the me and mine project {february}

Rich is loving
* new television.
* new house.
* that he was brave and stroked an owl
* watching Everly trampolining.
* catching up with everyone at a family birthday party. 

Lucy is loving
* being a proper grown up with a proper house.
* planning room makeovers.
* having fun family half term days out together. 
* celebrating Dylan's sixth birthday.
* that the moving house stress is finally behind us.

Dylan is loving
* being six!
* the new science books he had for his birthday.
* having his own bedroom. 
* the pig racing at Bockett Farm Park. 
* memorising capital cities. 

Everly is loving
* her new big bedroom.
* being gradually reunited with the toys that were packed away. 
* eating mini eggs (always five, and matching ones are really exciting)
* cuddling her baby Rapunzel doll at bedtime.
* a new Equestria Girls movie on Netflix.

Ashlyn is loving
* riding the tractor at Bockett Farm. 
* sitting on Everly's bed and looking at books. 
* carrying Kit everywhere she goes. 
* eating raisins.
* watching the Teletubbies and Something Special. 


the siblings project {february}

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? With one thing and another going on over the last couple of weeks, I managed to leave it right until the last day to get my sibling photos this month. Which can be a total recipe for disaster as I feel the pressure to get the shot and the kids decide not to play ball. But this month it all fell together nicely and I actually love the snaps I got. 

The last day I had available to take them, we were having a lazy day at home together. So I just stuck the kiddos on the sofa started clicking and not even a minute later, we were done. No cajoling, shouting or bribing necessary. And three big happy (if slightly crazed) smiles. I wanted to take our photos at home this month, because home is about to change, and that makes me all kinds of sentimental. And there is something special about capturing them in their natural environment, somewhere that they are completely happy and relaxed and - quite literally - at home. 

With each passing month the gap between Quinn and the older two seems smaller, she seems more and more included, more and more a part of the gang. They treat her a little less like the baby these days. She's welcomed into their games and play now, without me having to remind them, or without her simply following them and pestering them until they pay her attention. They sneak off together to play in the bedroom, or to quietly sit with books, or to cheekily empty a kitchen cupboard. And nothing makes my heart melt quite as much as it does when I stumble across them doing something  together of their own planning.

I mean, seriously? Squad goals, right there!


these three {week six}

He is six... SIX! Six sounds so much bigger than five (but then I think I've said that every year). It was a birthday all about things for his new bedroom when we move, and lots and lots of information books; which might sound kind of dull and boring to most kids, but was exactly what this kid wanted.   He was so kind and polite even whilst being the centre of attention on his birthday; not forgetting a single thank-you, and making sure his sisters helped out and felt included. He honestly makes me so proud, he's growing up to be such a gent. 

She had a nasty bug of some sort mid week (which her brother had a few days before) which completely wiped her out, poor thing. She's not often poorly and definitely has the strongest immune system of the three, so it feels really heartbreaking to see her so sad and feeble. But fortunately she fought it quick and is super excited about having a week off of preschool, and more importantly, a week with Dylan off of school to play with her.

This little munchkin seems to be growing up in leaps and bounds lately; she's made that transition from being a big baby who was just starting to walk, into full blown toddler mode. She's pushed my buttons a bit this week too, with some epic wobblers, and just generally constantly looking out for trouble, whilst being allergic to the word "no". Good job she's cute, and has a smile that could melt ice.

happy sixth birthday dylan aiden

Oh my goodness, happy sixth birthday Dylan, our amazing, thoughtful, gentle, clever, crazy little guy. 

All you wanted for your birthday was books, and that says it all really. You're such a little smarty pants, and there is nothing on this earth that you don't want to learn all about. 

Things are about to change massively, with us moving house, and away from the only place you've ever lived. It feels like a massive milestone to us, but we know it's a change that you'll take in your stride, like you always do.

It's hard to put into words what an amazing character you are. You just seem to get more and more and fascinating and funny with each year, and being your mummy makes me so incredibly proud every single day. 

You rock my world Mr.
And you have ever since you arrived in the world.

I love you so so much you fantastic little loon.

Happy sixth birthday beautiful boy!


home life project {february}

If you're not in the mood for sentimental, then it's probably best to look away now.... okay, I warned you! 

One of the reasons I am excited to be doing Home Life Project this year, is to track those subtle changes in our everyday family life over this year. I know that by December, the games that were favourites in January, the clothes the children wore in April, and the faces of my little three will all have changed; maybe only a little, maybe a lot. But a year is a long time when you're little, and it's nice to record these moments and acknowledge those changes. 

But that isn't the only sort of change this year brings. Amongst all the little changes in our ordinary life that these monthly posts will record, there is also a big change. 

This month is the last one in our first family home.


these three {week five}

Dylan is so excited about his upcoming birthday that I think he might just combust. He's been counting down the days for the past month, and he can't wait to have his chocolate birthday cake and Nanny's rice krispie crunch; as per his birthday traditions. I simply cannot believe that at this point six years ago he was still lurking in my belly, about to rock my world in the most amazing way imaginable. 

I look at Everly lately, and I wonder when it was that she suddenly grew up. She just looks so big all of a sudden. I feel like in the months before he started school, her big brother still looked like a toddler, whereas this little lady would pass for a school girl more comfortably than she does a preschooler. Having said that, she told an epic fib to get herself sent home from preschool last week, and completely played everyone... so she's either got a lot to learn about growing up, or she's already a bit of a genius!

It goes without saying that younger siblings look up to the older ones, but Quinny just totally worships her big bro and sis at the moment. She'll chase them from room to room, desperate to be with them, to join in their games - even when those games are too fast or too complicated or just too crazy for her to fully join in with. She's also turned into a bit of a bookworm overnight, and emptying books onto her sisters bed so she can sit and 'read' them to herself, is one of her favourite things to do. 
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