fifteen weeks new

You were so incredibly interested in everything.

Everyone had always commented on how alert you were
and as you got bigger
you just seemed to get more and more nosey.
You were always watching what was going on
and loved nothing better than to be held upright
so that you could see everything that was going on.

You had well and truly found your hands
and were now using them to reach out and grab at things.
You loved to see toys dangling in front of you
and would smile at them and make funny noises
as if you were talking to them.

Everything was suddenly heading for your mouth
and we had a feeling we were on the road to your first teeth.
The dribbling and the chewing seemed like good indicators
but luckily your moving teeth didn't seem to be bothering you too much.
And the fact that you had more coordination now
meant that you finally seemed to be finding your thumb when you were feeling a bit unsettled,
which seemed to be making you an even more content baby.

Daddy had decided that you had the world's most beautiful smile.
And it was true
that when you smiled or laughed
it was practically impossible not to grin back at you.
When you were smiling your entire face lit up
and more often than not you would do an excited little squeal,
and it was just adorable.


  1. Didn't the BB get teeth quite early? Maybe she will be the same. That first photo is beautiful, she definitely does have a smile that lights up her whole face. I can't believe she is already fifteen weeks- where is the time going? x

    1. He did have his first teeth at about 5 and a half months, but I was even earlier than that apparently, so she may well sprout some teeth sooner rather than later. x


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