these three {week six}

He is six... SIX! Six sounds so much bigger than five (but then I think I've said that every year). It was a birthday all about things for his new bedroom when we move, and lots and lots of information books; which might sound kind of dull and boring to most kids, but was exactly what this kid wanted.   He was so kind and polite even whilst being the centre of attention on his birthday; not forgetting a single thank-you, and making sure his sisters helped out and felt included. He honestly makes me so proud, he's growing up to be such a gent. 

She had a nasty bug of some sort mid week (which her brother had a few days before) which completely wiped her out, poor thing. She's not often poorly and definitely has the strongest immune system of the three, so it feels really heartbreaking to see her so sad and feeble. But fortunately she fought it quick and is super excited about having a week off of preschool, and more importantly, a week with Dylan off of school to play with her.

This little munchkin seems to be growing up in leaps and bounds lately; she's made that transition from being a big baby who was just starting to walk, into full blown toddler mode. She's pushed my buttons a bit this week too, with some epic wobblers, and just generally constantly looking out for trouble, whilst being allergic to the word "no". Good job she's cute, and has a smile that could melt ice.


  1. Oh my eldest is about to turn five which seems so much older than four, so I get that!! ;)
    I also have a toddler who's enjoying pressing my buttons too, ha!
    Lovely pictures of your three x


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