waterbaby review

A few months ago I came across a company called WaterBaby.
I instantly loved the idea of their products
which are drinks which contain folic acid 
and all the other recommended vitamins and minerals for a pregnant woman.
Anything that meant you would definitely get the required supplements
was a good idea as far as I was concerned.

I was lucky enough to win some of their drinks in a competition
and was really impressed.
I won the 'Care' drinks which are citrus flavoured.
Flavoured drinks have been a casualty of my fluctuating pregnant hormones
and I've basically resorted to drinking nothing but water since I've been expecting.
But the citrus drink has a really pleasant, fresh taste
and wasn't sugary or too sweet tasting
which is what my big issue is with squash and fruit juices at the moment.

WaterBaby asked whether I would be interested in testing out their newest flavour
which, given how much liked the 'Care' drink, 
I was happy to do.
The newest addition to the range is called 'Bloom' and is cranberry flavoured
and is every bit as refreshing and tasty as the original.

I find it really useful as a busy mum
that with WaterBaby, I know that as long as I've had a bottle in a day
that I've had all the necessary nutrients that my baby and I need during this pregnancy.
Plus there is the added benefit of the fact that I am getting fluids
which you obviously need more of when you're pregnant.
The fact that it tastes great is a brilliant little bonus.

I was lucky and avoided the dreaded morning sickness,
but I would imagine this drink would come into its own 
if you were struggling to keep down the usual tablet form of supplements,
as it's so much easier to keep down fluids that solid foods when you're nauseous.
Plus you can continue to drink it to support the body through breastfeeding as well.

They sell their drinks through their website 
in Mini (weekly) bundles or Maxi (monthly) bundles
which you can order in one flavour or the other or a mixture of the two.

I was sent this product once as a competition win
and again, free of charge for the purpose of this review.
But all words and opinions are my own.

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