our lovely long weekend in lincolnshire

Back in the school holidays we were offered an opportunity to check out a brand new ABI Holiday Home and we absolutely jumped at the chance. We got to stay in a gorgeous two bedroom Harewood caravan based on the Away Resorts park at Tattershall Lakes in Lincolnshire, and I have to say that the whole break exceeded our expectations in every possible way. From the caravan which was a true home-away-from-home with all the mod cons and luxuries you want on a holiday, to the beautiful site with just the right balance of things to do but also space to just breathe and chill out.

I'll be honest, we've stayed in caravans on parks before for short UK breaks, and while we've had a nice time, they've hardly been the lap of luxury, but this break really was different. The ABI caravan that we stayed in provided the perfect living space for us as a family, with the kind of features that are nice to have at home but you wouldn't expect in a caravan; like a full size fridge/freezer and dishwasher in the kitchen, and two bathrooms (one with a proper bath in, and the other with a shower in which was better than our shower at home). There were speakers wired into the caravan so that you could plug in your phone and listen to music too, and a beautiful modern fireplace which we all really liked. And we absolutely loved the big sliding doors at the front of our caravan, which kept a cool breeze flowing through and allowed us to seamlessly enjoy the inside and outside space. We had regular visits from the local ducks on the nearby lake, and enjoyed watching the world go by through the big windows. Plus the kids absolutely loved people watching, and plane watching when the nearby RAF base had their fighter jets out practising manoeuvres. 

We really did love the location at Tattershall Lakes too. Our past experiences of holidays parks have been okay, but we've never really felt like they are very 'us', they've just always felt a bit cheesy and old fashioned some how. But Tattershall Lakes wasn't like that at all; it felt like a traditional British holiday, but at the same time it felt modern. The locations itself is beautiful with several lakes and loads of water sports on offer. Dylan fell in love with playing mini golf, Ashlyn had her first swim in the pool, Everly adored the outdoor splash park. And we all loved the lakeside beach; shallow waters for the older two to splash in, and sun loungers for Rich and I to relax on with a daiquiri and a beer from the nearby bar while Quinny snoozed in her buggy.  We had planned to go off exploring the surrounding area a bit, but we ended up staying on the park the entire time just recharging our batteries, enjoying family time and making the most of what the park had to offer. So I think that says it all really... holiday parks might not really have been 'our thing' before, but we love the way that Away Resorts does it!

All in all our break exceeded our expectations in every way possible. The ABI Holiday Home was above and beyond what we expected from caravan accommodation, and Tattershall Lakes gave us a lovely break which every single one of us enjoyed. 

(I actually have a lovely video of our time but I've had all manner of technical issues getting it live, so for now I will simply post a selection of our holiday snaps, and you'll have to keep your eyes peeled over on my YouTube channel for the video another day. )

We were given this break free of charge in exchange for this review, however it doesn't affect my opinion in any way, and this review is an honest account of our time. 

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