i do...

It's been 1096 days since we said "I do".

It's been 1096 days of being Mr and Mrs.

It's been 1096 days of being one family.

It's been 1096 days of meaning and living those vows.

And I'd say them all over again tomorrow,
I'll show you that "I do" every single day.

I love you.
I chose you.
I choose you.
I do . . .

. . . this is our happily ever after.


sunshine {see it snap it love it}

It's hard not to feel sunny when the sun is shining.
I am definitely a summer baby
and I love the sunshine.
And nothing matches a big, warm, bright sunshine
like a perfect, cloudless, blue sky.


m&s maternity nursing bra review

I've always trusted good old Marks and Spencers for bras.
I always feel like their staff are the most helpful
with regards to measuring
and that their bras do the job the best.
And I genuinely wouldn't trust anyone else for my maternity and nursing bras.



When we bought our home our spare room was just that;
a "spare" room.
It housed a desk, the computer, my many files of school stuff,
a unit with the overflow of clothes we couldn't fit in our own bedroom,
and a day bed for reading on 
and which conveniently pulled out into a kingsize bed for when we had visitors.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos

the slide is (finally) fun

hot weather equals paddling pool

playing with his shadow


a big chair for a little man

"this is how I watch television now mummy"

what daddy does at bath time


another letter to another me

I wrote a letter to another me some months back.
A letter from the mummy-me to the pre-mummy-me,
the one who had just found out she was pregnant.
I told her all the things I would have wanted to know back then,
about all the things laying heavy on my heart
and keeping me awake at night at that time.

I was fast approaching the beautiful boy's first birthday at the time
and I was in a reflective kind of mood.
Well, lately everything is focused forward,
towards to future
and all the changes that will come with bringing another beautiful baby into our family.
So I started thinking about the future-me,
one twenty years from now,
and what I would say to her . . .


the best kind of toy

When you are a toddler
absolutely everything is a toy,
or a new place to sit,
or a new place to play,
or a new place to hide.

thirty years ago today...

my very own mummy and daddy
thirty years ago today


morning {see it snap it love it}

My beautiful boy always seems to wake up in the morning
with a happy smile on his face,
ready to embrace what the day has to offer.
And it doesn't seem to matter how tired we are,
how early it is
and how many times a poorly little man may have had us up in the night;
it's hard not to have a smile to give him in return.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos

liking the newly rearranged nursery

living room trashed, time for a rest

waking up cheeky

a new place to hang out

all water is fun for a water baby

sharing toys with ted

chilling with his feet up


whats in a name?

Just over two years ago
when we found out we were expecting our little Dollop
we started 'The Name Game'.
The one where every time you have half a minute to think
you start discussing possible names for your impending offspring.
We spent most of my pregnancy having that same conversation at least every month
and more than likely a whole lot more than that.


splodge and me at thirty weeks


growing {see it snap it love it}

It kind of feels like there is a lot of growing going on around here lately.
My beautiful baby boy is growing into a little boy.
My belly is growing into a big bad beach ball.
And in preparations for that beach ball belly becoming another beautiful baby for me to love,
I've been stocking up on the tiny stuff;
the tiny nappies and the tiny clothes.
And I'm suddenly very aware of how much my little boy has grown.



Mums are superheroes.
They have powers and skills.
They dry tears with magic tissues.
They make boo-boos better with a kiss.
They have answers for life's great questions
and a cuddle that solves all problems.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos

one cheeky smile

just hanging out together

tickle time with mummy

bath time giggles

a poorly cuddly sleep

my little bookworm

a saturday night in


palmers cocoa butter review

I have been a lover of Palmers products for as long as I can remember.
The cocoa butter moisturiser is my go-to body moisturiser
and has been for a long time.
I transfer to the one with SPF in it for summer months for a bit of extra protection.
I love their sunless tanner above all the other fake tans I've tried.
And when I was pregnant with the beautiful boy I religiously slathered my growing belly with their tummy butter.


meet your daddy

dear beautiful boy and precious soon-to-meet baby,

of all the great things that have happened to me
and the big decisions I've made in my life,
I can say without a doubt that I chose the right daddy for my children.
and because it will be years before you can really understand the man that you call "dad"
I'm going to tell you just how awesome he is.


nature {see it snap it love it}

Sometimes we're all too busy living our lives
to look at the beautiful things around us
and to really see them.
Nature is a beautiful thing which surrounds us.
I all too regularly breeze through it,
past it, 
over it,
under it,
and don't take the time to look.


your seventeenth month

You personality was blossoming before our very eyes.


acceptance and change

I am a pretty organised sort of person.
I like to know what I'm doing and when.
I like to have plans and to be prepared.
I'm not a fan of completely unknown things
because I like to have an idea of what to expect.
Yes, I'm a bit of a control freak.
I like surprises,
but they do make me a bit nervous.
Mostly, I just like to be ahead of the game,
to anticipate things before they happen.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos

crazy kiddo

yummy yummy dinner time

daddy cuddles on a dramatic day

going out for brunch

my artist in the making

building and stacking

preparations for splodge


a budding artist

How gorgeous are those baby fingers?
All podgy and yummy.
I definitely think he's creating some sort of masterpiece.


the 4th of july

I'm not American.
So I have no claim on 4th of July celebrations.
But I have been on some awesome holidays there.
And I do love all things Americana.

just a little bit of drama

My beautiful boy is absolutely,
without doubt,
and without question,
the most precious and important thing in my entire world.
I would do absolutely anything to protect him from fear and pain.

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