splodge and me at thirty weeks

Splodge's Size:
At approximately the same size as a cabbage,
my little Splodge is getting nice and big.

Splodge's Development:
Splodge gets hiccups now
which I never fail to find funny.
Their big brother suffered with hiccups all the time
when I was pregnant
and I always found it really cute and funny.

My Size:
My big balloon belly is now 40 inches
which is an inch bigger than a fortnight ago.
And I definitely feel big now.
Jeans are a thing of the past
but I'm still hanging in there with my denim skirt
although the top button has to be left undone.

My Pregnancy Development:
The countdown has officially reached single figures
which feels pretty exciting.
My nesting instincts are really kicking in now
and I'm getting really anxious and excited to get everything ready for our new arrival.

My Body:
I feel like I'm still doing pretty well actually.
I haven't got to that exhausted bit yet
although I fear its just around the corner.
My hips and back ache if I do too much
but as long as I take regular breaks from standing and walking
then it is okay.
The end of pregnancy heartburn that I suffered with last time has reared its ugly head,
so many evening are now spent with my chest burning
and me having to prop myself at just the right angle to stop the pain.

My Appetite:
I'm kind of off my food a bit,
not in so much as I don't want it,
more that I don't seem to feel very hungry.
I'm making sure I eat little and often,
and avocados, peanut butter, ice pops and all things dairy are still favourites.

I've bought the fabric to make Splodge's patchwork quilt
and we've moved the nursery around so it feels fresh and new and ready for his or her arrival.
It's nice to feel like we are finally getting ready.


  1. You look lovely at 30 weeks, time to start shopping for bits now!

    1. Aww, thank-you. And I have definitely started shopping for bits. In fact I think I'd better not buy anymore or we'll be swimming in baby clothes. x

  2. You look fantastic! I hope the heartburn doesn't come on too much for you. I remember that awful burning and took to popping Rennies like sweets!

    1. Ice-cream and ice pops are working as a good temporary fix. At least they both taste yummy. x

  3. You look fantastic!! Hurray for single digits. Hope the heartburn isn't too bad, if you can get Zantac its great. About the only thing that works for me :)

    1. I know, SINGLE DIGITS!!! Thats so close. Can't believe how fast the time is ticking on. x

  4. You look great for 30 weeks. Well done you! I always find the last 10 go the slowest - but you should really try to enjoy the relative easiness while it lasts. xx

    1. Very true, the end bit always feels the longest. But I definitely plan on making the most of time with my little man while it's just us. x

  5. Can't believe you are 30 weeks, you look amazing, glad you are not feeling too bad, all exciting now x

    1. I know, can't really believe it myself and its happening to me!!! I do feel really lucky to still be feeling so well. Fingers crossed it lasts a few more weeks. x


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