the me + mine project {may 2018}

Rich is loving
* teaching the kids to ride their bikes. 
* settling into some more routine. 
* a weekend with family visiting. 
* barbecuing and getting the garden sorted for summer.
* watching Jessica Jones.

Lucy is loving
* watching our brood of four bonding.
* St Tropez pre shower tanner.
* newborn smell.
* planning for holiday.
* May Day Fayre in our old village.

Dylan is loving
* being in the dance show
* being a big brother to a little brother.
* reading David Walliams' books.
* riding his bike without stabilisers.
* taking a bedtime shower instead of a bath.

Everly is loving
* showing off her baby at school.
* her Belle dress for the dance show.
* holding Wylder in her lap.
* changing out of her uniform after school. 
* playing outside. 

Quinn is loving
* strawberry mini milk lollies.
* watching Bubble Guppies.
* playing with Duplo for hours.
* wearing the same rainbow dress over and over again (I've bought a second one!)
* being in the garden. 

Wylder is loving
* milk.
* swaddling.
* white noise.
* trying out his smile.
* car sleeps.


dear beautiful wylder {one month old}

Dear Wylder,

Oh baby boy, this has been the fastest month ever. It doesn't seem possible that so much time has past already, since you came crashing into the world in such a hurry on April 25th. I feel like we've just about recovered emotionally from the craziness of your wild arrival; although I think you'd better prepare to have to hear that story a lot as you grow up. There aren't many people who can boast being delivered at home by their daddy though. It's something that parents tend to say a lot but it feels like yesterday you arrived, while at the same time it feels like you've been a part of our family forever. It seems impossible to imagine our lives without you in it now.


the siblings project {may 2018}

My little tribe. My four little loves. 
Dylan, Everly, Quinn and Wylder. 
My four. My heart.

This past month has seen a whole lot of change with the arrival of our fourth and final baby. Every one seems to have taken their sibling promotion in their stride, with lots of affection and attention being lavished on our lucky, lovely little man. And I'm remembering all the ways that love grows when their is a new baby in the house. How not only do we all have this new love Wylder, but how seeing the older children doting on their baby brother, makes me love them even more. It's a big old bubble of love around these parts, I have to say. 
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