your seventeenth month

You personality was blossoming before our very eyes.

And as we had always suspected,
you had a cheeky little sense of humour,
the ability to put us in our place without a word,
a super inquisitive nature
and a smile that could charm anyone.

Your talking was coming on in leaps and bounds
and it seemed like you added a new word to your repertoire each and everyday.
You were still at a point where we had no idea what you were talking about most of the time
but it didn't bother you
and you would chatter away to us,
to the cats,
to your toys,
to yourself
all day long.

You would say "hello" whenever you heard a ringing noise,
and a doorbell would see you running in that direction to find out who was visiting,
and you would say "bye" when you left a room.

You would pant and bounce and stamp your feet really quickly if you heard music
or if something excited you.
You would also clench your fists and face and squeal sometimes
if you were really excited.
It was so lovely watching you because it seemed like practically everything excited you.

You seemed to have had a growth spurt
and could suddenly reach lots of things which had previously been beyond your grasp.
The cats had definitely noticed
as they were having to resort to different testing places in order to stay away from you.
You and Darcy were becoming really good playmates
and he would happily let you pin him to the ground for a cuddle
and you would screech "cat" whenever you saw him.

We had successfully managed to wean you off sleeping bags at bedtime
so that you could have a quilt like a big boy.
However this meant that you could move around even more in your cot that you did before
and we were starting to wonder of we would ever manage to get you in a proper bed
without needing several trips to A&E as a result of you falling out.

We had to make a trip to A&E with you
when you ended up with a pulled elbow.
It was so horrible for Mummy to see you so sad
and Daddy was at home worrying about you.
But you hardly made any fuss
and were a credit to us with how brave and well behaved you were.

It seemed incredible to think that you were nearly a year and half old.
In so many ways you still seemed so new
and you were still teaching us things all the time
about how to be good parents.
But at the same time we were reminded whenever we took you anywhere
that you were growing up so fast
as people would comment on how big you were,
how confident you were
and what a generally lovely little chap you were.

You made us constantly proud with how content you were
how confident and brave in new situations you were
and how friendly you were with everyone.
We would have loved to have take full credit for what an awesome little person you were
but we knew that a whole ton of it was just down to you being you.
And it made us feel very lucky.


  1. Awwww! Thank you! We have twins about to turn 18mths and it is so nice to read this journey captured so beautifully.

    1. I always really enjoy reading about children about the same age too. It's so nice to see what they are doing that's similar, but also how different they all are. X

  2. Ok. SERIOSULY COOLEST BABY/BIG KIDDO SHIRT EVER. What an adorable little rock star you have there mama! LOVE that sweet smile! UG!

    1. He is a seriously cool kid I have to say. Definitely cooler than mummy or daddy. X

  3. Ahhh.. Lol... I promise I know how to spell "seriously!" SERIOUSLY!

  4. Gorgeous post he really is a credit to you. Beautiful photos too x

    1. Awwww, thank-you. We are certainly very proud of him. X

  5. His outfit in the top photo is just the absolute coolest! Skinny jeans and rolling stones t shirt! What a dude! x

    1. He's a seriously cool kid I do have to say. I do love his little outfits, its like having a real life dolly. x

  6. So lovely - I love monthly kid updates. They will be so great to look back on in the years to come. He's such a lovely little boy xx

    1. I'm going to make them all into a book at some point, when I find the time to but everything together. I've got weekly ones from his first year and monthly ones since then, I know it'll be great to read them back. x


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