palmers cocoa butter review

I have been a lover of Palmers products for as long as I can remember.
The cocoa butter moisturiser is my go-to body moisturiser
and has been for a long time.
I transfer to the one with SPF in it for summer months for a bit of extra protection.
I love their sunless tanner above all the other fake tans I've tried.
And when I was pregnant with the beautiful boy I religiously slathered my growing belly with their tummy butter.

Well the lovely people at Palmers sent me a selection of their newest formulations to test out on my second blooming bump.
They have changed the formulation to to make it even better
and they say that it improves elasticity and suppleness of the skin,
which is obviously quite important when your skin is being stretched at quite a fast rate during the nine months of pregnancy.

They sent me all three of the item designed for pregnant women;
tummy butter, massage lotion for stretch marks and massage cream for stretch marks.
All have that signature Palmers cocoa butter scent
which is just yummy,
but it's slightly lighter in these products compared to the normal moisturiser.
I did wonder whether three products was a bit unnecessary as surely they would all do the same thing
but the products are all different
and useful for different areas of the body.

The massage lotion is great to use just like I would my normal moisturiser,
applying it all over my body, hips, chest and thighs in the morning.
It comes with a handy pump dispenser
which makes it easy to apply.

The massage cream is a little thicker and creamier
and they recommend that you concentrate using this product on those areas most prone to stretch marks.
Using a combination of these two products left me with lovely soft skin all day.

The tummy butter is super thick and in practically solid form,
you have to warm it up between your hands to soften it
and can then apply it.
The tummy butter is a serious moisturiser and lasts ages.
It has added lavender, unlike the other products,
and is designed as a bedtime belly treatment.
Even with all the fidgeting around that I do in the night,
I can definitely still feel the product on my tummy in the morning.
And even after a shower it still feels soft and moisturised.

I'm afraid I can't speak for whether these products help you avoid the dreaded stretch marks.
I don't have any on my bump as yet
and I didn't get any last time either.
However I do suffer with very dry skin on my stomach when I'm pregnant,
which I'm guessing is down to all the stretching
and the Palmers products definitely help with this
and they help to soothe and ease the associated itchiness that the dry skin can cause.

I'm not entirely sure whether I believe that skin products can actually help prevent stretch marks
because stretch marks happen at a deeper layer of skin than moisturisers can reach.
However I do think that pregnancy puts your skin through a lot of strain
with all the stretching it has to do
and all the hormone changes can make it feel weird too.
So I don't think it can hurt at all to pamper your skin
while its working so hard,
and using all these products definitely makes me feel pampered.

They also sent me their body scrub to try out
which is fab because I always use a scrub before applying any sort of sunless tanner.
And let's be honest, sunless tanner has been necessary this year!
The scrub is quite frankly gorgeous.
It smells absolutely delicious and good enough to eat,
and I'm assured by the husband that this isn't just the pregnancy talking,
he said the chocolatey smell was like ice-cream.
It does a really good job of hugging off those dead skin cells
but doesn't leave you feeling like you've been sandblasted as some scrubs can.

Thanks to Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula
my skin is feeling very pampered
and well cared for.
And when you are a busy pregnant mummy,
anything that makes you focus on you for a minute,
and which helps you feel great,
is good in my book.
I've loved reviewing these products
and seem to have plenty left to last me the rest of my pregnancy.

I was sent these products free of charge to test for the purposes of this review
but all opinions and words are my own.

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