splodge and me at twenty-eight weeks

Splodge's Size:
Splodge is approximately the size of a cabbage
which sounds pretty big to me.
And he or she is weighing in at about two and a half pounds.

Splodge's Development:
Splodge is now coughing and sucking
and blinking and maybe even dreaming.
But more exciting,
is the fact his or her lungs have reached maturity;
meaning that if Splodge decided to make an early arrival now
that the prognosis would be good.
Although we'd like a few more weeks of cooking to be on the safe side.
When I went for my 28 week appointment

My Size:
My waist is still measuring in at 39 inches
so I haven't gain in circumference in the last fortnight.
But then I do feel like my bump is rounder if that makes sense.

My Pregnancy Development:
I reached my third trimester!!!
How did this happen so fast?
This pregnancy is definitely whizzing past
and I can't believe I'm in that final third already.

My Body:
I'm still doing okay body wise.
No stretch marks and that belly button is still an innie.
I am starting to feel like I'm pretty enormous though
and I do get out of puff quickly now from the extra weight
and the reduced room for my organs.
Splodge was in the breech position
but when I went for blood tests yesterday
they had already moved to transverse,
so hopefully they are headed on their way to head down.
I definitely won't miss the breech kicks.

My Appetite:
My appetite feels good,
but my eyes are bigger than my tummy a lot of the time.
Or rather my stomach is getting squashed and I can't get big meals in there anymore.
I tend to eat half my dinner and then the other half an hour later
which is a nuisance but I'll survive.
I've been into avocados and peanut butter in a big way over the last week or so,
which may be cravings,
or may just be me really fancying them;
but they taste so good.
And the dairy obsession continues
which I think is just a me thing when I'm pregnant.

It's fab to think that I'm two thirds of the way to the finish line.
And it was good to finally get to check in with the midwife this week
as I haven't seen them since I was sixteen weeks and that seems like ages ago.
I'm kind of at a point where I feel like I want to start organising things now
like getting a buggy ordered
and digging out the newborn clothes we had for the little guy.


  1. You look amazing Lucy, I thought so at Britmms too. It's getting so close now!! I always found the first 20 weeks were slow and then whoosh, I was at 37 weeks! x

    1. Thanks hun. It is going by very quickly and I can't believe the third trimester has already arrived. Fingers crossed it continues to go quickly . . . . . But not too quickly as I don't really feel ready yet. X

  2. This must be such an exciting time for you! I'm quite jealous! x

    1. It is exciting. A little daunting too if I think about it too much but I know we'll just get on with it because that's what you do. X

  3. You look fantastic Lucy! Almost makes me think that I might want another....hmmmmm :)

    1. Do it!!! I'm so excited about having number two. But then I do seem to get very lucky in pregnancy. X

  4. I have such bump envy at the moment, and you are looking great! Hope the little guy gives you plenty of rest. x

    1. Oh dear, that's how I started. I had bump and pregnancy envy of complete strangers, next thing I knew the broody had kicked in and hubby and I were having "the chat". Hehe. X

  5. You look totally lovely Lucy x


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