your twenty-third month

It was just amazing looking at the world through your eyes.

You saw excitement and wonder in everything
and noticed the tiny details that we so often overlooked.
Being around you couldn't help but open our eyes
to the beautiful things all around us.

Your second Christmas was an absolute hit.
You adored the excitement and decorations,
you ripped into your presents 
and said "Wow" and "Thank-you" to each one.
You pointed out snowmen and twinkly lights and pretty trees.
You were basically,
completely wrapped up in the magic of "Chri-mas".

You were a complete parrot nowadays
and you loved to try and get your mouth around new and interesting words,
although this did mean that Daddy had to watch what he said around you.
You understood so much of what we said now
even when we didn't think you were listening.
And your memory was really fantastic
as you would remember in the morning
things which we had said the night before.

As 2012 came to an end
we couldn't help but reflect on how much you had changed and grown in twelve months.
In so many ways you seemed unrecognisable
from the baby you had still been then,
who didn't talk or walk.
Now you were so bright and funny,
so independent and adorable,
you were a walking and talking bundle of adventure;
a real little boy.

But then with the simplest of things
you would remind us,
that you were still our baby boy.
That you still wanted
and needed
to be close to us.
That you were still a little unsure sometimes
and wanted our reassurance.
That you were absolutely not to big
for big cuddles
and lots of them.
And that you were still as innocent and precious to us
as you had always been.


  1. Ahhh x he is so lovely ;) hope u had a fab start to 2013 x happy new year! Xx

  2. I can't believe in a month you will be writing a 2 year old post- where has the time gone? This past year has got to have been the quickest of my life! He is very cute indeed, I love the one of him snoozing, Mads will rarely sleep in her buggy nowadays unless we are out for the whole day. xx

    1. I know. It definitely seems like time is speeding up lately. I just can't believe he's nearly two.
      And he doesn't normally sleep in a buggy anymore, but that photo was from New Year's Day, so we were out all day and there was so much to see that the excitement clearly got a bit too much. x

  3. He is such a gorgeous little boy and I can't believe he is nearly two! I am hoping that mine never stop being babies! x

    1. I'm never going to let him stop being my baby, whether he likes it or not! ;) x

  4. You say it perfectly here! Their independence and yet you often get reminders of how much they still need you! Fantastic photos as usual. I really love your idea of using the lights with the white background for the Christmas shots.

    1. Thats the most beautiful thing about toddlerhood I think, that they are independent but also still very much in need of support. But then I don't think we ever fully grow out of needing our mummies. x

  5. He is such a handsome little guy, and so polite!

  6. He really is growing up and into an even more scrumptious little man! x

    1. Scrumptious is a good word for him. I call him that regularly. x


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