing some longer sleeves creeping in, maybe three little trainer clad feet, those first hints of a changing season) well all that basically went out of the window. So yes, these weren't the photos I planned at all. Yes they are in the same location as some last month's sibling photos (we do go to other places I promise!). And they were actually from a little shoot for another blog post that I'm working on (so if you like these photos keep your eyes peeled for lots more coming soon!). But the simple fact is that we popped to the seaside, the sun was shining, the sea and sky were blue, my kiddies were in matching swimwear and we were in our favourite place. And the result is that I captured these and I quite simply love them.

I also feel that a picture of little Quinny standing up between her big brother and sister is pretty apt for this month. Standing is her latest party trick, and my goodness do the other two absolutely love it when she does it. They are going to be completely beside themselves when she actually starts properly walking. They just love seeing her joining in more and becoming more and more like a little play mate to join their gang. And they are such good cheerleaders too; whooping and cheering at her independent standing and encouraging her every step of the way. I'm starting to think that my littlest one is going to walk earlier than the older two did, and I know that their encouragement will have played a big part when she does take those steps. 


our lovely long weekend in lincolnshire

Back in the school holidays we were offered an opportunity to check out a brand new ABI Holiday Home and we absolutely jumped at the chance. We got to stay in a gorgeous two bedroom Harewood caravan based on the Away Resorts park at Tattershall Lakes in Lincolnshire, and I have to say that the whole break exceeded our expectations in every possible way. From the caravan which was a true home-away-from-home with all the mod cons and luxuries you want on a holiday, to the beautiful site with just the right balance of things to do but also space to just breathe and chill out.


oh the places you'll go beautiful girl {2016}


oh the places you'll go beautiful boy {2016}

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