a beautiful christmas

I'm not someone that has ever outgrown the wonder of Christmas.
It's always been one of my favourite times of year;
with the pretty decorations,
the yummy food,
the gifts,
the songs,
the time with family
and the smiling faces.

But nothing prepared me for the sheer joy of Christmas with my own children.
Seeing Christmas through the eyes of little people is just magical
and it just brings the wonder of it all to life in an unimaginably beautiful way.
And when those little people happen to be your own children
it just makes it even more beautiful.
This Christmas was beautiful.
The beautiful boy didn't completely understand it all
but he learned (and seriously overused) the word 'chri-mas'.
As well as saying 'sparkly', 'snowman', 'present', 'pretty lights' and 'wow' at regular intervals.
He completely fed off the excitement he could sense from us
and it was just so adorable.
When he opened his very first present
- a little teddy bear from his stocking -
he said "Wow, teddy bear hiding. Thank-you."
I genuinely think he would have been happy to stop there.
When he realised there were more presents to be had further down his 'sock' he couldn't believe it.
He mastered unwrapping his own presents
and there was something about the genuine way he said "Wow" and "Thank-you" to every present he opened
which made me absolutely melt with pride.
The beautiful girl had such a lovely day.
She giggled and smiled at the glove puppets and wooden books that came in her stocking.
She enjoyed wrinkling the sparkly wrapping paper in her fingers
and shaking her new musical instruments.
She looked adorable in her special Christmas outfit.
And she smiled repeatedly at her big brother squealing with excitement.
Watching them this year just makes me so excited for the Christmases to come.
Christmases where they are awake early, unable to sleep due to sheer excitement.
Christmases where they play together with their new toys.
Christmases where they leave out goodies for Father Christmas and his reindeer, full of hope and anticipation for the morning.
Children genuinely set the wonder of Christmas on fire.

As my husband and I travelled home from a day with the grandparents
with two sleeping children in the back of the car,
and with full bellies and full hearts;
we talked about how the day had been everything we thought it would be and more.
As parents we can approach the tree
and the unopened presents
knowing that whatever we find in the pretty paper,
that we already have everything we could ever want or need.

Our children are without doubt the very best gifts we have ever had from and with one another.
And they are a gift that just keeps giving,
especially when you get to enjoy events like Christmas with them.

So thank-you hubby,
for giving me what is without doubt the best gift ever,
our son and daughter.
Nothing fancy and expensive wrapped in pretty paper
could ever give me the joy, excitement and wonder
that those two little people do.


  1. Looks like a wonderful Christmas, and lovely photos. I totally agree with everything you have said, Christmas is a magical time with little ones and I can't wait to experience more as they get older! Mads still didn't really understand this year about Father Christmas but she will next year I am sure.
    And I agree that children are the best present you could ask for- I call Mads my little Christmas present cause she arrived on Christmas Eve!

    1. I thought last year was magical, and then this year happened. I just can't wait to see what next year is like when he "gets it" more. And the year after I'll probably have two very excited children. Such exciting Christmases ahead. x

  2. Sounds perfect! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas! Hope you have a lovely 2013! x

  3. Such a beautiful post. Your Christmas looks wonderful and your family is darling

    1. Thank-you. It was a lovely Christmas, just can't wait to see what next year holds in store. x

  4. Love your pictures! You all look really nice and festive! It looks like you really had ance Christmas. I breastfed all day at Christmas so didn't get to relax and enjoy but hopefully next year x
    Happy new year !

    1. Ahhh, thanks. We did have a very lovely Christmas. I guess it was a very different kind of Christmas with feeding all day, but just think how fantastic next year will be with two of them enjoying it all. x


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