a good day out at goodwood

I am harbouring secret hopes 
that my beautiful boy will be a motorsport fan.
His daddy is into football in a big way,
well most sports really.
But I was raised on motorsports
and I really hope he'll enjoy the thrill of fast cars and loud engines and a good race when he's bigger.

So in order to begin his education into the world of all things racing car
we took him to the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
We all had a fantastic day
and if the amount of times he has said "car" and "bike" since is anything to go by
then we'll have a fan on our hands.

Right from his first glimpse of the cars from the grandstands
he was hooked
and watched each car as it flew past
with a look of total concentration.


Being little and cute
and having the ability to say "car" in a very loud and adorable way
has it's definite advantages.
As we wandered around the pits,
the beautiful boy kept saying "ooooooh"
and then pointing before saying "car" repeatedly.

Every single pit crew fell for his charms
so our little man found himself being whisked over the fences which held back the crowds
as he got to go and get up close and personal with the cars.
As did Mummy of course,
with her camera.
But I was more than a little jealous when he got to stand in not one but two F1 cars.

Finding his way around the Mercedes steering wheel.

Checking out the Ferrari's tyres.

Getting a different view of a Red Bull.

Pretending to be Jenson Button in his very own Maclaren.

The Festival of Speed isn't just about fast cars though,
there is a whole section on aviation
and the beautiful boy really loved watching the Red Arrows with Daddy.
He kept saying "birds"
as the they roared through the sky in formation.

We saw lots of lovely fast, noisy F1 cars
which never fail to impress.
Although the beautiful boy wasn't terribly impressed with the Red Bull
which did some very loud engine revving as it went past.
It was pretty loud for grown up ears
so it was probably pretty terrifying for baby ones.
But it was nothing a cuddle wouldn't fix.

I've never watched motocross biking in the flesh before
and I have to say that it is one hundred times more brilliant and more scary to watch live.
Watching some of the best bikers in the world
show off the best tricks made me a nervous wreck.
With every single jump I was convinced that someone would fall
and they just appeared to be totally defying gravity.

The little man was watching intently
and then turned to me to say "Cars?".
"No sweetie," I said "They are bikes."
He watched a few more bikes fly by
and said "Birds?"
I could kind of see where he was coming from.
"No, not birds. They're bikes."

"Bikes" was a new word for the day.
But I hope he's not getting any ideas about having one.


  1. Lovely post hun and lucky him to get up close and personal with the f1 cars. I wouldn't have minded getting that close to some formula one drivers! ;) x

    1. It was fab and such a special experience. And pretty exciting for his F1 crazy mummy too. x

  2. Replies
    1. It was brilliant. Such a great family day out. We'll definitely be going again. x

  3. Lovely! Looks like you all had a fabulous day. The advantages of a beautiful talking baby eh :-) x

    1. He definitely had his uses! Hehe. And we all had an awesome time. x

  4. Wow! Looks like you had a wonderful say. How lucky of your boy to get so close to the cars.x

    1. I know. And he's clearly too little to really appreciate how exciting it is that he actually sat in an F1 car. I'll make sure I tell him all about it when he's bigger. x

  5. Fantastic pictures, looks like a lovely day out, would love to do the FoS one day :-)

    1. Thank-you. It was a fantastic day out and I'd really recommend it. x

  6. Ahhh matt would have loved this! I was brought up with motorsport too, my dad used to design formula one racing cars so they were a big part of my childhood! And now I am going out with someone obsessed with motocross!
    Great photos :) xx

    1. I did think of you while I was there actually. It was an introduction to motocross for me, and my heart was in my throat the whole time. I've no idea how you could bear to watch Matt doing it. You should definitely look into going at some point, it such a great event for speed demons. X

  7. That is an awesome post and includes so many modes of transport. Beautiful photo's as always and I just love him on the racing car tyre held up by the man attending it! Brilliant. x

  8. What an fantastic post and such a cutie. I think my husband would be insanely jealous.

    Herding Cats & Beneath Thy Feet

  9. Such a lucky boy! He's going to thank his lucky stars one day that his Mummy was a blogger and photographer!

  10. Amazing photos! I love the photos in the racing car, brilliant!

  11. Wow - what fabulous photos. Looks like you had an amazing time. I especially like the picture of him in the tyre.

  12. Beautiful snaps. Looks like a great day out x

  13. Oh my goodness, I am so jealous of your boy! An incredible set of photos too. Lucky lucky boy!

  14. What a gorgeous set of pictures! Looks like he had a great time.


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