me and mine {january}


britax b-agile double buggy review

With a baby and young toddler
a double buggy was always going to be a necessity for us.
The beautiful boy wouldn't last a whole day out 
without the option of being able to sit down.
He is still really quite happy to be in a buggy most of the time,
and there are definitely times with two children
where just knowing that he is strapped in to the buggy
makes my life easier when out and about.


a second birth story - part four

You can find the story so far here
but in a nutshell . . .

My waters broke just as I had gone to bed,
but with suspected meconium in the waters
the maternity unit had said I needed to make my way straight there
as it may mean the baby is in distress.


morning moments {see it snap it love it}

I love lazy mornings with my family.
The muted morning light seeping through the curtains.
The warmth of four bodies snuggled under the duvet.
The sleepy eyed smiles and the messy bed hair.
The excitement for cuddles and for another day together.
The desire to linger there . . .
. . .  just a little bit longer.


{our beautiful story} week four

sunday 20th january
little cold red nose

monday 21st january
my babies

tuesday 22nd january
sibling looniness

wednesday 23rd january
suitable PJ day attire?

thursday 24th january
a little rocker boy in uncle matt's hat

friday 25th january
our precious baby bath time bear

saturday 26th january
deep in conversation


eighteen weeks new

You were starting to crash through milestones in a big hurry.



The role of parent is about lots of things.
It's about love.
It's about nurturing and caring.
It's about discipline.
It's about teaching.
It's all about raising . . .
. . . raising tiny people up
into the best big people they can be.


a second birth story - part three

I had gone to bed feeling grumpy and fed up with being pregnant,
only for my waters to go minutes later.
But with no contractions yet
I had decided to go back to bed
while the hubby had decided to get up and catch up on some work.

You can find the first and second parts of this story


this makes me smile {see it snap it love it}

This photo makes me smile for a few reasons.
I love the light in it.
And obviously it is of my two favourite people on this earth.
But the main reason it makes me smile,
is what it signifies to me
and that is interaction.
It shows the beginnings of a relationship.



We had snow.
A beautiful, perfect blanket of white.
We played.
We laughed.
We explored.
We had the most wonderful time.


{our beautiful story} week three

sunday 13th january
her eyes light up for daddy

monday 14th january
 bundled up in the cold

tuesday 15th january
"ah-ha oh-ho, footprints in the snow"

wednesday 16th january
my world

thursday 17th january
"nice comfy chair"

friday 18th january
 my baby girl is sitting

saturday 19th january
sibling sledging


seventeen weeks new

You definitely seemed in a real hurry to grow up.


a second birth story - part two

I was two days away from my due date
and I was grumpy and fed up.
So my husband had suggested I head to bed
and get some rest . . .

You can read the full part one of this story here.


one word title {see it snap it love it}

As soon as I took this photo
I knew it had to be my photo for See It Snap It Love It.
It embodies what this linky is all about:
I saw a photo opportunity,
I snapped it
and I love the results.


{our beautiful story} week two

sunday 6th january
 sleepy smiles

monday 7th january 
"good boy"

tuesday 8th january
the beautiful girl and her beautiful doll

wednesday 9th january
just chilling and chewing

thursday 10th january
big boy pants

friday 11th january
my sunshiny girl

saturday 12th january
bed hair, wellies and some early morning hammering


sixteen weeks new

You seemed to have transformed before our eyes.


a second birth story - part one

Anyone who read the beautiful boy's birth story
will know that I didn't get the easiest time of it.
It was long and it was hard
and it didn't end up being anything like I had expected it would be.

So approaching a second labour came with baggage.
I had experience to call on,
I had a clearer idea about how I was when in labour,
but whether that would be a good thing remained to be seen.

After documenting my pregnancy from 12 weeks
with fortnightly updates and bump photos
this bit is the last chapter of one story
and the beginning of a whole new one.
This is the story of my beautiful girl's birth . . .


new {see it snap it love it}

New Year's Day.
My new baby.
My new lens.
I am a little bit obsessed with my new camera toy.


bobbie and friends toy review

We love multi-sensory toys.
Any toy that can be seen, touched and heard
is well loved by the big and small kids in this house.


your twenty-third month

It was just amazing looking at the world through your eyes.


{our beautiful story} week one

tuesday 1st january
the beautiful girl enjoying the new years day parade

wednesday 2nd january
his concentration face

thursday 3rd january
loving her skwish

friday 4th january
"puzzle piece"

saturday 5th january
play times with daddy


fifteen weeks new

You were so incredibly interested in everything.


a beautiful christmas

I'm not someone that has ever outgrown the wonder of Christmas.
It's always been one of my favourite times of year;
with the pretty decorations,
the yummy food,
the gifts,
the songs,
the time with family
and the smiling faces.


a love letter to twenty-twelve

Well, twenty-twelve was a pretty special year for us.
It is amazing thinking back to how it started
with us as a family of three
having just decided we would like to become a four.
And twelve months later that dream is a reality
and here we are as a four;
a beautiful boy,
a beautiful girl,
a daddy
and a mummy.

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